Under the sea wall mural

The under-the-sea wall mural is a coastal living-inspired wallpaper. Coastal living is a warm and charming beach or seaside style. And that has inspired many designers to create incredibly elegant marine wall murals. I imagine that under the sea wallpaper walls grew out of a desire to be closer to sunshine, endless ocean, and endless […]


3D Lawn under the sea wall mural wallpaper
3d lawn under the sea wall mural wallpaper

The under-the-sea wall mural is a coastal living-inspired wallpaper. Coastal living is a warm and charming beach or seaside style.

Calming effect under the sea wall mural
Calming effect under the sea wall mural

And that has inspired many designers to create incredibly elegant marine wall murals.

Under the Sea Wall Mural for Kids Bedroom.

I imagine that under the sea wallpaper walls grew out of a desire to be closer to sunshine, endless ocean, and endless happiness.
Two dolphins underwater a family mother with her child and breaking splashing wave above in sunlight.
This is not just a design trend. But the imagery is a way to stop time.
Underwater photomural of isolated octopus swimming in tropical sandy bay with turquoise clear sea.
And an opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of a seaside holiday, wherever you are. 
The sea and the skies beach mural wallpaper
All Wallpaper Kenya murals, including the underwater, are custom-made prints on high-quality silk fabric material.
Yellow turtle, colorful coral reef, fishes and underwater cave on a blue sea. Ocean wildlife. Nature panoramic wall mural illustration.
And some of the most popular places where our under the sea mural wallpaper is used is on the wall of interiors of rooms.
Beautiful seamless horizontal underwater pattern with watercolor sea life colorful corals. Stock illustration.
For instance in the living rooms, hotel rooms, children’s rooms, and other places.
Great White Shark Under The Sea for Wall Mural
And this is because the murals printed on the silk raw material have the following qualities:
  • They are eco-friendly latex printed which is odorless, flawlessly reproduced colors, and environmentally friendly.
  • And do not fade as they are resistant to external influences.  
  • Also can be washed, the material is dense, does not tear, and is resistant to abrasion.

These murals capture the hidden beauty under the water where everything is so colorful and amazing.

Fish and wild marine animals in ocean. Sea world dwellers, cute underwater creatures, coral reef inhabitants in their natural habitat, undersea fauna of tropics. Flat cartoon wall mural illustration.

Therefore you can broadly classify these murals as nature murals.

Green Sea Turtle and Scuba Diver photomural.

Because they depict nature such as the colorful coral reefs.

3D landscape seascape underwater world dolphin background wall mural design in Chinese style for painting hanging painting wall, receptionist backdrop, or TV background decoration. 3D rendering

And the color of the sky is the same as the sea.

Fantasy night seascape, glowing marine life, starry sky, digital art

Under the sea murals depict life such as the cutest dolphins, the largest whales, the anglerfish with its cavernous mouth, etc.

Underwater world 3d wallpaper wall for any room

Exploring under the sea with wallpaper murals

Wallpaper Kenya Under the sea wall mural category shows you what life is like under the sea.

Silhouette of two dolphins, coral reef and school of fish on a blue sea background. Underwater cave and ocean creatures. Vector seascape.

Did you know that the ocean covers roughly 71% of our planet’s surface? And is by far the most dominant feature of our world. But what’s in it? Let’s dive in.

Under the Sea Dolphin Mother and Daughter Wall Mural

About 60% of the ocean is the cold and dark region known as the deep ocean. It reaches 11,000 meters (almost 7 miles!).

Underwater. Set with elements of marine life. Fish of the oceans and seas, algae. Cartoon set of marine life items for your design, prints. Drawn by hand. On a white wall.

This remote zone, once thought to be devoid of life due to lack of sunlight, is one of the greatest habitats on Earth, harboring a huge diversity of life.

Underwater ocean fauna with coral reef, Silhouette Wall Mural

There is an abundance of weird and wonderful life forms that have adapted to the darkness.

Wall mural Illustration of a monster fish and octopus in a water

It is also the land of giants. Here, colossal squids can reach 18 meters long.

Colored coral reef with fish and silhouette of diver on blue sea background.

And isopods scuttle around the sea floor like enormous woodlice. There are also long-limbed Japanese spider crabs, and oarfish, whose bodies stretch to 15 meters.

Great White Shark Under The Sea Wallpaper Mural

However, this environment was hardly accessible to humans until recently. Therefore it is very difficult to collect biological samples.

Digital wall painting of a cartoon dolphin with killer whale coral reef underwater in Ocean.

So less than any other environment is known about the organisms that inhabit it.

Amazing underwater Warty frogfish Wallpaper

Our sea under the sea murals depicts a variety of creatures that live in the deep sea.

vector wetland Pantanal Florida Everglades landscape with animals wall mural.

And you will therefore find murals such as sea lilies, sponges, starfish, shellfish, and crustaceans.

Friendly Dolphins Posing in Clear Waters Wallpaper

We also have murals of the deep sea floor. Until recently, the deep seabed was considered as a place with a simple biota and extremely limited biomass.

Sharks and rays under the sea wall mural wallpaper.

But you will see in our murals the deep seafloor is no less than any other environment in terms of species abundance or biomass per unit area. 

Quality under the sea photomural photography

Under these, a photo mural wallpaper has been much promoted by the recent advances in modern technology.

Scuba Photographer and Napoleon Fish Wallpaper

And foremost specifically by advances in underwater photography. This is the art that allows you to show the interaction of man and the elements, water and light, harmony and chaos in nature.

underwater paradise coral reef wildlife nature wall mural

In recent years, this genre has become very popular.  Technological progress, which makes it possible to use more and more advanced equipment for underwater photography.

Yellow submarine underwater. Vector underwater landscape with fishes and seaweed. Sea bottom mural wallpaper.

With the wrong approach, this type of photography can be dangerous both for the equipment and for the health of the people who take it.

If you are going to try underwater photography at sea, then you need to prepare for this in advance.

illustration of octopus and coral under the sea wall mural for children

safety under the sea

Above all in underwater photography is your safety as the photographer and your models, as well as the safety of expensive equipment.

Scuba divers couple near beautiful coral reef surrounded with shoal of coral fish and three yellow butterfly fish photomural wallpaper.

For working with the camera at the depth you should have good swimming and diving skills. While underwater, you must hold the camera with both hands.

Steel submarine plunges into the depths of the sea. Underwater world with algae, corals, sponges and fish.

And at the time of the shooting, the body must be fixed in one position for a few seconds to avoid blurring the image.

Underwater shoot of a young couple diving with scuba in a tropical sea and showing ok signal

You should learn this in advance so that during the shooting you will focus on the process itself, controlling the position of the body in space at the subconscious level.

Under the sea nature conservation murals

Murals of under the sea also help demystify the ocean as mysterious places and promote conservation. Oceans are mysterious places.

Plastic garbage floating on ocean water surface. Sea with different kinds of trash. Package wastes, bags, bottles in aqua. Ecology protection, underwater pollution concept, Cartoon vector illustration.

Because our experience with them is often limited to visits to the beach or the aquarium and to books, television shows, and movies.

Scuba Diver Cleaning Plastic Trash from under the Ocean Eco Protection Wall Mural

As a result, we sometimes know a bit about marine animals, waves, and tides, but less about currents and the oceans’ role in driving our earth’s climate. Our understanding is often incomplete or full of misconceptions. But under the sea wall murals can help us to get the true picture.

Ocean pollution, plastic bottles and trash in water Panoramic seascape Wall Mural

Marine pollution is a growing problem in today’s world. Our ocean is being flooded with two main types of pollution: chemicals and trash.

underwater coral reef landscape super wide banner background in the deep blue ocean with colorful fish and marine life

Chemical contamination, or nutrient pollution, is concerning for health, environmental, and economic reasons.

Underwater autonomous robot exploration sea floor. Underwater drone with diver explorat the place shipwreck of ship.

This type of pollution occurs when human activities, notably the use of fertilizer on farms, lead to the runoff of chemicals into waterways that ultimately flow into the ocean.

Best Plastic garbage floating on ocean water surface. Awareness wall mural. Sea with different kinds of trash. Package wastes, bags, bottles in aqua. Ecology protection, underwater pollution concept, Cartoon illustration.

The increased concentration of chemicals, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, in the coastal ocean promotes the growth of algal blooms, which can be toxic to wildlife and harmful to humans.

Sea background with beautiful cartoon fish, turtle, and other swimming underwater. Cool wallpaper. Vector illustration

The negative effects on health and the environment caused by algal blooms hurt local fishing and tourism industries.

Custom-made Under the Sea Wallpaper

All under the sea murals at Wallpaper Kenya are custom-made wallpaper. And therefore, rest assured, you will get one on any subject under the sea. For the courageous, go for the shark wallpaper.

What are sharks?

Great White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias) breaching in an attack. Hunting of a Great White Shark ,3d rendering of under the sea wallpaper for wall.

Sharks are  a group of cartilaginous fish (that is, without a bone skeleton) popularly known as sharks or sharks and scientifically as selachimorphs or selacimorphs (that is, belonging to the superorder Selachimorpha ).

minimalist line art style shark fish illustration and one line art with earth tone. creative for wall decoration, postcard or brochure cover design.editable and suitable for templates.

It is one of the most popular and feared marine animals by humanity, due to its role as a ferocious marine predator.

modern painting of golden shark . The texture of the oriental style of gray and gold canvas with an abstract pattern. artist collection of animal painting for decoration and interior, canvas art.


Sharks make up a very diverse group of animals, which includes large fish and other small ones, in fresh waters or mostly in salt waters, present in practically all the geographies of the world.

Great White Shark coming out from a Surreal Prehistorical Underwater Seascape with dinosaurs and Palm Trees Vector art Illustration

A wide variety of whale wallpaper murals

Another beautiful proposal for a marine world designed in whale theme can be an excellent option due to its color range for boys and girls who share a room.

Big vector set of sea animals. Isolated object: shrimp, dolphin, crab, octopus, laughing shark, school of fish, moray, seahorse, starfish, seaweeds, marine plants. Outline hand drawn illustration.

But the vector colors can be manipulated to fit any color scheme.

Fantasy child dream, fairy tale background with little baby sleeping on huge whale flying in night neon sky over phantasmagoric alien planet surface with rocks and craters Cartoon vector illustration. Under the sea wall mural.

Whales are the largest animals that have ever existed. They belong to a group of marine mammals known as cetaceans.

Wallpaper mural with big hand-drawn whale on the background of wind rose and old map in retro style. Illustration on the theme of travel, adventure and discovery with words We live for adventure.

And they are not fish because they are warm-blooded, breathe air through lungs, and give birth to live young that feed on their mother’s milk.

Colorful Blue Whale floating under the ocean background. Marine animal digital concept - Vector Illustration of Modern concept whale with a fluid gradient style

They have excellent hearing and are two to three times more efficient than terrestrial mammals in using oxygen from the air they breathe.

Seamless pattern with seashells and starfishes in bright colors. Seashells marine pattern. Sea background. Summer vacation pattern with different shells and starfishes. Ocean wallpaper. Neon colors

Whales have collapsible rib cages that help them when they dive deep. In addition, they have a very thick layer of fat that insulates them to protect them from the cold.

Marine ecosystem wall murals

Under the sea wall mural coral reef landscape background in the deep blue ocean with colorful fish and marine life.

In the category of under the sea murals you will get wallpaper with any kind of marine ecosystem.

Coral, shells, starfish seamless pattern with detailed hand drawn elements on an off white background. Pretty and sophisticated, great for textiles, fashion, home wall décor. Vector.

They are what you would call oceanic ecosystems which include oceans, seas, marshes…etc. And where in marine ecosystems the water is salty and may have different degrees of salts and soluble minerals, unlike freshwater ecosystems.

3d wallpaper Colorful fish with corals in the sea and dolphins

They are classified within aquatic ecosystems and these media are extremely stable for the development of life compared to any terrestrial freshwater system.

Trendy abstract pattern with golden shells and seaweed. Marine ornament. Vector illustration. Can be used for fabric, textile, manufacturing, wallpapers.

Here you will find all kinds of marine mammals (whales, sharks, seals, etc.), a wide variety of fish as well as tiny organisms (plankton, corals, and algae, among others) that have adapted perfectly to able to subsist in the water in oceanic ecosystems.

A large set of objects on a marine, tropical theme. Seahorse, jellyfish, starfish, shells, corals, bubbles, pebbles, algae, waves. Watercolor illustration. For decoration and design.

If you take into account that the sea is zoned both vertically and horizontally, you e have different types of marine ecosystems.


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