Outer space wall mural

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In the category of Outer space wall murals, we have galaxy wallpaper, spaceship murals, astronaut murals, and many more. Therefore you have to be more specific about what outer space mural you are looking for. And at Wallpaper Kenya you will get exactly what you are looking for. You may choose any of the images […]


Planets in the outer space wall mural
In the category of Outer space wall murals, we have galaxy wallpaper, spaceship murals, astronaut murals, and many more.
Toddlers outer space wall mural wallpaper
Toddler outer space mural wallpaper

Therefore you have to be more specific about what outer space mural you are looking for.

Outer space wall mural design for children's room, wall art, brooch effect, planets, solar system.

And at Wallpaper Kenya you will get exactly what you are looking for.

Spaceship wall mural wallpaper for children's bedroom
Spaceship wall mural wallpaper for children’s bedroom
You may choose any of the images appearing on this page but do not be limited to it.
Abstract seamless fashion pattern with space objects, planet, cosmic elements. Toned backgrounds in the cute style of the girl child's room.
Because all our murals are custom-made wallpaper murals.
Astronaut Planet Earth Solar System Milky Way 3D Wallpaper Mural
Astronaut Planet Earth Solar System Milky Way 3D Wallpaper Mural
How you choose your outer space wallpaper mural image depends on where you want to place it.
Solar system illustration educational wall mural.
And the purpose you want it to serve.
Graffiti outer space wall mural for kids bedroom
For your bedroom you might for one of our solar system wallpaper for bedrooms which is different from a kid’s space mural. 

Wallpaper customization

Outer Space Wall Mural Sketch for Child's Room

Not only for the outer space wall mural but all, are made of high-quality silk fabric.

Hand Drawn Colorful Outer Space Cartoon Mural.

And that means it is both removable and reusable.


Seamless pattern of hand drawn outer space wall mural. Space watercolor illustration. Space background for children with planets, comets and stars. Perfect for wallpaper, for walls.

Silk is also environmentally friendly and the same as the odorless starch adhesive we use.

Space Shuttle Flying Over The Clouds 3D Wall Mural

Which is our confidence in the raw materials we use.

The scientific vector illustration of a colony on Mars in the near future features the launching mission of the rocket into the atmosphere in one of the colonies.

Because silk contains no volatile substances and the adhesive has no pungent odor. 

Outer space teen bedroom wall decoration

Because of the silk raw material your mural is not easy to deform.

Modern magic witchcraft wallpaper for walls with astrology moon on outer space background. Realistic hand drawing full moon vector illustration.

Therefore you will have no wrinkles or bubbles after installation.

Teddy Bear astronaut with stars and sun or moon and rocket in cosmos, childish cartoon for kids. Cosmos and outer space adventure for kids. Vector animals in outer space mural illustration.

Also, We support custom sizes, If the size we provide is not suitable, you just need to contact us, and we will create your size. 

Outer space background, vector galaxy universe cartoon mural, alien planets, stardust, cosmic rocks. Fantasy neon astronomy illustration, night sky, purple futuristic wallpaper.

And it adjusts the image proportionally.

3D Eagle Flying in the Sky Photo Mural Wallpaper

And because it comes in one piece, the installation is Installation super simple! Just stick the glue directly on the wall.

Space theme vector concept illustration, robots and astronouts, on alien planet, cosmic station, stars, comets, flat vector

Then fix the space wall mural in the normal! Even if it’s the first time you’ve installed a mural, don’t worry about failure. 

Minimal Colorful universe infographic. Solar system, Planets comparison, asteroid, meteor, star and planets on galaxy background vector illustration, modern outer space trendy style mural.

You can not fail. And if you do, just correct, reposition, and continue. 

Spaceship wall mural wallpaper for children's room

Benefits of Outer Space Mural Wallpaper

Besides aesthetics, outer space wall murals are educational. Because you travel beyond the stars without ever leaving your room.
3D Universe Space Planet Night Sky Stars Wall Mural For Kids Bedroom
Currently, there are more than a thousand active satellites in near-earth space.
space shuttle rocket in outer space wall mural. Earth and moon in the background. Cosmos exploration. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.
More than 60 states own or operate these space assets. And recently, the number of countries expanding the scale of their space activities has been growing.
Nasa's out-of-this-world Space Shuttle rescue
As a result, outer space is becoming an increasingly competitive environment. But space-themed mural wallpaper lets you visit distant distant galaxies on your mural.
Cool universe scene with vibrant gradient space mural, planets, stars and falling comets.
And you can view the Earth from the seat of a space shuttle. And transport yourself to different planets, or take in the sight of a full moon.
Cosmos Photomural Wallpaper for Living Room Walls
Whatever you choose, our collection of space wall murals will transform your room into one that’s out of this world!
Photomurals Space, planets, rocket, comet on the wall

Children’s Bedroom Galaxy Mural Wallpaper

Galaxy outer space wall murals are particularly fascinating to young and even older children.

Space travel with children, dogs and UFO aliens. Baby cartoon illustration, sun and stars outer space wallpaper for children, fantastic design for galaxy kids. Watercolor wallpaper design.

As a responsible parent and citizen of the world take advantage and let the child learn through the murals.

Custom 3d Photo Cartoon Moon, Stars, Kids Wall Mural

Some recent trends have an impact on the safety of activities in outer space. Among them – is a sharp increase in the number of participants in such activities.

Rocket start on the planet Mars. Retro space wallpaper mural. We need more space - vintage vector illustration. Worn grunge texture on separate layer.

And this is both from among the states and the private sector; accumulation of dangerous space debris.

Cartoon Fantasy Outer Space Night Scene Wallpaper Template.

Because of growing dependence on outer space in the civil, government, and military sectors.

3d Planet Saturn Outer Space Galaxy Wall Mural

And there is also a continued development and proliferation of ground-based missiles capable of functioning as anti-satellite weapons.

China's secret anti-satellite weapons

Outer space wall murals are not only a fantastic way to transform bare walls into a breathtaking view of galaxies, stars, and planets.

A rocket flying around the moon - vintage emblem wall mural print. Grunge worn textures on separate layer.

But they are also important to understanding the galaxies.

Kids Bedroom Universe Planets Outer Space Wall Mural

Whether you want to gaze at calming views of distant constellations or experience the rush of a shuttle launch up close, you are sure to find an outer space wall mural that will fit your décor theme.

Galaxies’ wallpaper murals show us how the matter in the universe is organized on large scales.

Vector creative neon illustration of astronaut exploring outer space on dark background with star and rocket. Cosmonaut in spacesuit making spacewalk on moon. Line art style spaceflight concept design

To understand the nature and history of the universe, scientists study how matter is currently organized.

Alien spaceship fantasy and interstellar travel Wall Mural
Alien spaceship fantasy and interstellar travel Wall Mural

And how that organization has changed throughout cosmic time.

Astronaut Cartoon Characters in Outer Space Suit. Set with Astronaut kids isolated on White Background. Vector Illustration for Children wall mural.

Scientists examine how matter is distributed and behaves at multiple size scales in our quest for this understanding.

 Nebula, Solar system, Planets Wall Mural

Outer space wall murals of galaxies and dark matter that span the cosmos, give us important clues as to how the universe is built and evolves.

Astronauts in the outer space children’s wall murals

Astronauts and earth scene mural illustration
Astronauts and earth scene mural illustration
Aliens in space scene wall mural
Aliens in space scene mural

Astronaut floating in the stratosphere

Outer Space Themed Wallpaper Mural Ideas

There are lots of outer space themed wallpaper ideas you can pick from, planets, stars, and astronauts.

Vector flat space seamless pattern background. Cute template with Astronaut, Spaceship, Rocket, Moon, Black Hole, Stars in Outer space wall mural.

For interior decorators, delivering a space-themed wall mural, this world experience for children means you can let your imagination run wild.

Planets in outer space wall mural idea

From glamorous galactic experiences to Star Wars-inspired pop-ups and the Milky Way ceiling installations.

Astronaut on a rocket on the background of the moon and space. Vector illustration

There’s something to appeal to everyone’s sense of exploration and wonder. And of course our playful inner child.

Beautiful shining abstract stars wall mural wallpaper

Start with a Space Color Scheme

Your outer space wall mural colors can evoke a mood. Done right, mural colors create mood and emotion and are one of the best vehicles for setting the scene.

Illustration of a young astronaut
Choose blues, blacks with silvers, shiny metallic, purples, and all the colors that depict an intergalactic atmosphere.

Outer Space Set wallpaper mural for toddlers.
Additionally, use shadows to create suspense and an unknown environment.

The launch of the space shuttle. With fire and smoke. Against the background of the starry sky. Elements of this wall mural were furnished by NASA

Create them with areas of dark and light greys.

Set The Scene With an Entrance to Another World

The entryway into a nursery or children’s bedroom enables you to create excitement for what is to come.

Big white door on a dark wall opened on a mystic eye in clouds

Our first vision of something out of the ordinary stimulates the brain’s transmissions of excitement and curiosity.

Space shuttle and Red planet in the space wallpaper mural. Clouds on background. Mars. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.

Set the scene by creating spaceship tunnels, the interior of a rocket ship, or even the deck of the Starship Enterprise. For a simple and cost-effective entry feature, you can line the side walls with illuminate orb balls in various sizes to mimic the planets in outer space.

A Starry Backdrop with Clever Drapery

For the bedroom’s focal wall, creative backdrops are the room’s decorative foundation.
Create the spacing effect with the use of a star mural on the full wall.

Pixel art starry seamless background. Night sky with stars, moon, clouds in 8 bit style. Outer space wall mural, vector illustration
Add a further dimension with the use of linens with starlight and shimmering materials. This will appear to extend the room’s length and create a sense of vast space.

A collection of photo murals of the solar system

Here you will find real pictures of the solar system, for outer space wall mural customization, taken around the time you were born.

Sun, planets of the solar system and planet Earth, galaxies, stars, comet, asteroid, meteorite, nebula. Space panorama of the universe. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.
Sun, planets of the solar system and planet Earth, galaxies, stars, comet, asteroid, meteorite, nebula. Space panorama of the universe. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.
  • NASA spacecraft and telescopes have taken stunning pictures of our solar system for decades .
  • The first image taken in space was taken by a rocket camera in 1946. Before that, astronomers used telescopes on Earth to take black-and-white images of celestial bodies.
  • If you were a kid born in the 1960s, you grew up seeing the first photos taken on the moon. Since the 1970s, probes have visited the farthest planets of our solar system, sending pictures of turbulent atmospheres, colorful rings and strange satellites .
  • Let’s take a look at the pictures of the solar system that have been taken so far.

Solar system planet, comet, sun and star. Elements of this image furnished by NASA. Sun, mercury, Venus, planet earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. Science and education background.

For decades, scientists have pointed their lenses at the sky to capture images of the universe. Early rockets launched from Earth brought cameras into space.

Solar system and space objects. Elements of this image furnished by NASA. Outer space wallpaper mural.
Solar system and space objects. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.

At first, pictures of space were black and white, grainy, and opaque. For example, the first photographs taken in space were taken with a 33mm motion picture camera, strapped to a German rocket requisitioned by American scientists and launched at the end of World War II.

Dark Earth - Elements of this Image Furnished by NASA

The camera fell to Earth and shattered, but the film survived.

When NASA and the Soviet Union first began exploring the moon, they provided early images of the solar system. People born in the 1950s and ’60s grew up with the iconic photo of the first astronaut to walk on the moon.

Two Proud Astronauts Plant American Flag on the Alien Planet. In the Background Research Base and Rover. Outer space wallpaper mural.

Since then, more and more sophisticated missions have ventured into space with more sophisticated cameras. Kids in the 80’s know the first close-up images of Saturn and Neptune. On the other hand, today’s children are accustomed to high-quality, colorful photographs of Martian deserts and Jupiter’s swirling clouds.

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