Pink mural wallpaper

The custom-made dark and pale pink mural wallpaper above says it all. Because a picture says a thousand words. And what does the picture say to you? You can see that the pink mural wallpaper creates a stylish interior that evokes a wide range of pleasant emotions. From lively delight to comfortable serenity. According to […]


Custom-made 3d floral dark and pale pink mural wallpaper.

The custom-made dark and pale pink mural wallpaper above says it all.

spring background flower floral beautiful pink plant mural flamingo.

Because a picture says a thousand words.

Abstract fashion background for classic luxury concept. Pink mural ornament molding. 3d rendering illustration. Clipping path of each element included.

And what does the picture say to you?

3d cartoon baby girls' bedroom pink mural wallpaper..

You can see that the pink mural wallpaper creates a stylish interior that evokes a wide range of pleasant emotions.

3D pink mural wallpaper with butterfly abstract leaf background for surface.

From lively delight to comfortable serenity.

Pink, Red, Purple, Rose Flowers Mural Wallpaper.

According to color psychology, the Rose de Mai flower is considered an attribute of ladies’ bedrooms, and boudoirs.

Vector landscape of mountains and forest by the lake, 3d pink mural wallpaper.

However, the modern, rich palette allows you to use murals in pink tones in almost all rooms.

Pink flamingos in a delicate garden in a turquoise mist. Mural Wallpaper for interior printing.

The current color scheme is the addition of beige, light grey, peach, and lavender nuances to pink.

 Pink fur balls on a yellow background, 3d render

For the design of classic interiors, warm tones of tea rose or smoky pink color are suitable.

A mysterious alien landscape, outer space alien world, desktop wallpaper, 3d illustration of a strange mountainous world.

This wall decoration looks especially impressive in combination with white, beige, or burgundy curtains.

Hand drawn vintage Unicorn in magic forest seamless pattern.

Pink wallpapers with ornaments in shades of old gold or bronze look noble.

Pink liquid marble design abstract painting mural wallpaper with gold splash texture.

Their overall tone, soft and shimmery, is a great choice for a bedroom, study, or dining room.

3d wallpaper design with jewels and roses for photomural.

A bright and rich shade of fuchsia excites emotions and is in demand in avant-garde and pop art styles.

Close up of fresh beautiful gerber flower

At the same time, its activity can be successfully used as a color accent, enlivening a monochromatic pastel range.

Landscape of mountains and forest by the lake, pink mural.

Coatings in delicate shades of powder with an elegant floral pattern organically fit into the interior of the boudoir and the girl’s room.

Pink mural wallpaper has many advantages

3d leaves of pink mural wallpaper on white brick background.

  • They make the space bright, spacious and airy. 3d picture pink and purple dandelions on a white background for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper
  • And have a positive psychological effect – relieves stress and improves mood. Mountain, hills, sun, sea vector background. Colorful waves, golden circle, sun, sunset. Abstract mural wallpaper, cover, wall print décor. Warm tones, pink, beige, brown.
  • Due to the variety of shades and patterns, they can be used in rooms for various purposes. Closeup of colorful teal, pink and yellow urban wall texture. Modern pattern for wallpaper design. Creative modern urban city background for advertising mockups. Minimal geometric style, solid colors.
  • Corresponds to many decorating styles – as a leading or additional tone, as well as a color accent. Pink tropical leaves mural. Wallpaper design with watercolor art texture from palm leaves, Jungle leaves, monstera leaf, exotic botanical floral pattern.
  • High-quality silk fabric and print do not fade and repel dust.

Children's mural wallpaper design-pink forest with white unicorns.

You have an unlimited selection of pink mural wallpapers at Wallpaper Kenya.

Purple and pink murals

Bring joy to your bedroom interior decoration, elegance, and modernity with purple and pink mural wallpaper.

Brush stroke paint in green purple pink colors. Abstract creative acrylic grunge fresh stroke splash. Splatter background with dots. Paintbrush spray shape dirty lines mural.
Brushstroke paint in green purple pink colors. Abstract creative acrylic grunge fresh stroke splash. Splatter background with dots. Paintbrush spray shape dirty lines mural.

Very good choice! Choose both instead of just one of the two at home.

Seamless pattern, background. Pink basil leaves. Large leaves. Basil. Endless wallpaper in a gentle style. Watercolor mural.

Because pink and purple are two colors that go together perfectly!

Purple orchid flowers with flying petal on a pink gradient background. Beautiful wallpaper mural design.

The entrance is a room in the house that is often overlooked when it comes to décor. 

3d wallpaper flowers tree vase birds for wall decoration.

And yet, it sets the tone as soon as you set foot in the house! So, to take care of your entrance.

Panoramic view with carnation. Set red, pink, white flowers, twigs, white background, digital wallpaper mural, watercolor style

And make a good impression on your visitors as soon as they enter your home. 

Beautiful sea view from the garden of orchids and palm trees. Pink sunset and flamingos on the shore. Paradise Island. Digital collage, mural and fresco. Wallpaper. Poster. Modular panno. 3d render.

Why not decorate in shades of pink and purple wallpaper mural


Ideal colors to brighten this often cramped room!

Aesthetic pink mural wallpaper

Some people think that pink mural wallpaper is too childish and frivolous, and avoid using it in the interior.

Retro sun in the desert, aesthetic pink wallpaper for walls

However, it all depends on your taste and the overall design of the room.

Abstract 3 d geometric flower art. Fashion of modern art wall can be used for wall decoration, wallpaper, murals, carpet, hang a picture

With the help of aesthetic pink wallpaper, you can make room your room simply fabulous.


You know that the pink mural wallpaper shade is associated with the queen of flowers – the rose.

Bright colorful futuristic wallpaper in blue-pink colors. Overlapping translucent shapes with wavy edges, spheres, flash of light, flying meteorites. Vector.

It is the color of freshness and youth.

Cartoon desert landscape wall painting with cactus, hills and mountains pink and purple silhouettes, nature horizontal background. Desert night landscape. illustration.

Once it was believed that it has a positive effect on health. And hospital walls were even painted with such paints.

Solid pink abstract 3d minimalistic geometrical background of triangles wallpaper.

But the truth is that in such a room people are filled with new forces, and they feel more cheerful.

balcony with pink flowers mural

And pessimism, irritation, and anger go away.

3D Illustration of beautiful pink flowers 3d background 3D Wallpaper-ILLUSTRATION

Therefore you can use pink wallpapers not only in children’s rooms, they are even considered universal.

3d rendered colorful pink, orange, purple, blue, random sizes balls in the air wallpaper mural.

Of course, pink murals are most often used by creative people or romantics.

Set funny small unicorns. Cute little pony. Fairytale background with rainbows and animals. Fabulous landscape. Children's mural wallpaper. Cartoon illustration. Wonderland. Toy or doll. Vector.

Thanks to the various combinations and variety of such wallpaper.

Cute abstract floral wallpaper in gentle colors. A beautiful illustration for interior decoration, corporate designs, murals and your other projects

You can select a variety of rooms in the apartment.

3d pink abstract art painting of mural wallpaper for interior decoration.

However, you should remember that this pink must be used very carefully.

Home nursery mural. 3d wallpaper hot air balloons flying over

Because with an excessive amount of pink, kindness, lightness, and romance are replaced by frivolity.


The following common shades of pink mural wallpaper can be distinguished:

  • Intense pink is associated with carefulness. Such wallpapers will create a special mood: ladies will feel cheerful, and carefree.

3d render of abstract of hair wool texture in intensive pink color.

And they will quickly be able to forget about everyday affairs and relax.

  • Light pink pastel tone will reduce the level of aggression.

Top view of pink transparent clear calm water surface. Texture with splashes and bubbles and podium for cosmetics product. Trendy abstract summer nature cosmetic background,

A pale pink color will even help to eliminate negative emotions that have arisen in a relationship.

  • Fuchsia, purple, and crimson fill with energy.

Beautiful magenta abstract background. Pink neutral backdrop for mural wallpaper design. Crimson base for print, wallpapers, graphic

However, it should be borne in mind that such shades contribute to an increase in pressure in hypertensive patients.

Violet Floral Design. Tribal Mottled Watercolor Texture. Purple Fuchsia Elements Wallpaper.

For such people, it is better to choose pale pink options.

Neon rose and rays. Dark night abstraction, fantasy flower, fantasy rose, dark street, boulders, light reflection, pink and blue neon. 3D illustration.

But people who are prone to laziness or suffering from low blood pressure, on the contrary, will cheer up, and feel a surge of strength.

Beautiful Pink nacre mother of pearl in mosaic hexagon pattern mural wallpaper.

  • Wallpaper in pearl pink colors create an atmosphere of warmth, coziness, and comfort.

3D wallpaper metallic color and pink flower with butterfly, pearls texture mural wallpaper design. The same can be said about dusty pink. In rooms with ash-pink walls, the rest will be as pleasant as possible.

Abstract digital pattern wallpaper for walls with circle patterns on a powdery pink background.

  • Powdery shades are well suited for bedrooms.

Beautiful abstract red feathers on dark background and black feather texture on red pattern and red background, pink feather wallpaper, love theme mural.

  • Some prefer to choose dark pink wallpaper. Such coatings look very luxurious.

Use pink mural wallpaper in different rooms

When choosing a pink mural wallpaper design, it is worth considering the purpose of the room in which you will use it.

Transparent rose watercolor seamless pattern. Hand drawn floral illustration with pink berries for mural wallpaper design.

  • For the living room. Choosing a combination of dusty pink and grey is perfect for this room.

Transparent watercolor rose flower. Floral collection with flower and leaves. Hand painted set spring decorative design elements isolated on white for wall mural.

  • In the hallway, you can visually expand the space. This is of great importance if your corridor is cramped.
  • And you can use it in the kitchen as a trendy solution. In addition, this shade helps you to increase your appetite. And to balance the space, you can use silver or grey furniture.
  • In the children’s room, use a gentle range. The perfect solution would be a combination with blue. For teenagers, you can complement the room with interesting prints or fashion accessories.

Floral white-pink mural wallpaper. Bouquet of orchids. Flowers Phalaenopsis on a pink-white background bokeh. Nature.

Pink wallpaper is a trendy solution that will fit well into any of your designs.

Seamless pattern wall mural. Large leaves in light pink and blue tones.

But to get the perfect result, you must think through everything to the smallest detail.


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