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What is the difference between professional wallpaper, and wallpaper for professionals? both of which we have. If you are a professional in interior decoration, and you find wallpaper to be a key element for your decorative projects, we have an exclusive selection of wallpaper for professionals at Wallpaper Kenya. And these are intended for interior designers, […]


What is the difference between professional wallpaper, and wallpaper for professionals? both of which we have.

Feet of professional tango dancers in dancing movement on bright background indoors. Wallpaper for walls.

If you are a professional in interior decoration, and you find wallpaper to be a key element for your decorative projects, we have an exclusive selection of wallpaper for professionals at Wallpaper Kenya.

Botanical nature wall mural wallpaper. Healthcare professional wall art.

And these are intended for interior designers, and ultimately, for any professional in the decoration sector.

vector hand drawn illustration. doctor talking to pregnant woman. trending flat illustration on pregnancy and motherhood for wall mural.

But we also have custom-made professional wallpaper intended for professional offices.

Collection of law justice composition concept. Weights, courthouse, lawyer and lawyer hammer Vector illustration in cartoon style.

Such as architects, doctors, lawyers, and all other scientists and artists.

Abstract illustration of women of different professions.Concept for women's day

We know that wallpaper professionals must have specific needs and quality decorative papers.

Beautiful forest panorama with bright sun shining through the trees

And therefore at Wallpaper Kenya, we endeavor to become the best ally through quality, and the most exclusive designs.

3d picture soccer balls flying out of a brick wall for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

And we offer you the most competitive prices, and personalized advice through our specialized professionals.

Arsenal Football wall mural, professional wallpaper.

If you are a decoration professional you will enjoy multiple advantages.

Music quote in modern typography. Design for your wall graphics, typographic poster, web design and office space graphics.

Because in addition to having one of the largest wallpaper collections you can find, we offer you exclusive discounts to buy wallpaper that you should not miss.

White paper floral background in 3d style.

Personalized attention

And you will also enjoy personalized attention, helping and advising you to make your choice, and solving any type of doubt you may have.

Children hospital's reception professional wallpaper mural.

We will accompany you throughout your decoration project. Being your best ally to achieve quality work that is capable of conquering and satisfying your clients.

Wide photo. Porfessional baseball player with ball on grand arena. Ballplayer on stadium in action.

Whereas we are more into custom-made wallpaper where you are not limited in designs, we also stock regular preprinted wallpaper.

3d professional photo wallpaper window landscape nature.

As you might know, there are hundreds of thousands of these designs. They come and go more or less as happens for curtain trends or floor tiles.

Abstract polygonal handshake on light background. Teamwork and communication concept. 3D Rendering

You or your client might have bought wallpaper elsewhere and you are only looking for professional installation technicians. We do help in such circumstances. You either hire our services or if we are busy we refer you.

Collage of strong powerful attractive young woman inside of word strong, strength exercises, weights, rope climbing

But our only advice to you here as a professional is that you must know how to install wallpaper. Because it is not rocket science. And so that you may be able to supervise any technician we refer to you.

Shuttlecock on white line on green background badminton court indoor badminton sports wallpaper with copy space , illustration Vector EPS 10

In any case, you want to own the business. How can you know the business if your clients want professional wallpaper installation and you don’t know how it is done?

 creative office writings, graffiti, workplace murals, art

Professional wallpaper for (other than interior designers), doctors, lawyers…

You may be looking for a wallpaper design specific to your profession. For instance dentistry wallpaper, restaurant wallpaper for hotel dining rooms, or any other.

Police concept with cops in flat style professional wallpaper. Young policeman and policewoman, city police department building, police car

There are few other places other than Wallpaper Kenya you will find such designs. You will not find them in stock anywhere in the world.

Male tennis player in action on the court on a sunny day. Professional sport concept. Horizontal sport poster, greeting cards, headers, website

But we do make them on order. And we do it on high-tensile silk fabric that is both removable and reusable. In other words, you can even move the office with the wallpaper. Unlike the regular wallpaper that gets damaged on removal and you cant reuse it.

3d roman column background wallpaper for walls.

Since the raw material we use is high-tensile silk fabric, cloth not paper, you will find the custom-made professional wallpaper suitable for use in high-traffic areas.

Professional catering wallpaper Illustration of WORDCLOUD of coffee design for café 3d design wallpaper- ILLUSTRATION.

How are the walls in your doctor’s office’s reception, waiting rooms, and treatment rooms? Are they sterile, and white, with the classic wallpaper of wood chips or fiberglass?

Artist with airbrush silhouette isolated over white background. Concept painting on the wall

Or are you lucky enough to enjoy more interesting wall décor that makes your time in the hospital more enjoyable?

Great outdoors digital painting. 4k landscape of nature with trees mountains, clouds and river, lake. Alaska, canada landscape. Painting wallpaper, background. Bright environment illustration.

Designer and professional wallpapers do exactly that and also provide a favorable first impression and a cozy atmosphere.

Lion King of the Jungle mural wallpaper.
Lion King of the Jungle mural wallpaper.

They can be the deciding factor in determining whether a patient feels comfortable and well cared for.

Poster or banner for fastfood with food in color and white line on a blackboard background.

The psycho-energetic effect of patterned wallpapers with colors or plain-colored wallpapers with structures should not be underestimated.

couples I spend my nights dreaming, professional wallpaper.

Spaces that can be unnerving (and sometimes downright scary) such as medical offices and hospitals benefit from the calming effect of designer wallpapers. Because they can help create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. Cheerful, energizing, and fun wall décor can counteract feelings of indisposition and worry.

Made to measure abstract black and white banana leaf wallpaper mural.
Made to measure abstract black and white banana leaf wallpaper mural.

The specific professional emphasis of a practice or therapy space can be reflected in the choice of patterns and colors.

Patterns, motifs, and colors of the wallpaper

Professional wallpapers can be used in all businesses, offices, and professional spaces. For example in hospitals, the reception or waiting room, and areas where examinations are carried out with various instruments and equipment.

Make it happen quote in modern typography. Creative design for your wall graphics, typographic poster, web design and office space graphics.

And in restrooms, and rooms where bandages and drips are applied. Also, of course, in the consultation room itself.

Classic kindergarten wallpaper mural.
Classic kindergarten wallpaper mural.

Therapy/treatment rooms can greatly benefit from a wallpaper design that reflects the medical field in question.

Everything you can imagine is real quote in modern typography. Design for your wall graphics, typographic poster, web design and office space graphics.

To answer the question of which patterns, motifs, and colors are most suitable for a particular treatment facility, both the specific medical discipline and the specific group of patients can be very helpful.

Custom-made Home nursery unisex children's wallpaper mural
Custom-made Home nursery unisex children’s wallpaper mural

What is the predominant age? Are the patients more likely to be old or young? Are there children present? There are also specific medical specialties for men or women, for example, gynecology.

Horse mural wallpaper for walls, professional wallpaper services.
Horse mural wallpaper for walls

And what applies to the hospital setting applies also to all other professional fields.

User video calling a doctor using and healthcare app on his smartphone and professional medical team connected: online medical consultation concept

But once you have thoroughly grasped the theory of professional wallpaper installation, you are welcome to Wallpaper Kenya for practical lessons.

Engage professional wallpaper graphic designer

It pays to engage the services of a professional wallpaper graphic designer.

Imagination quote in modern typography. Design for your wall graphics, typographic poster, web design and office space graphics.

If you disassemble it in stages, then the work of the designer is as follows:

The first stage – immersion in the project and the study of information

First, you give the designer a brief – a document that contains the tasks of the project. And from the brief, the graphic designer learns about your needs the design and its product, its audience, competitors, work goals, and limitations.

Goal quote in modern typography. Plan without goal is just wish.

The more information the designer has, the more accurate his decision will be.

Do what you love quote in modern typography. Creative design for your wall graphics, typographic poster, web design and office space graphics.

Here the designer will ask you questions to better understand the features of your brand and the project.

The second stage is the development of concepts

Having studied all the information, a professional wallpaper designer forms a presentation with visual concepts. Each concept consists of an idea and its graphic implementation.

The barista is making coffee wallpaper illustration hand drawn design style, good for café logo and wall décor café.

The designer uses a wide range of skills:

  • knowledge of the laws of composition and modular grids;
  • understanding how color and shape affect emotional perception;
  • an idea of ​​how exactly the fonts convey the necessary sensations.

The third stage is the presentation of concepts to the customer

The designer arranges a meeting with you, the customer, and presents his ideas. It is important that each idea is justified and solves the assigned tasks.

hand holding pencil education reform revolution raised fist red background illustration

You, the client can immediately choose a concept or give comments and edits. In the latter case, the designer makes changes and re-coordinates the concept with you.

Fourth stage – design approval and finalization

The designer finalizes the professionally designed wallpaper layouts, and prepares them for printing, taking into account the requirements.

Silhouettes of birds flying in the sky with the sun and clouds, above an abstract forest, dry trees and a field. abstract landscape. Wallpaper flat design. vector image

Professional wallpaper installation services

Professional wallpaper handyman putting up wallpaper on the white walls.

Although we do offer professional wallpaper installation services, it is not nuclear science, and you too can do it and save money.

Man cutting wallpaper. Professional maintenance repair works renovation in the flat.

Give your commercial space a stylish and welcoming feeling that lasts a long time without frequent cleaning. Abundant in patterns and designs, wallpaper adds texture and life to plain walls and may be preferable to interior paint in most cases.

Handyman putting up wallpaper on the wall. Wallpaper seam roller techniques.

Wallpaper removal and installation by an experienced contractor like Wallpaper Kenya, however, is a great option for commercial settings. For example restaurants, offices, conference rooms, hotels, medical facilities, retail stores, and more.

3d peacock wallpaper

We have many years of experience and do the job in an orderly and efficient manner, and properly dispose of all waste.

Old wallpaper that is peeling or has an outdated design will need to be removed before replacing it with new wallpaper. Whether you have a wallpaper that needs to be removed or are considering new wallpaper, or both, Wallpaper Kenya has you covered.

Professional wallpaper of Big Five and wild animals collage with African landscape at sunrise in Serengeti wildlife area, Tanzania, East Africa. Africa safari scene in savannah landscape.

And from our offices located at Mazeras Centre, Langata Road, directly opposite Nairobi West Shell Petrol Station, we have the resources to work across multiple sites, regionally or nationally.

Interior designer decorating living room, vector illustration. Wall painting, Good vibes, houseplant. Home art, decor.

To install new wallpaper or remove old wallpaper, contact Wallpaper Kenya at 072027154. And we will be happy to give you a complete estimate or answer any questions about the wall, or ceiling, of your commercial or industrial facility.


If you wish to learn how to install wallpaper like a professional you can do it by yourself and it is very easy. Before the outbreak of the Corvid19 Pandemic, we used to train artisans in professional wallpaper installation. But we have since stopped for various reasons.

Business People Group Silhouettes Over City Landscape Modern Office Buildings, Vector Illustration

For one, if you are interested, there are thousands of free online learning materials and you can train yourself.

Creativity learning. Rocket ship launch made with pencils - sketch on the blackboard, vector image.

You will find hundreds of free YouTube videos on the subject. And you will also find it much faster and more comfortable to learn from the comfort of your home.

Abstract background with 3d spheres. Golden and white bubbles. Vector illustration of balls textured with halftone pattern. Jewelry cover concept. Horizontal banner. Decoration element for design

You do not have to pay for transport and upkeeping coming for training to us. Plus you will save time and money on the traveling and accommodation costs. All you need is confidence, time, and patience and you will make it.

Feathers realistic seamless pattern with colorful bird air feathers vector illustration. Artistically professional wallpaper for walls.

But once you have thoroughly grasped the theory of professional wallpaper installation, then you are welcome to Wallpaper Kenya for practical training.

Silhouette profile group of men and women of diverse culture. Diversity multi-ethnic and multiracial people. Concept of racial equality and anti-racism. Multicultural society. Friendship

However, if you live outside Nairobi, you will find it cheaper to just buy a few cheap regular wallpaper rolls and train yourself practically.

If you want to come to us for the practical training, you are advised to carry the professional wallpaper tools which are. Or at least have learned beforehand how to use the wallpapering tools here below:

What do wallpaper installation costs depend on?

Professional wallpaper worker gluing a wall cover, home renovation. Wallpaper stickman wallpaper on wall with scraper in apartment. Remodeling and repair apartment, construction industry.

Many professionals use the square meter as the unit for calculating their costs. But there have also been numerous cases of prices for “complete work”.

Muhammad Ali vector silhouette, professional boxing wallpaper.


In such cases, the professional has verified the size of your room where the installation will take place. And whether there is furniture to be moved. Or electrical outlets to work on, old wallpaper needs to be removed, and finally, the state of the wall to be covered.

3d Textured seamless pattern. Modern rough embossed background. Dirty grunge futuristic backdrop. Grungy circles, lines, scratches. Abstract geometric ornaments with embossing effect. Endless texture.

Depending fundamentally on the state of the walls where the paper is going to be installed, the final cost of the work can vary substantially.

To carry out this final cost calculation, you need to provide us with some information. These include photographs, square meters to be covered, height and width of walls, etc. And this makes it easier for us to give you a much more adjusted cost before you hire the job.

Happy business team, colleagues rejoicing success, achievement, victory, progress at work together. Good successful teamwork concept. Flat graphic vector illustration isolated on white background

Finally, a fundamental factor in calculating the cost is the type of wallpaper.  Whether you want regular or custom-made. If you want custom-made, will you provide the artwork?

Modern floral 3d red flowers vector seamless pattern. Beautiful glowing floral background. Vintage line art tracery 3d ornament with red orchid lily flowers, leaves, swirls, dots. For cards, wallpaper

Although in most cases we can provide you with free artwork, the possibilities are almost endless and the prices, therefore, are also highly variable.


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