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Before deciding on your restaurant wallpaper, nightclub, or café mural, you should decide on the theme of the image. Because with the help of wallpaper images you can create a special appetizing atmosphere. Many professional interior designers in Kenya are engaged in custom-made wallpaper murals. Because this type of wallpaper gives the interior elegance and […]


Before deciding on your restaurant wallpaper, nightclub, or café mural, you should decide on the theme of the image.

Girl eating a Burger. A collection of women with Burgers in their hands. Abstract minimalist hand-drawn vector illustration for restaurant wallpaper for walls.

Because with the help of wallpaper images you can create a special appetizing atmosphere.

Vintage tea set. Custom-made restaurant wallpaper mural.
Vintage tea set: Happy tea drinking custom-made restaurant wallpaper mural.

Many professional interior designers in Kenya are engaged in custom-made wallpaper murals.

Delicious homemade burger with chili and BBQ grill fire, food ad wallpaper in 3d illustration

Because this type of wallpaper gives the interior elegance and originality.

Custom wallpaper for Italian restaurants specializing in pasta cooking.

For residential premises, such design mainly performs an aesthetic function.

close up salmon fillet slices texture. Row salmon fish sliced on plate at Japanese restaurant.

But for cafes and restaurants, it can become an effective commercial solution.

Wallpaper with a coffee cup. Vector.

And an original advertising ploy, with which you can attract and retain customers of the establishment.

3d illustration wallpaper for fast-food restaurants.

The main task of custom wallpaper in restaurants and cafes is to evoke unique sensations in the soul of the visitor.

Seamless pattern with coffee cups and mugs.
Seamless pattern with coffee cups and mugs.

In the future, he or should want to visit your restaurant more often.

Unique restaurant wallpaper designs

Not many wallpaper companies in Kenya provide these custom-made restaurant wallpaper designs.

Abstract fruit wallpaper design in flat cut out style. Cross section of peach with pit.

But Wallpaper Kenya does.

Coffee. Abstract coffee pattern on brown background with a lettering. Seamless pattern.

Cafes and restaurant wallpaper can be designed in the form of a landscape that will appeal to romantic natures.

Ivy Green Garden with Light Bulbs Hanging on The Ceiling. Home Decorate Interior Green Garden.

Your customers will be surrounded by beautiful trees or rivers.

Watercolor illustration sakura. Hand drawn Japanese cherry blossom branch with flowers isolated on white background. For design sushi restaurant wallpaper.

Such designs will be relevant for a café or restaurant in a big city like Nairobi.

Hand drawn vintage vegetables. Organic fresh food vector seamless pattern. Retro vegetable background. Traditional botanical illustrations.

Visitors will be able to temporarily escape from the daily hustle and bustle.

blurred abstract background in restaurant wallpaper
blurred abstract background in restaurant wallpaper

The idea is to make your guests forget about noisy streets, and polluted air, and relax in a cozy environment.

Red Hot chili pepper in the shape of fire. Seamless horizontal background wallpaper.

High-quality service, polite bartenders, and waiters are the components of the success of any restaurant.

Mural for a Japanese restaurant on a blackboard background - translation: sushi bar.

These include the original interior and wall decoration. All this attracts new customers to a restaurant or café. They then recommend it to their relatives and friends.

Fashionable beautiful girls sitting at a table in a café on the street. Linear drawing.

You should use all means for the prosperity of your restaurant.

Wallpaper with African woman holding cup of hot cocoa.

Remember ”word of mouth” is the best advertisement. So let your clients advertise your café, restaurant, or nightclub themselves.

kitchen vector background with place for your text.
kitchen vector background with a place for your text.

For the successful existence of a café, or restaurant, it is necessary to make it attractive to your guests.

Tea party Coffee and hands. Hands are drawn to each other. Coffee house. Bright illustration for a café.

The appearance of the building, the assortment of goods, and the menu are all important. But the first and main impression of the institution is usually formed by its interior.

Coffee Break Wallpaper, with wooden background. Coffee in the form of heart.

And the largest surfaces of any interior are walls.

Wallpaper colors and designs to give you an appetite

The color of a café or restaurant wallpaper’s interior can vary, depending on what impression you want to make.

Retro illustration of healthy foods includes garlic and tomato. Design for posters, menus, decor and social media. Mid century bauhaus style vector illustration.

Given the psychology of color, you can use colors in the interior of a café or restaurant that increase mood and appetite

Italian restaurant food background with olives pasta garlic spaghetti illustration.

The color environment in a catering establishment can seriously influence the behavior of your guests.

Rice and Chicken on top with tomato sauce in white plate, Biryani, majboos, kabsah, qoze.

Proper use of color on your restaurant wallpaper not only creates beauty and recognition. But also serves as a means of information and orientation for guests.

Abstract painting of a man and a woman are having a talk at the restaurant - abstract vector artwork. A woman is drinking a pink cocktail through a straw.

All this determines the color scheme.

Coffee Making - vector illustration. Coffeemaker. Coffee house menu. Pour coffee beans.

For several decades, experts have been conducting research on the impact of various shades.

Organic food banner in flat style. Fruits and cereals geometry minimalistic with simple shape and figure. Great for wall décor, natural products presentation templates. Vector.

You might think that bright colors will be the best option for decorating your restaurant or café.

Succulent thick juicy portions of grilled fillet steak served with tomatoes and roast vegetables on an old wooden board photomural.

Because they cause a surge of activity and positive emotions, forgetting that their overabundance leads to irritability.

Peruvian dish called Pollo a la brasa with french fries and salad.

Therefore, you must be very careful when choosing one restaurant wallpaper color.

Collection of take away foil boxes with healthy food. Set of containers with everyday meals - meat, vegetables and law fat snacks on white background wallpaper.

Because a competent combination will not only create a cozy atmosphere in the room but also help increase the appetite of visitors.

Red wallpaper

Red wallpaper accents in your restaurant’s interior will stimulate buyers and increase impulse (unplanned) decisions.

Restaurant wallpaper with beef meat hamburger emblem in red and white.
Restaurant wallpaper with beef meat hamburger emblem in red and white.

For example, they can initially be stopped by the price of the dish.

Watercolor red crab isolated on white background. Fresh organic seafood seafood shellfish illustration.

But then with a well-designed red restaurant wallpaper, they can decide that today is a small holiday and afford it.

Grilled chicken legs with vegetables and red tomatoes.
Grilled chicken legs with vegetables and red tomatoes.

Also, this color stimulates appetite and improves digestion. And therefore is ideal for cafes and restaurants.

Collage style Tequila sunrise cocktail illustration. Vector trendy with alcoholic drink in elegant glass. A tropical cocktail with geometric and abstract shapes for wall art.

However, you can not overdo it with red. It can quickly tire and provokes irascibility and aggression.

White wallpaper

In order not to overdo a red wallpaper, combine it with white. How could it be otherwise? 

3d restaurant illustration abstract wallpaper white background.

Because white is light to process and produces a sensation of purity, cleanliness, clarity, and freshness. 

Doodle Food Wallpaper. Vegan Restaurant, Café Décor.
Doodle Food Wallpaper. Vegan Restaurant, Café Décor.

In addition, keep in mind that it is a versatile and timeless color. So it will combine perfectly with any style and color and never go out of style.

Orange wallpaper

In the interior of cafes and restaurants wallpaper, the orange color is used very often.

Meat seamless pattern with elements of sausages, a stake, shish kebabs, chickens. Vector illustration.

This is due to its property to give people joy and a good mood. Such an atmosphere is conducive to friendly communication, and also increases appetite.

3D abstraction background wallpaper for walls. Beautiful orange flower background 3D wallpaper.
3D abstraction background wallpaper for walls. Beautiful orange flower background 3D wallpaper.

What else do you need in the interior design of a café or restaurant?

Blue is not good for restaurant wallpaper

Blue evokes a feeling of well-being and is associated with constancy. It promotes confidential communication and good assimilation of information during lunch. But don’t use blue wallpaper for decorating the interior of a café or restaurant.

Grilled salmon fish fillet and fresh green lettuce vegetable tomato salad with avocado guacamole.

Because under the influence of this color, appetite disappears. And the space seems empty and cold.

Yellow is good for restaurant wallpaper

Another color that you can use for your restaurant wallpaper is yellow, which conveys optimism, joy, enthusiasm, and youth.

Italian Macaroni Pasta raw food yellow background and texture close up.
Italian Macaroni Pasta raw food yellow background and texture close up.

In addition, it releases serotonin, a substance that stimulates happiness. Without a doubt, we find it ideal for family premises or those designed for children.


Finally, we want to talk about green.

Green leaves on a texture wallpaper in the form of a background in a watercolor slightly lazy stele into the restaurant.

It transmits relaxation and is related to balance, harmony, and nature. 

Vegetable set, white silhouettes on green background.

Therefore, it is ideal for your vegetarian restaurants or those characterized by healthy food.

Organic fruit vegetable geometric pattern. Natural food green background creative simple style.

In this sense, you must keep in mind that organic has become fashionable.

Waterproof Contact Paper for Restaurant Kitchen

So far we have discussed custom-made kitchen wallpaper. But this is not the most suitable for your restaurant kitchen and other wet areas. Waterproof self-adhesive contact paper is used to decorate wet areas, drawers, shelves, and walls.

Marble Countertops Peel and Stick White Grey Marble Contact Paper for Kitchen Countertops Waterproof Self Adhesive Wallpaper.

This paper allows you to decorate any piece of furniture and protect those objects that are easily damaged. 

Self-adhesive waterproof contact paper on kitchen cabinets.
Self-adhesive waterproof contact paper on kitchen cabinets.

Contact paper is a material that has two layers: one that serves as decoration and another where the adhesive is. Its purpose is to decorate and protect the wet surfaces in the restaurant such as the kitchen, bathroom, and even furniture.

Pink Self Adhesive Wall Panels 3D Waterproof Faux Foam Wall Panels for kitchen Decoration

Thanks to waterproof contact paper, all the objects you decide to cover with it will never lose their quality.

Decorative contact paper is excellent for shelves or drawers, as it has patterns that make each object unique. It is very easy to stick and unstick. So decorating a piece of furniture or wall with this paper will not be complicated.

Advantages of wallpaper in the restaurant kitchen

waterproof dinning table contact paper covering.

You will get countless benefits from contact paper for restaurant kitchen interior decoration. Mainly, this is a very easy-to-install material that does not have a high cost.  That is, it does not need a substantial investment to have the change that you so desire in the kitchen.

Also, among the advantages of including this material in the restaurant kitchen is being able to cover those cracks, flaws, or stains on the wall. If you thought that these problems did not have an easy and immediate remedy, it is because you have not tried contact paper.

Colorful kitchen marble countertop, natural stone look white Carrera marble slab with grey wallpaper.

You want to keep your restaurant kitchen as clean as possible. If you are concerned about cleanliness, contact paper is a good option. Why? Because decorative paper is easy to clean and is very resistant to knocks. And this durability is one of its main advantages over even other wallpapers.


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