Rose flower Wallpaper

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The rose flower wallpaper is stunning wallpaper on trend and will add a contemporary feel to your interior with a fabulous accent wall. Such murals are often chosen for girls and feminine bedrooms. But they are quite suitable for decorating the kitchen, and even for the hallway. After all, the variety of colors of rose […]


Custom 3d Rose Flower Wallpaper Mural

The rose flower wallpaper is stunning wallpaper on trend and will add a contemporary feel to your interior with a fabulous accent wall.

Beautiful Wallpaper for walls. Pink rose flower wallpaper mural. 3D rendering.

Such murals are often chosen for girls and feminine bedrooms.

3D wallpaper red rose flower with circle and birds gray abstract background seamless pattern

But they are quite suitable for decorating the kitchen, and even for the hallway.

Big blue butterflies, hydrangea flowers bouquets in delicate pastel rose pink, beige, purple colors. Watercolor 3d illustration. Tropical hd wallpaper, luxury mural, premium texture. High quality art

After all, the variety of colors of rose wallpaper designs and the number of their interpretations are amazing. 

Golden rose flower art deco wallpaper background vector. Floral Line arts background design for Luxury elegant pattern interior design, vector arts, fashion textile patterns, textures, posters, wrappe

And for interiors, decorated antiques, and rooms that have a modern style, you can choose your own pink wallpaper from a slightly dusty tea rose to extravagant fuchsia.

Watercolor Various Flowers Abstract Oil Painting Roses Peony Flowers

In the selection of styles, the coatings will be most appropriate in such interior solutions as Provence and Oriental styles.

3d illustration modern floral background. Luxurious abstract art digital painting for wallpaper mural.

True, in the first case, muted tones are used, and in the second, bright red additions are chosen.

Oil painting with flower rose, leaves. Botanic print background on canvas - triptych In Interior, art.

It all depends on what type of shades you will combine this material with.

3d pink rose wallpaper on a brown background, custom design wallpaper mural.

It is always good to know the symbolic meanings associated with your rose flower wallpaper.

Stylish room interior with elegant dressing table and white rose floral wallpaper

Decorating with different colored roses

Some of the most common patterns of wall decor are rose flower wallpaper and other floral motifs.

seamless floral watercolor pattern with garden flowers roses, peonies, leaves, branches. Botanic tile, background.

There is nothing surprising in this because the flowers are so attractive, beautiful, and diverse.

Beautiful room interior with stylish furniture and floral pattern on wall

And besides, they always have a positive effect and cheer us up.

Seamless pattern beautiful Rose flowers vintage abstract background illustration. Art for digital wallpaper printing design.

So why not take the opportunity to enjoy them all the time, and not just from time to time in your vase on the table?

3d wallpaper design with jewels and roses for photomural

Allow your guests to walk through flower fields with a white rose flower wall décor. After all, no one can resist a flower wall backdrop.

Summer scene with pink rose flowers in water. Sun and shadows. Minimal nature background.

The petals and shape of the white roses actually DO mean something. White roses hold symbols of peace, innocence, and love.

3d picture Wallpaper Background of a bouquet of white roses with butterflies for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

No white rose wedding, in fact, will be the same without their appearance!

beautiful single rose flower full wall wallpaper mural.

Get innovative and create a lush passage for your guests with a red rose wallpaper mural.

3D Depth illustration background rose wallpaper for walls.

Choose a  soft shade to walk across and elegant to look at!

white background and red rose with colorful butterfly design

Now add some floral bloom everywhere with pink rose wallpaper– that looks like a real flower with its 3-D appearance.

Flowers pink with beautiful background wallpaper 3d

Your guests will be amazed to see its realistic petals and dew that have been crafted masterfully. It will look perfect on your walls, arches, and aisle.

Sweet multicolored pink rose, red carnation flowers patterns blooming for wallpaper or valentine and wedding card background

Of course, the choice of a floral pattern, like any other, must be approached with all responsibility. Take into account both the size and density of the pattern itself.

Seamless pattern of orange flowers drawn with watercolor.For the design of the wallpaper or fabric, vintage style.Blooming flower painting for summer.Botany background.

As well as the area and the level of illumination of the room. 

Seamless pattern background of roses flowers in pink and gray tone colors

After all, it is important that the pattern and color are light, refreshing, and do not put pressure on the eyes, and do not make the room heavy and bulky.

Abstract beautiful oil painting vintage rose flower wallpaper illustration

At Wallpaper Kenya we believe in offering high-quality material to our customers.

3d Custom Rose Flower Wallpaper

Wallpaper Kenya customizes large 3D Rose Floral Wallpaper Murals. But not only rose flowers.

Seamless pattern with gold Rose flowers, leaves and buds on a white background. Vector illustration.

If you give us any image, artwork, or pictures in high resolution we can reproduce it for you.

Interior of modern children's room with comfortable bed and printed beautiful rose flower wallpaper.

That means you get exactly what you want without compromise.

Green and White Flowers 3d Wallpaper Mural

We do it on one sheet of high-tensile silk fabric. Therefore you are sure to get high-quality, reliable, and durable wallpaper.

Beautiful pink rose background.

And you have an endless choice of diverse vivid or subtle colors and patterns as you like.

Wildflower Watercolor, Seamless Pattern, Garden Flowers, Floral, Boho, Watercolor Flower

As long as you provide us with a high-definition picture, all can be customized.

3D wallpaper rose flower and fish and, swan butterfly, pearls, bamboo 3d background beautiful design

We welcome you to visit us and choose.

Watercolor Flower Clipart Set: Realistic Floral Illustrations for Simple and Elegant Bridal Designs, Wallpaper, Greetings, Wallpapers, Fashion

We will be happy to help you choose a suitable one for your living room, bedroom, dining room, study, or office wall decoration.

Beautiful romantic background with realistic pink roses. Floral 3d pattern, vector

The rose flower wallpaper symbolizes love, passion, and beauty.

Creative seamless pattern. Modern design rose flower wallpaper mural. Alcohol ink. Vector illustration.

The ancient Greeks and Romans associated roses with the goddesses of love and beauty – Aphrodite and Venus. 

Peonies and roses. Floral vintage seamless pattern. Gold and white flowers, leaves, branches and berries on black background. Oriental style. Vector illustration art. For design textiles, paper.

With the help of these celestial flowers, feelings were expressed without using words.

The Language of Rose Flowers

Colors have always been of great importance to culture.

Stylish interior of bedroom with beautiful pink rose flowers on wall

In ancient Egypt, it was believed that the various colors of the sun came from the gods and carried a specific message.

Vintage seamless pattern. Floral color background. Garden flowers roses and peonies. Handmade graphics. Victorian style. Textiles, paper, wallpaper decoration. Ornamental cover. Vector.

The Chinese valued the color gold – once intended only for the emperor.

Floral illustration with field flowers in vintage style

Red was considered the color of power and privilege by the Romans, while the Greeks decorated their robes, houses, and works with dark green and shades of blue.

Seamless Floral Pattern flower pattern with background

Poles attribute the greatest importance to national colors – white and red, while in everyday life we ​​prefer subdued, pastel, and bright colors.

Bright wide vintage seamless background pattern. Rose, peony, poppy with humming birds around. Stylized on white. Abstract, hand drawn, vector - stock.

The meaning is therefore attributed not only to the species of flowers but also to their colors.

Beautiful blooming white-rose rose flower wallpaper mural. Delicate twig shrub rose 'Sea Foam' with white flowers on green background. Floral nature background with copy space. Romantic artistic image

It is important that the color of the roses is appropriately matched to the occasion, preferences, and personality of the recipient and the intentions of the giver.

seamless black and white floral pattern

The meaning of the colors of flowers is, of course, conventional. but it is worth knowing they convey a message from the heart in an original way.

isolated Seamless border with pink flowers, leaves. vintage watercolor floral pattern with leaf and rose. Pastel color. Seamless floral rim, band for cards, wedding or fabric.

What do the colors of rose flower wallpapers mean?

The power of expression and symbolism of rose flower wallpaper is undoubtedly enormous.

soft pink watercolor flower print ~ seamless background

The rose flower is loved by almost everyone, which makes it the most willingly given floral gift.

Single yellow rose flower wallpaper mural as close up.

Roses are found all over the world and a hidden meaning has been attributed to them for thousands of years.

Floral seamless pattern Flowers roses, peonies, hydrangea. Handmade graphics. Black white. Victorian style. Vector illustration. Textiles, paper, wallpaper decoration. Vintage background. Flower cover

These exceptionally beautiful and graceful flowers can vary both in color and shade.

seamless rose flowers pattern vector

The most popular colors of roses are red, pink, cream, yellow, tea, and white, but you can also find flowers in less obvious colors.

Watercolor seamless border - illustration with bright pink vivid flowers, green leaves, for wedding stationary, greetings, wallpapers, fashion, backgrounds, textures, DIY, wrappers, cards.

To ensure that your bouquet is received correctly, it is important to know the meaning of the colors of the roses.

Seamless floral pattern with vintage rose silhouette on brown background. Vector wallpaper with blooming flowers and leaves

Attributing meanings to rose wallpaper colors

Rose flowers have inspired people over the ages to develop a language of roses.

3d wallpaper of beautiful rose flower background

This we do by attributing meanings to color and other characteristics of the rose flower such as genre.

Beautiful pink rose flower wallpaper, light reflections, dark background, elegant 3d illustration, close-up

Traditionally, the rose is gifted on Valentine’s Day as the flower of love.

Monochrome Rose Flower motif sketch for wallpaper design

When you consciously choose a certain color for your rose flower wallpaper, you bring a whole new depth to the symbolism of your interior décor.

Hand drawn seamless pattern with black rose flowers and leaf . Seamless texture for fashion prints, wrapping, textile, paper, wallpaper. Vector graphic illustration.

A red rose wallpaper conveys deep emotions – be it love, longing, or desire.

Deep focus. No dust. No pollen. Pink rose mural.

White is the color of purity, chastity, and innocence. Hence white rose follows suit.

Seamless pattern with watercolor roses. Hand-drawn illustration.

You will usually find interior designers use light pink rose wallpaper in baby nurseries as light pink rose blooms are indicative of sweetness and innocence.

Golden fabric roses background

Deep pink rose blooms convey deep gratitude and appreciation. Pink rose wallpapers also connote elegance and grace.

Elegant hand drawing floral seamless pattern

Decorating with Pink Rose Wallpaper

Hang Pink Rose Flower Wallpaper as a focal point in your bedroom or living room.

3D and HD lobby room pink rose wallpaper with luxury Texture

And combine it with a plain wallpaper in one of the shades on it.

Computer drawn flower illustration. Watercolor Flowers.Manual composition.Big Set watercolor elements.

Likewise, the pink rose floral wallpaper is a very suitable color to combine plain white, grey, and pastel tones even with some of its more intense tones. Such as fuchsia pink.

Seamless rose floral pattern with peonies on light background, watercolor. Template design for textiles, interior, clothes, wallpaper. Botanical art

You will find its beauty in the embellished concrete structure and its suffused intricate details. A striking wall decoration that is finished in soft, authentic shades of pink roses.

Abstract rose strocke style header pattern. Gold and pale rosy floral rapport for background, wrapping paper, fabric. Endless repeatable motif for surface design. stock vector illustration.

You that Pink is the color of love. It is synonymous with romanticism, femininity, tenderness, and delicacy. The Pink Rose Flower is associated with innocence and transmits energy without being aggressive.

watercolor pink rose floral background with soft colors illustration.

Take away loneliness and awaken your emotions with this Pink Rose Wallpaper. A pink rose floral wallpaper invites us to think positively.

Seamless pattern with peonies. Floral vintage ornament. Hand drawn botanical illustration. Colored pencil bouquets on black background.

In contemporary decoration, the pink rose has been acquiring an increasingly leading role. We recommend you hang it not only in children’s bedrooms but in all kinds of rooms in the home.

Oil painting with flower rose, leaves. Botanic print background wallpaper - triptych In Interior, art.

Hang it in the living room, kitchen, or bathroom. The pink rose color guarantees the warmth of any room, especially when we apply it to a dimly lit area.

3d mural illustration background with golden yellow flowers, simple golden decorative wallpaper . Suitable for use as a frame on walls .

Part of its success in decoration is due to the rise of vintage fashion, which is causing a sensation in international design.

Seamless vintage roses wallpaper mural design.

However, the pink rose can be used in many other decorative styles such as romantic, retro, childish, or Nordic. It all depends on the intensity of the tone you choose.

3D pink rose flower fish wallpaper murals

White roses

White is the color of purity, innocence, and respect. What does a white rose mean? It represents, above all, first love – beautiful, pure, and innocent.

3d illustration, gray abstract geometric background large white ceramic flowers with pearls, blue peacock on a pedestal

A bouquet of white roses is the most common wedding theme to bring happiness to the bride. White roses also symbolize virginity and loyalty.

White Rose Flowers On Grey Textured Background With Geometric Squares

If you receive a white rose, the giver is sure to have pure, honest intentions. You can trust her and expect noble intentions.

Yellow roses

What do yellow roses mean? Even in the 19th century, these beautiful flowers symbolized negative feelings – jealousy, betrayal, or deception.

Flowers wall background with amazing red, orange, pink and yellow roses. flower pattern backgrounds. hand made Wedding decoration. Mixed colorful flowers background. Vibrant colors of roses mixed.

Today, the meaning of the yellow rose has changed. It usually symbolizes platonic feelings, friendship, joy, and willingness to help. Like the rays of the sun, it warms the heart and stimulates action.

pink heart on pink and white and yellow rose flowers wallpaper, nature, love, valentine, buddha, mural, template, copy space

Yellow roses presented in a bouquet also express spontaneity, and brighter shades – solidarity and friendship forever hosted in memory.

Selective focus on yellow rose flower

If you want to emphasize friendly intentions or appreciate the hospitality of the hosts, give them yellow roses.

Orange and tea roses

Orange is a color with a neutral but positive meaning. So what do orange roses mean? They are a symbol of sympathy, joy, and friendship.

Vintage seamless watercolor pattern - hand drawing threads of lemon, lime with leaves,flower. Painting Citrus slice, lemon. Branch with citrus fruit.Citrus art background.Flower pattern

Tea roses also reflect energy, enthusiasm, zeal, and pride. A bouquet of tea roses is the perfect gift when you want to express gratitude, emphasize fruitful cooperation, or thank you for your time.

watercolor pattern - flowers, branch, peach, apricot, leaves. Lemon branch, lime, orange. Vintage pattern. A floral pattern with fruits, twigs. calendula flower, sunflower.Branch with berries, currant

Perfect for friends, relatives, and colleagues. If, on the other hand, a man gives a woman orange roses, she can expect that friendship will soon develop into a deeper feeling.

Red roses – meaning

Probably everyone knows what a red rose means. Throughout the world, it symbolizes the most beautiful, hottest, and most wonderful of feelings – love.

 Beautiful rose flower wallpaper with golden leaf design

Red roses also signify passion, courage, and lust.

Seamless pattern with roses ground

It is well known that the red rose flower is most often given on the occasion of Saint Valentine’s Day, i.e. Valentine’s Day.

Tea rose blossom, delicate orange rose flower close-up. Background backdrop wallpaper for design

In the case of the meaning of red roses, it is also worth paying attention to the shade of red. Because contrary to appearances, it is of great importance.


Intense red is associated with drama and pain, carmine shade is erotic fantasies, and cardinal red – is attraction and interest.

Luxurious bouquet of Mamma Mia / Fryjolly hybrid tea roses in yellow, orange, peach and apricot colors. Closeup still life photo of blooming flowers. Classic floral art studio image.

Red roses with a magenta shade express fiery desire and great desire, and purple rose petals are a symbol of eternal, everlasting love.

Blue roses – meaning

The blue color of roses means hopes and dreams and the first emotions accompanying the birth of love. This unique color is associated with magical powers and the associated caution, discretion, and secrecy.

3d wallpaper blue rose flower and butterfly and swan beautiful design bubble background

What else do blue roses mean? The great hope for new solutions and faith that the dream will come true.

3d illustration , abstract background with square frames , beautiful rose flowers with leaves

It is therefore worth giving a blue rose flower on the first date or when you want to introduce some magic, mystery, and unique energy to the relationship.


Violet rose

Purple roses stand for love at first sight, majesty, and enchantment. Flowers of this color are hard to come by, so the recipient can be sure that for the giver it is very important and worth all the best.

3D view of the 3D wallpaper showing violet roses and white balls and a background with white lines

What else do purple roses mean? It is also a way to make an electrifying impression, add splendor to a celebration, or crown a special moment. This flower is also a perfect gift for a first date.

Delightful Small & Large Rose Flower Wallpaper

Rose flower wallpaper with small or large flowers is a proposal for people who like accessories with floral motifs.

art vintage monochrome watercolor floral seamless pattern with white roses and gold brown peonies isolated on white background

This is an ideal proposition for people who value classic wallpapers that never go out of fashion. Thanks to them, you can create an atmosphere in the interior conducive to rest.

3D illustration, light background wallpaper with butterflies and pink rose flowers,

Wallpaper with a floral motif looks very aesthetically pleasing. By choosing such a wall decoration, you can enjoy your favorite flowers at any time of the year. Floral wallpaper is an easy way to change even the most monochromatic interior.

Red roses on white background

In the rich assortment of online stores, you will find many floral wallpapers that are willingly chosen for the bedroom or living room.

abstract multicolor flowers all over vector designs illustration textiles digital image for clothes background pattern and packaging gift paper

This is a great way to make the interior more cozy and harmonize with nature.

Russia, Rostov-on-Don, 21.08.2022. pink corner sofa and a white TV stand against the wall with large roses on the wallpaper.

The receipts motif is available in a variety of colors, so you will surely find wallpaper in a few moments that will meet your expectations and will also perfectly match the given decor.

Timeless floral rose wallpapers

Enriched with flowers, the rose flower wallpaper from our assortment perfectly presents itself in interiors decorated in a classic and modern style.

Bunch of pink and yellow bicolored rose flowers wallpaper close-up as background.

What distinguishes them is the high quality of workmanship and unique aesthetics. Nature motifs have always been used in interior design, as they allow you to create an atmosphere that is conducive to relaxation after a hard day at work.

Seamless pattern with flowers and exotic leaves on pink background. floral pattern for wallpaper or fabric. Flower rose and peonies. Botanic Tile.

Wall wallpapers available in our assortment are a quick way to create an original interior design.

Seamless summer pattern with watercolor flowers handmade in indigo

Depending on your taste, the floral wallpaper can be placed on one or all walls. Thanks to wallpapers, you can make the room optically larger, and you can also cover the unevenness on the walls.

Vector cute pink roses in vintage style for design

Wall wallpapers are not only effective but also very practical, because depending on the type of wallpaper you choose, flowers can be used in the kitchen as well as in the bathroom.

A unique atmosphere thanks to floral wallpapers

Undoubtedly, rose flower wallpaper is a timeless classic, as are ornamental wallpapers. It is a decorative element that is very popular in interior design.

Seamless floral pattern with peonies flowers on summer background, watercolor illustration. Template design for textiles, interior, clothes, wallpaper

Flowers displayed on the wall of your living room or bedroom will make the space seem more cozy and graceful. Wall murals with flowers look very elegant because they represent timeless beauty.

3d wallpaper, bouquet of flowers on silk and concrete wall background. Murals effect.The original panel will turn your room in with the most recent world trends in interior fashion.

When you decide to buy floral wallpaper, you can be sure that it will never go out of fashion. It is a unique pattern that does not age. If you care about spectacularly refreshing your interior design, reach for colorful floral wallpapers.

3D Photomural wallpaper background, High quality rendering decorative wallpaper illustration, 3D flower Living room mural wallpaper.

Thanks to them, the room will gain a new character and unique style. You can stick wallpaper with flowers wherever you want

A great way to change the interior design with rose flower wallpaper

Rose flower wallpaper is a great choice for people who want to carry out a spectacular metamorphosis. In our offer, you will find many interesting designs that will surely catch your attention.

3D High Decoration Background Wallpaper

A variety of colors will allow you to choose a wallpaper that will fully meet your expectations. Unique patterns look great on the wall and add a unique charm to the interior.

Delicate rose flowers banner watercolor Vector. Beautiful vintage pastel colors floral wallpaper.

Thanks to them, you will create arrangements that will allow you to relax. Rose flower wallpapers are available in optimistic colors, which is why they evoke positive emotions.

Unfocused blur rose petals, abstract romance background, pastel and soft flower wallpaper.

Rose flowers on the wallpapers are presented on backgrounds in different colors. And so you can easily match them to the interior design.

rose flower bouquet vintage wallpaper mural.

By enriching the bedrooms with this type of wall decoration, you will make every morning a good start to the day.

Durable and modern rose flower wallpaper

Rose floral wallpapers are a great way to give your space a unique character. In our offer, you will find wallpapers with large flowers that will allow you to optically enlarge small spaces. They look unusually elegant and modern.

3D High Decoration Background Wallpaper

The high-tensile silk fabric wallpaper is resistant to light, thanks to which they look unique for a long time. Because the colors do not lose their intensity, and they are also resistant to scrubbing.

3D rose flower and pearls with 3d background

This makes it easy to remove dirt from them. Thanks to their structure and the use of high-quality materials, the wallpapers look very impressive. Familiarize yourself with the offer and choose floral wallpapers perfect for any interior.


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