Print your own wallpaper

Why not print your own wallpaper designs? Walls don’t always have to be white or any solid color. Wallpaper printing is back in style and invites you to be creative and design your own wallpaper. Yes, you can create your motifs and photographs as wallpaper prints. Just print out your custom photo wallpaper because custom […]


Why not print your own wallpaper designs?

Print your own wallpaper like this Manchester-United-Wall-Mural.

Walls don’t always have to be white or any solid color.

Custom print wallpaper mural 3d illusion backdrop.

Wallpaper printing is back in style and invites you to be creative and design your own wallpaper.

3D Underwater fishes living room wallpaper, 3d illustration for wall decoration High quality wall art.

Yes, you can create your motifs and photographs as wallpaper prints.

Print your own seamless 3d cube pattern wallpaper. Vector Volume Background. Yellow Fashion Ornament. Decorative Geometric Wallpaper.

Just print out your custom photo wallpaper because custom wallpaper can add a special touch to rooms.

Pop art mural with an abstract female portrait. A beautiful panel for interior decoration, corporate designs wallpaper, and your other projects.

For example, redesign your company’s reception area and print wallpaper in your corporate design or with a matching image.

Kenya Breweries Custom Wall Branding

You can use such wallpapers in principle in all interiors. Whether in the office, at an exhibition, or house.

Floral seamless pattern. Flourish 3d wallpaper. Ornate flowery vector background. Surface elegant volumetric texture with 3d flowers leaves and ornaments.Texture with shadows and highlights.

And thus contribute to the overall feeling of comfort.

3d under water wallpaper mural for children bedroom

But we also have premium access to over 400,000,000 high-resolution images you can choose from.

Custom made 3D Forest Wallpaper for living room walls

You can choose any of these extraordinary images to print your own wallpaper.

Custom made 3D Tunnel Effect Wallpaper Mural for house walls

The image can be anything from your own or your children’s drawing to a family photo.

Grey armchair against flowers wallpaper in dark living room interior with sofa and plant. Real photo

You can order non-woven wallpaper printing, vinyl-coated wallpaper, or buy paper wallpaper to order.

abstract art, modern painting, gray and orange wall art

The printing of non-woven photo wallpapers is the most popular because, in addition to any image, you can choose a texture with imitation of linen, leather, and frescoes.

3 pieces wall frame canvas art. Christmas trees, mountains and white moon in dark 3d landscape background

You can order photo wallpaper on canvas from us.

African people dance in ethnic abstract tribal pattern vector illustration set. Folk traditional ornament, giraffe and dancers from Africa, poster, social media stories template, wall art design

This is a unique opportunity to turn a wall into a work of art.

Vector illustration of African woman face with gold accessories and turban in minimal abstract style. Fashion illustration and abstract poster. Beauty and modern art.

We print photo wallpapers on canvas and other materials without intermediaries, significantly reducing printing costs and production time.

modern geometric rug pattern design american doodle art seamless pattern design

Benefits to print your own wallpaper design

Each of us has stylistic preferences and tastes you can capture if you print your own wallpaper designs.

Tropical wallpaper with palm leafs on grunge background. Design for wallpaper, photo wallpaper, fresco.

It is more or less the same way we strive to express ourselves in one way or another: in clothes, hair, makeup, and, of course, our interior.

Tree by the lake. Misty landscape. Tree with birds in the Japanese garden. the mural, Wallpaper for interior printing

This is no coincidence because where you spend most of your time, you should be as comfortable and cozy as possible.

Motivational Quote Muhammad Ali Boxer

It’s no secret that the house is a reflection of yourself, your inner world.

Tiger Coming out from the breaking walls, Tiger 3D Wallpaper

And to express your individuality in the interior, you better opt for custom-made finishing materials.

Custom 3D Flower Photo Wallpaper

Of course, this is the very opportunity for your self-expression.

waterfall and morning sun

A stylish pattern on the walls makes it possible to radically transform the space, add a bright accent or set the main theme of the design.

Print your own planets in the outer space custom wallpaper for living room wall.

At Wallpaper Kenya we do not limit you in images and formats of your wallpaper – these products are made to order.

Africa patterned map. Banner with tribal traditional grunge pattern, elements, concept design

You can choose absolutely any theme and the size you need.

South Africa's Big Five by Yvette, Customizable Wallpaper

Only after careful coordination of all the details of the order, the design will go into printing and only then for you. 

African Girl with African hand draw ethno pattern, tribal background. Beautiful black woman. Profile view. Vector illustration

1.   Make a Feature in Interior Décor

Feature walls are becoming increasingly popular in bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms.

A set of three abstract background of minimalism. A geometric pattern of art hand-painted illustrations. Fashion of modern art wall can be used for wall decoration, wallpaper, murals, hang a picture

More and more people are using custom-printed wallpapers to make a statement in their home décor.

3D Lawn under the sea wall mural

These wallpapers offer a wide variety of designs that give a deceptive lifelike look.

Tropical seamless vector pattern background with exotic flowers, palm leaves, jungle leaf, hibiscus, orchid flower, bird of paradise. Vintage vector botanical illustration

You can choose a unique custom wallpaper pattern and style to depict your taste in home décor.

Black, green and red. Contemporary art collage. Beautiful girl ballet dancer dancing isolated over geometric background. Copy space for text, design, ad. Flyer. Square composition.


2.   Work for Any Location

Custom-printed wallpapers are not just limited to one specific area or location in your home.

 underwater world with marine animals in which the ship sails children's photo wallpaper

You can use them in several different rooms to create several different moods.

Print your own Masai and sunset wallpaper.

For instance, you can choose a vibrant custom print wallpaper for your living room.

morning mist in the forest

And a sophisticated one for your bedroom depending on the theme of your home interior.

Seamless Abstract Pattern

Just by using some creativity, you can jazz up any room and can convert it into a welcoming space.

Print your own modern gold painting of abstract couple kiss in Paris. The texture of the oriental style of gray and gold canvas with an abstract pattern. artist canvas art collection for decoration and interior.

3.   Can be Fully Customized

Custom print wallpaper is more efficient than regular wallpaper because you can customize it into any style.

Princess 3D baby wallpaper with hot air ballons, castle and cherry blossom for photomural

Unlike other wallpapers, custom print wallpapers have non-repeated patterns.

Fancy pattern in the style of Klimt, bright yellow colors, gold painted by hand.

And look like an astonishing mural piece of art on the walls.

3D mural poster wall printable up to 3.00x3.00 m highest resolution extra good quality

You can have any print that you wish including your photos.

3d modern art mural wallpaper night landscape with black Jungle , forest background . golden tree and wavy mountains, moon with black birds. canvas art frame for wall decor

You can get accurate measurements of your walls and have a custom wallpaper fully customized to fit those specific dimensions.

4.   Hide Imperfections Perfectly

Print your own seamless pattern on an Ancient Egypt theme with color images of Egyptian gods and handwritten text lorem ipsum. Vector abstract background in retro style. Wallpaper, wrapping paper, fabric.

If you have not revamped your home for quite a long time now, the walls may have visible blemishes and imperfections in them.

Floral seamless pattern, green, black and white split-leaf Philodendron plant with vines on white background, pastel vintage theme

Using custom print wallpapers on those walls is the perfect solution to hide all those imperfections.

cute pandas lying in hammock for child room wallpaper design

And give an entirely new look to your home interior.

tropical trees and leaves in foggy forest wallpaper design - 3D illustration

Instead of painting all the walls again to hide those imperfections, you can easily print your own wallpapers to save your walls.

Abstract art oil painting art style. Fashion of modern art wall can be used for wall decoration, wallpaper, murals, carpet, hang a picture

5.   Convenient and Time-Saving

Custom-printed wallpapers are very easy to clean and maintain.

Park vintage Italian landscape, gallery, peacock, palm trees floral seamless pattern grey background. Garden botanical wallpaper.

If something goes wrong, you can easily replace them without damaging your walls.

Tropical seamless background, big royal birds, crane, peacock, heron, colorful fern leaves. Dark watercolor 3d illustration. Luxury wallpaper, mural art. Premium textile pattern gold, blue, green, red

Besides that, they are also convenient and time-saving. Because you can easily apply them and take less time.

ethnic motifs on light background, pixel image, mixed scarf design

The durability of these wallpapers makes them a perfect choice for almost every kind of home interior.

Benefits to printing your own wallpaper for business

You can print your own wallpaper as a way to add texture, color, and personality to your business premises.

Print your own abstract business background. Universal Wallpaper Finance concept. Silhouettes of people mixed media futuristic.

Many companies tend to forget about the amazing benefits of custom wallpapers. And how they can give their business the boost they need.

Print your own living room custom-made world map wallpaper

From being durable surfaces to making consumers look at your store, installing your own customized wallpaper has many advantages.

african seamless pattern, picture art and abstract background.

They are also unique and memorable.  And your custom wallpapers can help you define the identity of your brand, too.

Your own print personalize wallpapers define your brand

One of the benefits of your own custom wallpapers is that they are a great tool for defining the identity of your brand.

Urban car on the background of the city. Megapolis landscape. Big city background. Urban style. Street style. Design for wallpaper, wall mural, card, postcard, photo wallpaper.

This type of in-store design is fully customizable. This means that you can choose to print anything that enhances your brand’s identity.

3D wallpaper design with a classic car jumping through a broken wall for digital print

When you go for a design that highlights your company’s values, your customers will relate to that. And will want to share it with their friends.

Panoramic view of sunrise over the lake in nation park, Beautiful rainforest landscape with fog in morning, Thailand

They will also be comfortable when associating these values with your brand.

modern golden painting of African girl ballerina dancing abstract figure The texture of the oriental style of grey and gold canvas with an abstract pattern artist collection of painting for digital mural printing.

Once this happens, they will start developing a loyalty to your brand that you might have been missing before installing your custom wallpaper.

Personalize wallpaper designs are unique and memorable

Print your own unique and memorable wallpaper designs.

Landscape savannah with wild animals, vector illustration

Once you have caught the attention of your customers, you also want to have them come back in the future.

Print your own 3d picture Wallpaper Background perspective with diamonds, custom design wallpaper.

One of the most amazing benefits of custom wallpapers is that they are unique and memorable.

Print your own 3D blue whale fish wallpaper and pearls nice background.

When we walk into a store, a hotel, a restaurant, or any other business with custom wallpapers, we remember the entire experience.

Golden Planet

Therefore, we are very likely to talk to our friends about these places and recommend they do business with the stores.

Fantastic sunny day on the lake Antorno in National Park Tre Cime di Lavaredo. Location Dolomiti alps, Province of Belluno, Italy, Europe. Perfect photo wallpapers. Discover the beauty of earth.

Word of mouth is still a very powerful tool that every business wants to take advantage of.


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