Pink wallpaper designs

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Pink wallpaper designs are one of the wide variety of wallpaper for girls’ bedrooms and even baby boys’ nurseries. Look also at the floral wallpaper section of our library for more baby boys’ and baby girls’ room nursery wallpaper. Choosing nursery wallpaper colors for a baby’s nursery can be tricky. Hoping to escape the standard […]



Pink wallpaper designs are one of the wide variety of wallpaper for girls’ bedrooms and even baby boys’ nurseries. Look also at the floral wallpaper section of our library for more baby boys’ and baby girls’ room nursery wallpaper.

Flamingo pink wallpaper designs, tropical flowers, palm leaves, jungle plants, orchid, bird of paradise flower, seamless vector floral pattern background, exotic botanical wallpaper, vintage boohoo style

Choosing nursery wallpaper colors for a baby’s nursery can be tricky. Hoping to escape the standard pink girl’s wallpaper or blue baby boy wallpaper motif, many parents leap into the world of color armed with little more than a whim and a prayer.

Seamless watercolor floral pattern on a white background

When choosing the kid’s room wallpaper choose the right colors. Remember you are not only decorating the baby’s room, you are creating childhood memories.

Baby animals pattern pink wallpaper. Vector illustration with Africa animals. Nursery baby pattern illustration

Pink wallpaper designs for baby’s nursery wallpaper are designed to cheer up the baby’s room.

Cute sky pattern. Seamless vector design with smiling, sleeping moon, stars and clouds. Baby illustration.

Decorate your nursery with bright colors wallpaper to welcome your baby girl or baby boy into the world.

Seamless childish pattern with fairy flowers. Creative kids city texture for wallpaper, apparel. Seamless pattern with creative decorative flowers in Scandinavian style.

When it comes to decorating the kid’s room, it is important to have a space that both mom and baby will enjoy. So coordinate the wallpaper with the soft fabrics or bedding in the nursery.

Cute pastel seamless pattern with African animals and gold tropical leaves. Vector hand drawn illustration.

Use pink wallpaper designs beyond the ladies’ rooms

Traditionally, pink color was preferred when decorating a bedroom for a lady or a girl’s room.

Vintage coral pink wallpaper design, feather pattern texture background, pastel soft fur for baby to sleep.

The appearance on the market of a variety of facing materials in all possible shades contributed to the fact that pink wallpaper began to be used far beyond the ladies’ rooms and with their help to create beautiful interiors of the kitchen, hall, hallway, etc.

Seamless teapots, cups and flowers

Experts note that this color has a beneficial effect on sleep, appetite, and overall well-being. Pink wallpaper can extend its reign beyond girls’ rooms and create stunning interiors in various spaces.

Pink wallpaper design with beautiful flowers made with colour filters

Sophisticated Living Rooms

Seamless pattern with pink flowers and leaves on white background, watercolour floral pattern, flower rose in pastel colour, fileable for wallpaper, card or fabric

Pale blush or rose tones can add a touch of elegance and warmth. Pair it with rich jewel tones like emerald green or sapphire blue for a luxurious feel.

Modern Bedrooms

A bold fuchsia or magenta can create a dramatic statement wall behind the bed. Balance it with white or gray furniture for a modern look.

Powder Rooms

Playful and feminine, a floral or patterned pink wallpaper can add a touch of whimsy to a small bathroom.

Home Offices

Abstract art background light orange and coral colors. Watercolor painting on canvas with soft peach gradient. Fragment of artwork on paper with waves pattern. Texture backdrop.

A calming dusty rose or peach shade can create a serene and inspiring workspace.

Accent Walls

Watercolor seamless border - illustration with bright pink vivid flowers, green leaves, for wedding stationary, greetings, wallpapers, fashion, backgrounds, textures, DIY, wrappers, cards.

Don’t be afraid to use pink wallpaper on just one wall. This can add a pop of color to a neutral room or define a specific area.

Here are some additional tips for using pink wallpaper effectively:

How to choose from pink wallpaper designs?

Pink wallpaper designs are often chosen for girls and feminine bedrooms. But they are quite suitable for decorating a kitchen, and even a hallway.

After all, the variety of shades of pink and the number of its interpretations amazes the imagination.

Wallpaper Kenya’s assortment includes classics and minimalism.

For both antique-style interiors and rooms with a modern style. And you can choose your pink wallpaper from a slightly dusty tea rose to an extravagant fuchsia.

In the selection of styles, the design will be most appropriate in such interior solutions as Provence and Oriental styles.

True, in the first case they use muted tones, and in the second they choose bright red additions.

It all depends on what type of shades you will combine these designs with.

Pink wallpaper can add tenderness and femininity to the interior. They can be used in girls’ rooms or bedrooms to create a romantic atmosphere.

Pink shades come in a variety of shades, from pale pink to hot pink. By choosing the right shade, you can emphasize the light characteristics of the room, and add brightness and freshness.

Additionally, pairing pink wallpaper with other colors such as gray or white can create an elegant and modern interior.

Choosing the right shade

If you are planning to purchase pink wall coverings, think about what mood you want your interior design to express.

A pastel range of colors will help bring an atmosphere of tenderness, weightlessness, and grace into your home.

Raspberry and fuchsia will allow you to add notes of audacity and courage to the decor of your home or apartment.

Wall coverings of this color will fit perfectly into houses whose interior is designed in rococo, pop art, and retro styles.

Among the rich palette of pink shades, everyone, from a girl to a Stone Age man, can find a suitable shade.

light pink

Ideal for dreamers and incorrigible romantics. An exceptionally feminine, at first glance, color in combination with austere gray will look good in the hallway and dining room.

An excellent option for a nursery. Having a positive effect on the child’s emotional state, light pink can be used both in a newborn’s room and in a teenager’s apartment.


A soft, dusty pink shade is perfect for the bedroom. It can be used in any style, including Nordic hard. This color provides freshness and warmth.


Vector floral seamless pattern with watercolour roses and peonies. Background with bouquets of hand-drawn watercolour flowers

Juicy and sensual raspberry is perfect for bright accents in the interior.

pale pink

The pale pink pastel palette will give the interior of the room softness and ease, make it romantic, and fill it with light.

dirty pink

Pink polygonal illustration, which consist of triangles. Geometric background in Origami style with gradient. Triangular design for wallpaper.

The color of a withered rose will suit aristocratic natures, especially in combination with gilding and glass.

dark rose

The shade of purple wine cannot be an independent color in the interior, but its measured use will elevate and decorate any room.

Ash pink

Warm natural shade. It feels good in the company of such aristocratic colors as white, gold, and woody.

tips and ideas

The color pink is often perceived as cute, feminine, and romantic, but this is not necessarily the case. A smooth, warm light pink looks very childish, while a cooler, powdery pink feels mature and sophisticated. Really dark pink sounds much more significant, and bright pink wallpaper creates a stunning effect on the interior.

Create an elegant interior with pink wallpaper. They are especially suitable for the living room and bedroom. In our collections you will find wallpaper in any shade of this color: from light pink for a children’s room to smoky dark pink for the living room.

Design features

There are no uniform canons in the design of rooms in pink tones, but some features of the use of this color should be taken into account:

  • light shades of pink can visually expand the room;
  • furniture of a variety of dark shades looks favorably on a background of pink wallpaper;
  • to avoid the effect of a dollhouse, you should use at least three non-conflicting colors in the interior, but a lack of moderation can ruin the charm of the design idea;
  • There are warm and cool tones in a rich palette of pink tones;
  • choosing wallpaper of pale pink shades, you can safely play with bright accents in the choice of furniture;
  • If the room has low ceilings, zoning with complementary wallpaper will add height to the space, and a main wall, decorated with pink wallpaper, will give the room light and grace.

Wallpaper with splashes of pink

Do you want to use pink color in your interior, but are you afraid to overdo it? Then choose patterned wallpaper in several colors, including pink, and then match it with pillows and other interior elements in shades of pink. This way, pink will play an active role in the interior, but will not oversaturate it.

Nature pink wallpaper designs

A pink sunset is perfect for a headboard in a bedroom. The simulation of clouds on the ceiling of the nursery contributes to the development of imaginative thinking in children. And bright butterflies and funny animals on the walls will liven up a boring room.

Floral pink wallpaper designs

Floral wall coverings are a constant companion to rustic Provence and country styles. The main trend of the last season is the creation of an indoor garden effect. For this purpose, the photomural is the most suitable.

Tulip prints are the best option for the bedroom.

It is appropriate to decorate the hall and living room with coverings with orchids or roses.

Juicy pink peonies with emerald leaves or delicate Japanese sakura are an interesting solution for the kitchen and dining room.

Beautiful wallpaper pink roses

In the modern world, interior design is becoming increasingly important. One of the simple but effective ways to bring an atmosphere of comfort and romance into your room is to use beautiful wallpaper with pink roses. These delicate and exquisite flowers reflect charm and beauty, transporting us to a world of romance and passion.

Pink roses: a symbol of tenderness and love

The rose is one of the most popular flowers in the world and has an enduring beauty. Pink roses, in turn, are associated with tenderness and love. This unique flower has inspired artists, poets, and romantics for many centuries with its elegance and sensuality.

Delicate pink rose petals create delightful wallpaper compositions, embodying beauty and sophistication. Pink wallpaper with roses can be the perfect addition to a woman’s bedroom, living room, or office. They create an atmosphere of grace and romance, fill the space with delicate shades, and give the interior individuality and character.

Plain pink wallpaper

Do not consider plain wallpaper boring: against their background, you can get the most advantageous solution in the interior. For small rooms, pastel pink wallpaper is the only true option. Any other shade or pattern will visually reduce the already small space.

We have several wallpaper collections, the main emphasis of which is tones and embossing, rather than pattern.

For example, our wallpaper with a texture reminiscent of linen creates an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

The Pigment collection also features several solid pink wallpapers, the matte finish of which catches the light of our northern sun.

And the Shades of Chalk collection features wallpaper with a soft texture in a warm, muted pink.

Pink wallpaper with inscriptions

Letterism is a characteristic wall covering for rustic, shabby chic, Provençal, and country styles. Vintage and modern can also include lettering elements. It is important to choose the style and color. Large inscriptions will soften and decorate brutal interiors.


Letterism is a characteristic wall covering for rustic, shabby chic, Provençal, Country, styles. Vintage and modern can also include lettering elements.

quote "Do small things with great love" written in calligraphy style on paper with pink petals and blue ribbon. Flat lay, top view

It is important to choose the style and color. Large inscriptions will soften and decorate brutal interiors.


Elegant accent in strict minimalism, juicy shades of tropical parrots in the nursery or cute floral and animal drawings in retro style – wallpaper with birds will bring joy and optimism to any interior.

Geometric pink wallpaper designs

Wall coverings with a geometric pattern are an indicator of the impeccable taste of the owners. Modern trends allow the use of wallpaper with geometric abstraction in any room. A Burberry cage is more suitable for a hallway or a cozy living room, and pink-striped wallpaper is a great solution for a small hallway.

Combination of pink wallpaper designs

Those who decide to hang wallpaper in pink tones in combination with wall coverings of a different color should know that shades of gray, lilac, beige, yellow, white, brown, and green will look best paired with this color. Be careful when combining pink with black, orange, and blue. The last combination will be justified only when organizing a children’s room, which you will divide into different zones for children of different sexes.

People who plan to hang wall coverings on their own for the first time should be advised to give preference to plain canvases or canvases with small patterns. It will be quite difficult for beginners to work with materials that are replete with large decorative elements.

Pink polka dots

Tossed Abstract Pink Polka Dots Seamless Pattern Background Print

These wallpapers are perfect for a lovely little girl’s children’s room.

with hearts

Gold glittering heart confetti seamless pattern on striped pink background

Romantic natures and creative personalities will feel comfortable in the interior with hearts. Delicate wallpaper with a small print is perfect for a married bedroom, and multi-colored asymmetrical hearts will fit perfectly into the interior of a teenage girl’s room.

Marble pink wallpaper designs

Classics and retro classics involve the use of natural finishing stone, which is not very convenient in a modern apartment. An excellent alternative is to zone the room with a monolithic marble slab at the price of regular wallpaper.

with blue

Morning Sunrise – A crisp, fresh combination of pink and blue, perfect for a bathroom or bedroom.

with gold

Ancient elegance and grace – this is the effect of pink and gold.

with purple

Pink in a duet with purple feels great together. This tandem can be complemented with shades of white and chocolate.

with yellow

It is believed that the two colors do not mix well due to the similar temperature. But not in vain, in the East, homes were decorated with these colors. A sunny atmosphere in such an interior is guaranteed in any weather.

With beige

A good match for a bedroom or nursery. A soft duo will help you find peace of mind.

with gray

A fashionable but very delicate combination that looks harmonious in a classic and modern room.


A combination of pink and mint shades is suitable for a modern interior.

With white

Pink and white is a delicious classic reminiscent of lush pastry desserts and vanilla dreams. Suitable for decorating rural kitchens and delicate children’s rooms.

with turquoise

Fashionable and cool couple. The contrast of warm and cold tones combine perfectly, bringing harmony to the interior.

with brown

Cinnamon, chocolate, and tea trees adequately highlight weightless and marshmallow tones. In the kitchen in these colors, any dish will seem tastier.

with blue

In bold interiors, this pair looks especially bright when you add gold and coral tones.

Be mindful of the material from which the wallpaper is made

When planning to order any pink wallpaper designs, do not forget to pay attention to what material it is made of. And what characteristics it has.

Tropical flowers, palm leaves, jungle plants, orchid, bird of paradise flower, pink flamingos, seamless vector floral pattern background, exotic botanical wallpaper, vintage boho style

For example, if you are planning to order from Wallpaper Kenya for the kitchen, hallway, or other rooms where the walls are most likely to get very dirty, give preference to materials that can be wet cleaned.

The advantage of our silk fabric wallpaper is that it can be washed with a damp sponge or brushed using detergents.

This wall covering is also characterized by high resistance to mechanical stress and a life-long service.

More budget-friendly soft pink paper wallpapers are suitable for rooms in which you will not be constantly wearing street clothes and cooking – the paper cannot be cleaned, and when treated with a damp sponge it has every chance of getting wet.

Our silk fabric wallpaper is the best choice for residents of old buildings or new buildings.

This wall covering will not lose its properties as the house shrinks and will carefully mask microcracks that appear on the walls.


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