Turquoise Wallpaper

Turquoise wallpaper has a special place in the world of wallpapers. The color of Turquoise wallpaper can be described as the color of the gemstone of the same name. Which is a blend of blue and green. That is why most people will often confuse the wallpaper with aqua, and teal, or call it light […]


3d turquoise wallpaper of beautiful peacock and flower background

Turquoise wallpaper has a special place in the world of wallpapers.

Seamless turquoise wallpaper. Underwater pattern with repeated sea weeds with white contour. Hand-drawn blue colorful print for textile, paper design, backgrounds. Ocean bottom sketchy ornament on dark background

The color of Turquoise wallpaper can be described as the color of the gemstone of the same name.

white openwork pattern on a turquoise wallpaper for walls.

Which is a blend of blue and green.

Light blue abstract background

That is why most people will often confuse the wallpaper with aqua, and teal, or call it light blue.

Elegant abstract fluid art painting background acrylic pouring technique pink turquoise and white - Illustration.

These wallpaper colors can be pretty similar to Turquoise wallpaper.

watercolor turqouise painted background texture

It follows thus, in color psychology Turquoise has some of the coolness and calming attributes of blue and green.

grunge blue and green turqouise wavy pattern abstract wallpaper background

The wallpaper can be romantic, cool, elegant, or luxurious. Simply depending on what patterns and materials are featured in each model.

green blue turqouise fern background texture

The Turquoise color symbolizes the openness, and attributes of the gemstone.

blue and green turqouise sky and white clouds background

These are among others, freshness, calmness, serenity, and patience.

Turqouise sitting cat in scandinavian style with flowers. Perfect for clothing and nursery design

It also symbolizes tranquility, strength, joy, wisdom, wholeness, creativity, emotional balance, friendship, femininity, and love.

luxury blue turqouise geometric shape background

Turquoise color is extremely personal, slightly outlandish, and reflects the homeowner’s personality. I find it one of the most calming and soothing of wallpapers.

Abstract Mint Triangle Background, Vector Illustration Eps10

Décor your home in turquoise for an exotic and easy-of-eye interior. When you decorate with turquoise, you can choose a bold and vibrant style.

turquoise and green tropical leaves. Seamless graphic design with amazing palms. Fashion, interior, wrapping, packaging suitable. Realistic palm leaves. Vertical layout. leaves growing upwards.

At the same time adapting to more traditional influences and ambiance.

Seamless pattern with bright rabbits on white background. Turquoise wallpaper illustration.

You will hardly find any other wallpaper as fresh, exciting, and striking as turquoise.

Gradient background with turquoise metaball shapes. Morphing colorful blobs. Vector 3d illustration. Abstract 3d background. Liquid colors. Banner or sign design

And you can skillfully combine it with other wallpapers – significantly enhancing any room.

Spring bouquet of turquoise irises flowers on a sunny white-turquoise background. Close-up.Greeting card. Nature.

Wallpaper Kenya’s in-house Interior Designer will tell you which rooms the Turquoise wallpaper fits into.

Tear/ Water drops/ Rain pattern vector

And also what effect it creates there.

Turquoise wallpaper: Harmony with nature

Turquoise wallpaper seems to be created in harmony with nature itself.

Pastel cyan mint liquid marble watercolor background with white lines and brush stains. Teal turquoise marbled alcohol ink drawing effect. Vector illustration backdrop, watercolour wedding invitation.

Because this color can be found everywhere – it is associated with the color of the sea waves and the sound of the surf.

Simple raster geometric seamless pattern with diamond shapes, stars, rhombuses. Subtle minimal turquoise and blue background. Abstract minimalist texture. Repeat design for decor, wallpapers, fabric

The northern lights, mint ice cream, as well as natural minerals – turquoise and emerald.

Turquoise pastel tropical plant close-up. Abstract natural Vegetable delicate background. Selective focus, macro. Flowing lines of leaves

Ancient Persians believed that the color turquoise had magical properties and brought good luck.

Decorative marble texture. Abstract painting, can be used as a trendy background for wallpapers, posters, cards, invitations, websites. Turquoise and golden paints on a white paper. Unusual design.

And Tiffany color – another name for turquoise – has been considered one of the most popular ones among jewelers for many years.

Scandinavian minimalist colorful background with armchair, screen, candles and decor on parquet flooring, turquoise herringbone wallpaper, living room interior design, 3d illustration

Clean, cool, and calm, turquoise is a shade of blue and green, two colors that are naturally occurring.

Large drop water reflects environment. Nature spring photography — raindrops on plant leaf. Background image in turquoise and green tones with bokeh.

Their subtle combination makes turquoise so picturesque and multifaceted.

Green table with a plant between pink chair and blue sofa in floral living room with wallpaper and poster

The turquoise background is balanced and harmonious.

3d wallpaper Passage to the summer sunny park through the arch with flowers

From its “parents” – blue and green, it received the transparent purity and energy of nature.

Turquoise marble with gold wallpaper for walls Vector decorative background for mural design of invitations, business cards, cards, covers and other surfaces

Turquoise wallpaper can look different as a background and accent tone. It depends on the lighting and combination with other shades in the design.

Color companions

In the process of randomly mixing green and blue tones, a unique and attractive turquoise color is born.

Turquoise and gold luxury ornament seamless pattern design. Traditional Turkish, Indian motifs. Great for fabric and textile, wallpaper, packaging or any desired idea.

Which in turn can have an emerald, mint, or aquamarine hue. Connoisseurs of a dynamic atmosphere really like turquoise wallpaper in rich tones.

canyon view in summer. Colorful canyon landscape at sunset. nature scenery in the canyon. amazing nature background. summer landscape in nature. Tasyaran canyon travel in the great valley. Turkey.

Such as the color of seawater, pine needles, clear skies, or tropical jungles. They are ideal for creating unique, exquisitely colorful interiors.

Turquoise marble. Handmade decorative texture. Liquid paints. Contemporary art. Abstract illustration. Trendy background for posters, cards, invitations, websites, wallpapers.

Turquoise wallpaper for walls has many companions:

Pastel tropical leaves in pink, blue, mint, turquoise, purple delicate color palette. Exotic seamless border, pattern background, texture. Watercolor 3d illustration, trendy art design. Luxury mural

  • milky, cream or creamy. This is a classic calming combination.
  • warm shades – for a bright, energetic design
  • cold pastel colors – for sophisticated beauty and tranquility.

Vector turquoise wavy pattern. Geometric background

Turquoise wallpaper refreshes the interior – this effect is best seen in spacious living rooms or bedrooms.

Poppies Seamless Pattern. Watercolor Background.

If the shade is continued in the color of furniture or curtains, then it attracts attention.

Modern living room with big windows, cement wall and corner sofa

If the size of the room is not very large, then designers recommend highlighting one of the walls in turquoise.

Retro 50s Starburst Pattern in Vintage Turquoise | Seamless Vector Wallpaper | Repeating Fifties Atomic Design

Turquoise belongs to the cold group of tones that create a feeling of cool freshness.

Seamless circle with brown

Wallpaper with turquoise color:

Tropical island

  • help cope with irritation, fatigue, and stress;
  • visually expand the space;
  • goes well with wallpaper in light and dark shades, with beige, silver, pink, and snow-white interior elements;
  • emphasize the beauty of furniture in classic and modern styles;
  • perfectly reflect light.

Abstract feather rainbow patchwork background. Closeup image of white fluffy feather under colorful pastel neon foggy mist. Fashion Color Trends Spring Summer 2019 - soft focus.

Add light to small and dark rooms

The turquoise hue is a gift from nature itself. This harmonious combination of green and blue just looks fantastic!

watercolor seamless pattern with sea fish

Popular turquoise custom wallpaper is used when decorating a room in a nautical, oriental, and even minimalist style.

Peloponnese, Greece Aerial view on turquoise blue water and sandy beach. Turquoise wallpaper for walls.

But it is worth knowing that the shades of turquoise in the finish have their characteristics.

Gradient mint green teal urban wall texture. Modern pattern for wallpaper design. Creative urban city background for advertising mockups. Abstract open composition Minimal geometric style solid colors

You cannot neglect the color characteristics if you decide to use turquoise wallpaper in the interior of a bedroom or living room. Because doing so would lead to dissonance in the interior.

View from one of the railway stations of the Swiss railway. Far away mountains in clouds and haze. Panoramic view of small town on the shores of Lake.

Create an impression of depth and make a space feel dramatic with turquoise wallpaper in small and dark rooms.

Peacock feathers in closeup

When you wallpaper in turquoise, it helps to keep furniture in the same hue.

Red maple leaf floating on turqouise water

When applied side by side with light and earthy browns, the wallpaper can convert even a contemporary room into an attractive vintage haven.

Gold and turquoise vector seamless pattern. Ornament, Traditional, Ethnic, Arabic, Turkish, Indian motifs. Great for fabric and textile, wallpaper, packaging design or any desired idea.

But it can also fit into many different color schemes. Neutral colors such as brown, beige, black, and white match with most colors.

Abstract background in turqouise tones

When paired with turquoise wallpaper, they create a subtle, earthy, and sophisticated feel. When decorating a room, pair turquoise walls with light, neutral furniture.

low poly geometrical background, great as a wallpaper, design template, flyer, etc

Its power to blend inside cool and neutral settings makes it attractive even for beach themes, nature-inspired homes, and chic, or Hollywood regency-styled rooms.

background, unusual seamless pattern with turqouise; white; blue elements, tree branches, geometric design, illustration

As we already emphasized, turquoise is an incredible match for many colors. So you can use it with dazzling orange, warm yellow, lime green, or even different blue.

3d modern canvas art mural wallpaper landscape moon, golden christmas trees, colorful mountains

Turquoise Color palette wallpaper

Turquoise is reminiscent of the sea and exudes a pure summer feeling.

3d chinese landscape. gray background golden tree and birds , mountains and white clouds. stone in water. for canvas art print

The wallpaper can be assigned to the blue color palette, which contains different tones and gradations.

Abstract floral ornament on white background. Symmetrical pattern. Computer-generated fractal in blue and turquoise colors.

Tones violet-blue and cyan-blue contain components of blue and green and are called turquoise.

empty calm beautiful beach with clear turquoise water, Mallorca, Spain. Turquoise wallpaper mural.

The color palette of the turquoise wallpaper is very diverse. And depending on the color shade, you can get a refreshing but cooler turquoise blue.

Gold and turquoise vector seamless pattern. Ornament, Traditional, Ethnic, Arabic, Turkish, Indian motifs. Great for fabric and textile, wallpaper, packaging design or any desired idea.

With a larger proportion of blue. Or get a radiant turquoise green, which radiates freshness and has an invigorating effect.

Frame of tulips on turquoise rustic wooden background. Spring flowers. Spring background. Greeting card for Valentine's Day, Woman's Day and Mother's Day. Top view.

A competent combination of shades allows you to use turquoise canvases in the design of residential premises, offices, and administrative buildings.

Watercolor painting with hydrangea flowers bouquets, butterflies. Seamless pattern, luxury wallpaper, beautiful art. 3d illustration, pastel colors, pink, purple, turquoise, beige. Digital paper.

They look especially attractive in well-lit rooms. Can become a decoration for a bedroom, living room, or kitchen.

3d picture dandelions on a turquoise background for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

In small, well-lit rooms, it is better to use a light turquoise tone in combination with silver or beige shades. This will expand the space and provide a feeling of freshness.

3d render, abstract turquoise blue background of drapery layers and folded textile ruffle, flowing fabric macro, wavy fashion wallpaper

It also makes sense to buy turquoise wallpaper to decorate a creative studio, reception area, or cafe.

Beautiful tropical beach with white sand, palm trees, turquoise ocean against blue sky with clouds on sunny summer day. Perfect landscape background for relaxing vacation, island of Maldives.

The interior of spacious halls can easily be made original by combining different textures and intensity of turquoise color filling.

Abstract crystal background in light blue colors with refracting of light and highlights on the facets

Characteristics of turquoise color

It doesn’t matter if you choose turquoise liquid wallpaper, or prefer traditional roll coverings. 

Pink flamingos in a delicate garden in a turquoise mist. Mural and Wallpapers for interior printing.

But ours are custom-made, on silk fabric that is both removable and reusable.

Green turquoise and blue color trends chicken feather texture background,Light orange

The main thing here is the psychological perception of this shade. It consists of the following:

Vector turquoise line pattern. Geometric background

  • calmness and depth;
  • freshness and luxury;
  • unobtrusiveness;
  • energy, cheerfulness;
  • cold;
  • naturalness.

Forest Green Sap Moss Olive Leaf Fern Flower Garden Abstract Watercolor Scandinavian Design Seamless Pattern Wallpaper Curtain Bedding Background Vector

Creative Girl’s Bed Room Turquoise Wallpaper

If you are a girl, hardly anything is as important for you as your retreat.

blue background with waves of light

If parents have practically the whole apartment to spread out, teenagers only have their room in which they can let off steam.

Green/turquoise tree leaves with bokeh. Wallpaper for walls.

Girls often have precise ideas about what their room should look like. Modern, playful, pink, turquoise, or somehow different? One thing is certain:

Hand-drawn seamless pattern with leaves and butterflies. Spring and summer blues, pinks, greens.

Parents are often surprised when their specific wishes do not match what they have imagined.

Jungle landscape with flowing turquoise water of Erawan cascade waterfall at deep tropical rain forest. National Park Kanchanaburi, Thailand

The following applies here: keep calm and find a solution together! This makes designing the girl’s room a lot more fun for both you and your daughter.

Design ideas with turquoise

A whole room in the same turquoise wallpaper is perhaps too much of a good thing for some.

turquoise seamless

Here it helps if you only wallpaper selected wall surfaces in the trendy turquoise and the remaining walls in a more neutral shade.

Vector turquoise wallpaper with white flowers and pink foliage seamless pattern.
Wall decorations in plain white textured wallpaper are very tasteful and attractive. In combination with a turquoise wall exudes a Mediterranean character.

Beautiful sandy beach with white sand and rolling calm wave of turquoise ocean on Sunny day on background white clouds in blue sky. Island in Maldives, colorful perfect panoramic natural landscape.

Despite the color intensity of turquoise, bold splashes of color in the interior and decoration can be combined without any problems. Provided they are not exaggerated.

Beautiful splashing blue wave.

Classy dark turquoise comes into its own in combination with shiny surfaces – such as chrome and silver.

turquoise wallpaper seamless or vintage pattern

For example, you can decorate large silver candlesticks, chrome-plated picture frames, or other highlights.

Abstract green marble background. Emerland watercolor liquid texture. Turquoise marble ink background. Teal abstract art texture. Mint vector pattern

The gloss reflects the wall color turquoise very cleverly and ideally optimizes the room harmony.

Turqouise colour on the pool water surface with a lot of wave around for background or backdrop of any graphic design

Hopefully, the ideas listed have taken away your fear of turquoise wallpaper.

Art background with blue and gold ginkgo leaves for wall decoration.

Wallpaper Kenya hopes you are now confident in the realization Turquoise stands for originality.

Green turquoise and blue color trends chicken feather texture background,Light orange

And you can now bring, like a light breeze, the charm of the south into every room with our custom wallpaper printing.

Retro background with rays or stripes in the center. Sunburst or sun burst retro background. turquoise colors. Vector illustration

You now know how to convey openness, liveliness, and enthusiasm without being intrusive.

Gold glittering drops on turquoise and white stripes. Seamless vector pattern on striped mint and gold background. Shiny holidays background. Golden glitter pattern. Gold metal foil background.

The association of turquoise with vacation, sun, beach, and sea promotes relaxation and quick recovery in the confines of your own four walls.

clear turqouise sea water beach

Turquoise is reminiscent of the sea and exudes a pure summer feeling.

Perfection with Turquoise wallpaper in the bedroom

Turquoise wallpaper is perfect for the bedroom!

Animal Fur Pattern. Turquoise Wildlife Carnivore. Mint Animal Fur Jungle. Turquoise Leopard. Wallpaper Textile Wild. Leopard Pattern. White Jaguar.

With this precious shade, you can add sophistication and luxury to the room, stunning charm and splendor, freshness, and purity.

vector background, unusual seamless pattern with turquoise and white elements, geometric design, vector wallpaper illustration

If the room is poorly lit or you want to create an atmosphere of cheerfulness in it for a better awakening, then it is worth diluting the turquoise finish with a milky white color.

Retro grunge background. Groovy ornament. Retro groovy grunge. Turquoise wallpaper. 60s and 70s groovy vintage style. Grunge hipppie wallpaper. Y2k trendy style. Nostalgia for the 70s.

And if you want to create a warm romantic atmosphere, then a peach tone or a shade of cocoa brown will do.

Turquoise wallpaper in the kitchen, in the nursery, and in the hallway

Nursery with turquoise wallpaper is not so common. 

seamless dog pattern vector illustration

Most parents find this color difficult and get around it.

seamless dog pattern vector illustration

But it is not necessary to use coatings in this color for all walls.

Watercolor hand-drawn dolphin illustration - jumping up from the foamy ocean wave, playful, happy mammal. Character, logo, children wallpaper, doodle, cartoon. Marine clip art. Ocean, sea inhabitant.

You can choose an original and cheerful panel in turquoise color for the play area.

background, seamless pattern with turquoise elements, geometric wallpaper design, illustration

This dynamic, fresh color is great for creativity.

Hand Drawn blue Snowflakes Christmas Seamless Pattern. Subtle Flying Snow Flakes on turqouise Background. Comely chalk handdrawn snow overlay. Great holiday season decoration.
For the kitchen, you can choose a plain or patterned finish.

seamless pink clouds stars pattern vector illustration

Turquoise wallpapers with orchids in the kitchen will look especially gorgeous.

Water background. Blue water texture, surface of blue swimming pool. Spa concept background. Flat lay, top view, copy space, banner

And the orchids can be beige, white, or pink.

50s Mid Century Modern Seamless Pattern

Depending on the color of the flowers, the mood of the room will change, from neutral to dynamic.

Seamless mint turquoise wallpaper pattern with green leaves, decorative paper, suitable for eco product or gifts, abstract texture, vector illustration eps10

Turquoise wallpaper in the hallway will also be quite appropriate. 

Mermaid fish scale wave japanese luxury seamless pattern. Watercolor hand drawn dark teal turquoise background with gold line. Watercolour scale shaped texture. Print for textile, wallpaper, wrapping

But it is better to combine them with light tones of beige or brown so that the finish remains unmarked and at the same time is not too dark.

Orangutan border repeat. Cute monkey vector illustrations in turquoise background. Tropical background fabric print. Great for kids and fun home decor. Surface pattern design.

A precious shade of turquoise will decorate and refresh your home!


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