Pink wallpaper

Using Pink Wallpaper for wall aesthetics Use pink wallpaper to decorate the walls as a great solution to positively impact the room. In so doing you will create a relaxing space, relieving stress and tension. First were the pink bathrooms, being the protagonist of wallpaper. Then came the upholstery and now we can see it […]


Using Pink Wallpaper for wall aesthetics

thousands of pink wallpaper designs for customization
Choose from thousands of pink wallpaper designs for customization

Use pink wallpaper to decorate the walls as a great solution to positively impact the room.

Seamless pattern with flowers and exotic leaves. Hand drawn background. floral pattern for wallpaper or fabric. Flower rose and peonies. Botanic Tile.

In so doing you will create a relaxing space, relieving stress and tension.

3d Illustration of beautiful floral pink wallpaper for walls
3d Illustration of the beautiful floral pink mural for walls

First were the pink bathrooms, being the protagonist of wallpaper.

Floral 3d vector seamless pattern. Rose gold ornamental marple style background. Repeat pink cracked backdrop. Surface beautiful 3d flowers, love hearts. Textured ornament. Delicate ornate design.

Then came the upholstery and now we can see it in practically any space and the house.

3d abstract pink and purple background.

The key to the success of pink is probably found in its delicacy and the touch of warmth that it brings to any space.

Baby vector seamless pattern. Pastel pink fun windy sky clouds print for textile. Kids room decor print for wall, linen, surfaces.

Pink no longer has to be associated with femininity or “girl” rooms.

Hexagonal geometric wallpaper mural
Hexagonal geometric wallpaper mural

For instance, a dark pink wallpaper in a bedroom or the living room creates an atmosphere full of strong emotions and charm.

3d Isolated flowers with fabric Background wallpaper.

On the other hand, a light pink wallpaper in the children’s bedroom or playroom helps to spread feelings of love, playfulness, and respect.

Abstract art nature background vector. Modern shape line art wallpaper. Boho foliage botanical tropical leaves and floral pattern design for home deco, wall art, social media post and story background

It is just the right wallpaper for a clean and tidy visual effect.

3d Cartoon Balloons Kids Room Landscape Décor Wallpaper

To create an elegant and contemporary look, wallpaper Kenya recommends you combine this wallpaper with white or gray furniture.

Abstract geometrical art pink background. Fashion of modern art wall can be used for wall decoration, wallpaper, murals, carpet, hang a picture

The secret is knowing how to combine it without saturating it.

Mountain, hills, sun, sea vector background. Colorful waves, golden circle, sun, sunset. Abstract art wallpaper, cover, wall print décor. Warm tones.

A single object in this color would be more than enough.

3d picture pink orchid flowers in the tunnel perspective for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

In this way, it will become the protagonist of the space.

Colorful geometric background - raster version

Pink flamingos are very trendy in interior decoration because of their elegant and sophisticated appearance.

3d flowers seamless pattern. Vintage silver floral background wallpaper illustration with pink abstract 3d flowers, scroll leaves and antique ornaments in Baroque victorian style.Vector luxury texture

Soft brushstrokes allow you to appreciate the smallest details of this Flamingo Pattern Wallpaper.

Beautiful seamless vector floral pattern background with pink flamingos, tropical flowers. Abstract geometric texture, polka dot

Add depth and elegance to your walls with its attractive nuances of pink, coral, salmon, and peach.

3d wallpaper beautiful pink flower, butterfly, pearl, diamond with texture background

If you like minimalist style, this unique wallpaper will impress in most spaces, the living room, bedroom, or bathroom.

3d pink wallpaper mural with gerberas.
3d wallpaper mural with gerberas.

Why is cute pink for girls and blue for boys?

Whether we agree or not, we all have in our heads that pink wallpaper is for girls and blue for boys.

3D digital wallpaper flower and birds, butterfly, tree beautiful background design and pearls

It is a relationship that has defined trends in fashion, toys, and many other things.

Abstract geometrical art pink background. Fashion of modern art wall can be used for wall decoration, wallpaper, murals, carpet, hang a picture

There is a great tendency to use color to differentiate what is of one gender or another.

Girls room wall mural
Girls’ room mural

But have you ever wondered why there is this relationship between color and gender?

3d wallpaper murals flower and butterfly 3d front view beautiful background

What explains such a subjective question?

Vector hand drawn wallpaper for kids. Cute mountains, clouds and stars. For a children's wall. Cute childish design. Scandinavian style. Modern wallpaper.

Is it real that girls like pink wallpaper and boys blue or is it something imposed?

Boys bedroom wallpaper
Boys bedroom wallpaper

You might not know but associating a color with gender is arbitrary.

Custom 3d, fantasy rose flower painting living room bedroom TV background wall waterproof wallpaper.

This has only been with us for about 30 years.

Colorful metallic gradient, flowing reflective waves abstract background. liquid metal, peaceful motion. 3D rendering

Before, there was no direct relationship between colors and gender.

3d picture of golden flowers on a fabric background for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

And if we could somehow define the common use of colors according to men and women, in the past it was opposite to today.

Illustration of children doodle mountain. Mountain landscape, clouds. Children's wallpaper. Mountainscape, children's room design, wall decor.

That is, blue was more worn by women and pink by men.

Delicate pink flowers illustration. Beautiful postcard, picture, mural, wallpaper, photo wallpaper, wedding invitation design.

But on the other hand, there have been some studies that found gender differences.

3d render of abstract art 3d background with wavy, curved, round, smooth and soft organic lines in white matte and light pink color

One study in 1970 found that females showed a greater preference for warm colors than males and males showed a greater preference for cool colors than females.

3d illustration, grey textural background, ornament rosebuds.

A 2003 study found that girls significantly preferred pink, purple, and red more than boys.

Classic interior wall with moldings.Herringbone parquet wallpaper .Digital illustration 3d rendering

And boys showed a greater preference than girls for black, blue, brown, green, and white.

3D Pink Flower Wallpaper design.White Circles

An even more recent study in 2007 found that girls preferred more red hues and disliked more green hues.

Nazi's concentration camps pink triangle
Nazi concentration camps pink triangle

Starting in the 1940s, it seems that for some unknown reason, the big children’s fashion brands unanimously decided that pink would be for girls and blue for boys.

floral background 3D wallpaper

We can theorize that the society of the time identified dark tones with war and therefore with the men who were on the front lines.

3d picture of a rose on a grey background with balls for digital mural printing, custom design.

Or that in concentration camps homosexuals were labeled with a pink triangle

Floral Pink

99081 Pink floral wallpaper - Call: 0720271544 Wallpaper Kenya.

Can you possibly find another wall decoration more beautiful than a chain of beautiful floral wallpaper?

3d illustration, white background, white and dark gray rings, lots of small and large flowers.

And don’t you think this pink floral wallpaper will fit right into any room in your home?

3D Wallpaper, Marble with Waterfall impression and Ornamental flowers on top

Be it your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, or dining room and will brighten up the day for anyone in its presence.

3D Illustration of beautiful red flowers 3d background 3D Wallpaper-ILLUSTRATION

You will be delighted to know how easy it is to apply this wallpaper and others like it on your walls.

3d delicate branches of pink flowers bedroom wallpaper

Pink rose wallpaper 

The girl’s room in pink rose wallpaper is a classic.

3D illustration modern rose background. Luxurious abstract art digital for wallpaper

You may like it more or less but the truth is that pink roses are a very feminine color that boys usually reject but girls adore.

3d flower wallpaper Images, Cheap pink rose wallpaper

But do not use pink roses in excess. 

pink flower wallpaper mural wall, design 3d

A floral mural on a single wall in the children’s room can be a good idea.

Floral seamless pattern. Ornamental pink vector background. Intricate line art ornaments with silver vintage flowers, leaves, lines, mandalas. Decorative ornate repeat backdrop. Endless texture.

Because it gives it a personal touch without overloading it. 

children's room wallpaper

The rooms that combine white and wood details are also very good, giving it romantic country air.

3d illustration of peacock, flowers, background

For this, it is important to choose floral quilts that accompany the style.

Pink polka dots wallpaper

Polka dots wallpaper designs are a classic in-home nursery decoration.

Flowing multicolored spheres. Vector creative illustration. Abstract background with 3d geometric shapes. Trendy cover design. Ads banner or brochure template. Modern dynamic wallpaper

Their ease of adapting to any style makes them the perfect companion to bring a touch of joy and color.

Little toy rabbit with heart, white lace, pink background with polka dots

Join this decorative trend and become the envy of all with this type of wallpaper.

3d render of abstract art 3d background with wavy lines of surreal hills dunes or mountains valley in spherical round curve elegant smooth and soft forms in purple red and white gradient color

And there are many ways in which you can decorate your walls with circles.

Abstract 3 d geometric flower art. Fashion of modern art wall can be used for wall decoration, wallpaper, murals, carpet, hang a picture

Wallpaper in the form of polka dots gives a very casual and childish look (it is perfect for children’s rooms).

Decorate walls with circles

But with a large circle in some elegant color, it turns your wall into a canvas and a demonstration of intentions.

Abstract nude beige watercolor circle stains with black lines and watercolor brush stroke. Earth tone blue, ivory, beige watercolor Illustration for prints, wall art.

Is there anything more daring than a large rose quartz circle in the middle of the room?

children's picture of a mountain with animals on a beige background for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

 A dose of geometric minimalism that will not go unnoticed.

Pink wallpaper for bathroom and kitchen walls

100% waterproof 3d foam wall panels for bathrooms and kitchens
100% waterproof 3d foam wall panels for bathrooms and kitchens

If you are looking for pink wallpaper for bathroom or kitchen walls, even go for 3d foam or contact paper. Both 3d foam wall panels and contact paper are self-adhesive and removable. You peel off the adhesive backing paper and stick to any dry flat surface. No extra glue or tool is needed.

Features of pink 3d foam wall panels

It is self-adhesive and removable. You only need to peel off the adhesive backing paper and stick to any dry flat surface. And therefore you need no extra glue or tool.

Vintage Victorian pastel floral wall. Baroque wall. Rococo painting

Furthermore you can easily remove it without damaging the surface, and has no residue. And because it is soft foam wallpaper it is also anti-collision.

Graphic wildflowers with butterflies painted on colorful wall. Floral background in loft, modern style. Design for wall mural, card, postcard, wallpaper, photo wallpaper.

As well as soft foam reducing noise, it offers safety and environmental protection. The 3d brick wallpaper texture is good decoration for your wall.

Girls' favorite pink peel and stick waterproof contact paper
Girls’ favorite peel and stick waterproof contact paper

Characteristic of pink contact paper

  • Self Adhesive vinyl wallpaper for walls as well as furniture. You just peel and stick
  • Removable furniture paper that sticks to any smooth, flat surface. You will find it perfect for DIY projects and ideal for rental or home décor.
  • Peel and stick contact paper is easy to apply, removable, waterproof, and easy to clean.
  • This product should NOT be applied to textured walls. You can only apply it on smooth, clean, dry and painted surfaces. Please read the step-by-step instructions for installing peel and stick contact before applying.
  • self adhesive light wood vinyl wallpaper size:45CMX10M


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