School wall murals

School wall murals are educational, and some of the most powerful tools you can use to change the world. Take a look at Nelson Mandela, ”Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the word” here above. Essentially  School Wall Murals stimulate the creativity of pupils and create very happy and colorful […]


Nelson Mandela Educational School Wall Murals

School wall murals are educational, and some of the most powerful tools you can use to change the world.

Earth globe on an open book on a blue wall mural background. Knowledge, learning, library wallpaper concept. Background education

Take a look at Nelson Mandela, ”Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the word” here above.

Toddlers' Play School Wall Murals

Essentially  School Wall Murals stimulate the creativity of pupils and create very happy and colorful spaces. 

Personalized light color elegant world map school wall murals
Wallpaper Kenya, armed with the latest technology in mural productions, is dedicated to decorating the walls of preschool and nursery schools, kindergartens, playschools, and primary to high schools.

Colorful alphabet letters with animals and objects. Ideal for nursery school wall murals

And we do this on silk fabric custom wallpaper whose idea and theme you provide.

Bear reading a story book to friends animals bunny badger and raccoon in the forest den or burrow. Cute kids animals friends reading book under the forest. Cute vector illustration for children.

Or if you wish, we will look for ideas and send them to you with an exact budget, based on the preferences and parameters you give us.

An attractive young teacher with chalk at the blackboard with text choose your future. Learning motivation.

Because all our murals are custom-made, removable, and reusable, you can choose educational murals to put in the seasons of the year. 

Vector banner on a writers theme with sketches and place for text in vintage style. Artistic illustration with hand-drawn typewriter, angel, books and handwritten notes with spots. Writer workspace.

So that the lessons are not dull.

3d Rainbow Elementary School Mural

To make a cloudy day joyful, you can clad the classroom walls with photo wallpaper murals with cheerful patterns.

Abstract grunge retro high school background

There are a lot of options for images.

Illustration of number five sea horse under the sea nursery school wall murals

The color choice depends on the age of the children who are constantly studying in a particular classroom.

Cartoon hand drawn vector Illustration of books with calligraphy text school wallpaper. Lettering quotes and drawing object for read lovers isolated on white background. Reading motivation for wall mural

As well as on the subjects of study.

Children graphic illustration for nursery wall. Wallpaper design for kids room interior. Vector illustration with underwater theme

When one season is over, you can remove the mural, wash it, and keep it for use next time.

Flat design style web banner for the path to success, levels of education, staff training, specialization, learning support. Vector illustration concept for web design, marketing, and print material.

Isn’t that a great way to decorate the class with great utility?

Welcome back to school vector design with colorful text and drawings by colored pencils in white background. Vector illustration.

The functions of Educational School Murals in a nutshell

Creating school wall murals is one of the most profound and rewarding projects in the realm of art education.

Girl sitting near pile of books with headphones and listen them online. Concept of online reading or library, e-book, online education. World book reading day cute illustration for mural, banner, flyer,

And School Murals have the power to transform art programs and school communities.

Tree of knowledge educational wall mural

Here are some more of the benefits of the finished products:

Spaceship traveling between exoplanets of other galaxies. Asteroid and debris in the space. Asteroid rings around a planet. Big star in the background. 3d render school wall mural

School Wall Murals Support a Natural Progression of Skills

Visual arts curriculum often builds from studies in drawing to color theory to painting and concludes with sculpture.

Studies lead to success in the world education motivation wall mural

Countless deviations disrupt this pattern.

Interior of a classroom. Map of the world on the wall. Wooden seats and table, brick wall. Bright colors. Decorating with illumination. Without people.

But ultimately line leads to shape, shape leads to form, and color comes up along the way.

Online library app for reading, wall mural Hand holding smartphone with electronic book store application on background with bookshelves, digital technologies in education. Cartoon vector Illustration

Therefore, the progression of a visual arts course can naturally culminate with a mural.

Literature hand drawn vector illustration with doodle icons, images and objects arranged in a circle school wall mural

Murals Act as an Art Advocacy Tool

The vibrant murals of buildings in modern cities are often referred to as “graffiti”.

The world map with cartoon animals for kids, nature, discovery and continent name, ocean name, countries name. vector Illustration.

Such art seems incomprehensible to many and does not fit the definition of “art”.

Back to school concept of congratulations for successful education learning in university achievement

You can even hear that “graffiti” is “when hooligans paint fences and buildings.”

Children graphic illustration for nursery, wall, book cover. Interior design for kids room. Vector illustration with space theme

But the world is changing and the role of “street art” has long reached a new level and is an important component of contemporary art in the highest sense of the word.

Dreams about big and famous future school wall murals concept

Today you cannot attribute graffiti to any musical direction, or an instrument of propaganda.

Background with whales with stars, sun, moon, planets and clouds. Abstract hand drawn banner for wallpaper nursery design, decor, print, interior design

In recent years, the decoration of schools’ outdoor and interior walls has increasingly become a means of self-expression for school management.

Magnetic compass and location marking with a pin on routes on world map. Adventure, discovery, navigation, communication, logistics, geography, school Wall mural

Murals are a Form of Communication.

Your dream of highlighting the individuality of your school, don’t you? This you can do in various ways.

Space discovery colorful set flyers intergalactic ships and brave astronaut for science fiction literature about colonization distant planets vector illustration

One of them is the decoration of the walls with educational school murals.

vector illustration of one astronaut in space isolated on white background. science fiction comic book cover design.

Today, murals are rapidly regaining their former popularity.

Charles Dickens Vector Cartoon Illustration. Portrait of a Victorian era famous British literature author personality

Educational and Classroom Wall Murals

The methodology of the educational school murals is worked on in the Learning Units that are planned during the school year.

Old sailboat, compass and ancient map historical background. A concept on the topic of sea voyages, discoveries, pirates, sailors, geography and history. Efect of overlay on old texture of paper.

Educational murals are drawings that are in the classroom during the period of the learning unit.

 The solar system educational classroom school wall murals

Traditionally most of them were drawn and painted.

Sharing idea or knowledge sharing, transfer information or wisdom to employees or colleagues, creativity or innovation, learning new skills concept, business people transfer idea to new lightbulb.

But now we do it on highly durable silk fabric custom mural wallpaper that can last a few lifetimes.

Science technology concept. Research and Development. Drug discovery.

You know that human communication through graphics is part of our history.

Custom 3D Cartoon wallpaper kindergarten, children's room murals

Boys and girls learn to read figures before they finally learn to read the alphabet.

Abstract of conductor conducting orchestra

The educational murals are intended for the Preschool Level and First Basic Cycle.

Nursery School Science Club Wallpaper Mural

With Educational murals the students receive many benefits; among them:

Colorful music notes background

They diagnose the cognitive structure of the student. And they facilitate vocabulary development.

Father helps his daughter ride bike school wall mural. Father teaching little daughter to ride bike in park. Child rides bike. Child, dad play together, sunset. Chidhood dream. Kid Girl learns to ride bike.Happy family

Educational Wall Murals Enrich the Community

back side view university students congratulation wall mural concept,

Several private and public schools are completely impossible to imagine without this decorative element.

Vintage seamless pattern of music stave notes

In modern universities, libraries art galleries, and other buildings, where it is necessary to emphasize antiquity and sophistication of taste, murals are also used.

3d illustration of musical notes and musical signs of abstract music sheet.Songs and melody concept

People who have aesthetic taste and value noble things actively decorate their walls with murals.

Elementary School Wallpaper Murals

Elementaryelementary school murals are for classes of pupils attending 8, 9, or 10 hours a day.

Back to school concept and little girl sitting on pencil is flying in the sky.

If you spend that much time in one space, no doubt you’ll want it to make it feel cozy and homey.

Back to school 1 september card. Children flying on pencil with air balloons. Paper cut style. Vector illustration

And maybe even a little bit educational as well!

Musical Notes Butterfly Music School Wall Mural

Classrooms are a wonderful place to decorate.

Jesus Christ took the children on his lap and read books

Because the options are endless as children are learning the fundamentals of math, reading, and science.

Back to school Animals hand drawn style, education theme wallpaper school mural

Therefore make it fun and colorful, or chic and educational—it’s your classroom!

Minimal background for online education concept. Launching pencil rocket on blue background. 3d rendering illustration. Clipping path of each element included.

Check out these awesome school wallpaper mural design ideas to turn your classroom into a fun place for your students and guests!

Solve examples. Seamless background of randomly placed different mathematical examples. Adding, subtraction, multiplying and dividing. Color school template, mathematics poster. Vector illustration

Solids & Stripes wallpaper murals

One great option for school murals is to pick a two-tone wallpaper or to combine two solid color wallpapers into stripes.

Back to school papercut vector. School supplies flying out of open book over science background layered craft art style illustration. First september card. Knowledge day poster

We love this idea, as it can be a simple way to incorporate teaching primary colors to your students.

abstract texture design, bright wallpaper mural, pink background, yellow and blue stripes and shapes.

Do not go too far overboard and use every single primary color or a rainbow of colors because so many vibrant colors can be overwhelming for younger students!

Saturn planet with rings in outer space among star dust and srars. Titan moon seen. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.

Stick to two colors that complement each other like red and green or orange and blue, yellow and purple, or magenta and lime.

World map educational murals

World maps are an iconic piece of classroom decoration.

World Map Vintage Political - Vector Detailed Illustration - Layers

No matter what grade your students are in, having a large, detailed map that will help them learn about the world is always beneficial!

World map - hand-drawn cartoon style

Choose something classic like a political map or go fun and artsy with a watercolor map.


Another school wall decoration idea is picking a photo mural that shows students of your grade level participating.

Four hands of businessmen collect gear from the gears of the details of puzzles. against the background of sunlight. The concept of a business idea. Teamwork. strategy. cooperation

These visual cues can help more shy students feel comfortable sharing.

Excited Elementary School Pupils Wearing Uniform School wall mural idea

Choose something that could be familiar to your students, so they recognize that moment during the day.

Teamwork word cloud template. Business concept vector background.

By picking a familiar activity, you can help them feel comfortable and know what to expect in your classroom.

School Outdoor and Indoor Play Area murals

Play area murals are a great form of school wallpaper that’s more appropriate for classrooms with younger students.

Team of people work on peak mountain climbing helping teamwork , success business concept

For example, you can install a mural that resembles a barn or house so that when the children are playing, they can use that wall as part of their space.

happy nursery children play area school wall murals

These visual cues can help spark and grow a child’s imagination! If you have a small classroom, this is an excellent idea as it enables you to add some depth to the space.

The Alphabet Nursery School Wall Mural

We could not possibly have a list of school wallpaper ideas without including the alphabet.

Animal Alphabet with Ornamental Letters and Zoo Creatures

Whether you choose something funky and quirky, or even if you go with a simple black-and-white option, you could cover an entire wall with the alphabet.

Share knowledge word abstract in vintage letterpress wood type with coffee

Or pick a small section of the front of the classroom to install it.

Bright Isometric Capital Letters OF ABC Colorful English Alphabet And Numbers School Wallpaper Murals

This wallpaper idea will not only give your kindergarten classroom some color. But it can also function as a learning tool throughout the day.

Nursery School Removable and Reusable Wall Murals

Under the Sea, Space, and Outer Space School Wall Murals

Another excellent idea for educational school murals is to pick a subject that your students will study and choose a wallpaper mural in that subject.

Sea underwater fishes, cartoon aquarium children's wallpaper murals

If you study the journey of a caterpillar to a butterfly, install wallpaper with a butterfly pattern.

Jesus teaching disciples watercolor vector illustration

Or, if you focus on space and the planets, pick a space mural such as the one here below, to show the order of the planets.

Kids Solar System School Wall Mural

Do not forget to teach your students the song of the planets while you are at it!

Sunday school murals

Your Sunday school murals can help encourage learning while providing a safe and pleasant environment for your child to excel.

Bible Story Murals for Sunday school wall decorations

Sunday school classes are an opportunity for children to interact with other children from the same church while learning about the Bible and Christianity.

cute children read the bible. Sunday school concept. vector illustration isolated on white background

There are different ways to decorate your Sunday School room, many of which are inexpensive and simple.

Baby Moses Sunday School Children's Wall Mural

And of these ways, the best way as far as I know is to custom print Sunday school murals on removable and reusable silk fabric.

Sunday School Classroom Wall Murals

Color the walls with the color of your choice. Use bright colors to stimulate the pupils mentally, such as yellow and blue.

Group of kids playing on playground spending time in games, having fun, fooling around. Children playing in the park. Playground with kids. Summer activities. School yard with kids. Summer camp.

A simple mural of Joseph’s coat of many colors is a very effective way to make your Sunday school classroom look new.

Joseph and His Brothers | Holy Tales Bible Stories

Primary and Secondary School Wall Murals

For Primary and Secondary School Wall Murals are essential to make the learning process more effective and interesting.

Primary and secondary schools motivational wall murals

It is enough to choose a photo mural wallpaper for the nursery and very junior classes. In this case, it will be possible to achieve maximum concentration of attention and provide a quick result in the form of high marks.

Science Corridor Wall Murals for Primary and Secondary Schools

But for classrooms of exact sciences, you can safely use creative accents if they correspond to the topic. And such educational murals will also be an appropriate solution for your home if you carefully study our catalog.

Beautiful planets educational school wall murals

And of course, take into account your preferences.

Skeleton Rib Human Anatomy High School Wall Murals

You can buy photo murals for the school with convenient visual material.

Pastel Colour Periodic Table of Elements Wallpaper Mural

These can be periodic tables, physical formulas, and other sets of rules that will help students better remember and apply new knowledge.

Professor on laptop screen. Female teacher in classroom. Online learning, advanced tranining teaching methodology concept. School teacher video conference call with pupils. Lecturer distant teaching.

Murals for schools Are Inexpensive

Educational classroom school murals can help students learn a huge number of different formulas.

Computer as book knowledge base concept - laptop as elearning idea

At Wallpaper Kenya you will be offered the best wallpaper, thanks to which a pleasant climate will be quickly formed.

 Fun Train, Lion. Giraffe Animal Kindergarten School Wall Mura

It is also important that such products are capable of providing active brain activity.

pencil and a slide rule on the old page with the calculations in mechanics

On the photo wallpaper for the school, the price is such that it allows you to check this statement on your own experience. We will offer you a price that will fully meet your budget.

Vocational school word collage - technical occupation education.

The color palette for the bedroom is determined individually. In a child, yellow can increase interest in knowledge. It also produces digestive processes, which is especially important for the baby.

Crayons Wall Murals for Kids Nursery School

You can buy photo murals for the school right now. We strive to constantly expand the product catalog so that you can find the right option for yourself. The price purchases photomural wallpaper an even more advantageous offer.


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