Unique Wallpaper for Walls

There is no better way for you to have a unique wallpaper for walls than to customize photo wall mural wallpaper. Remember to be unique is to be different. In a functional and aesthetic way. And here at Wallpaper Kenya you will not only get unique wallpaper for walls but you will also get one […]


 3D Spiral Unique Wallpaper for Walls
There is no better way for you to have a unique wallpaper for walls than to customize photo wall mural wallpaper. Remember to be unique is to be different. In a functional and aesthetic way.
Abstract wall mural of clouds. Inspired by the sky, as well as steam and smoke. Ink colors are amazingly bright, luminous, translucent
And here at Wallpaper Kenya you will not only get unique wallpaper for walls but you will also get one in your own chosen unique theme.
unique wallpaper designs for living room wall
Because we have unique wallpaper designs in all categories you can imagine of. And therefore you can not fail to find the right mural wallpaper for yourself.
Interiors with unique geometric patterns wallpaper
What are your hobbies? And do you like to travel or spend time in nature? Because our huge selection of wallpapers by category will be a great tool for you!
Unique sun and forest landscape nature wallpaper murals for any wall
Choose any theme you like, from wallpaper with cities to wallpaper with floral patternsby hobbiesfor childrenwith maps, and with nature – we always have a design option for everybody.
 3d large bespoke floral wallpaper for the walls of the living room
Looking for something specific like New York City Wallpaper or Red Rose Wallpaper? Try searching in our categories or in the image bank.
Arsenal Football wallpaper mural
Football fans can find soccer wallpapers in the sports wallpaper category.

Characteristics of a unique wallpaper

As well as being original, or unlike any other in design, a unique wallpaper for walls has other characteristics to enhance your space. And these characteristics are in the elements of interior decoration.

Color harmony in wallpaper on the walls

These elements or principles of good interior decoration are the keys to creating inviting spaces. It is not enough for the wallpaper to be the only one of its kind; unequaled, unparalleled or unmatched.

Motivational Quotes Muhammad Ali Don't quit... Inspirational Living Room Bedroom Inspirational Wallpaper Mural
Motivational Quotes Muhammad Ali Don’t quit… Inspirational Living Room Bedroom Inspirational Wallpaper

And therefore a unique wallpaper must be:

  • Simple in design.
  • It can inspire you.
  • Makes you feel better when you when you see it on the wall.
  • It motivates you to do something awesome, like slow down and relax.
  • High Resolution – No one likes to see your image blurred.
Take a nature photo from your camera and use it for living room wallpaper customization
Take a nature photo from your camera and use it for living room wallpaper customization

For me a unique wallpaper has a good combination of function with aesthetic.  A photograph, image or illustration can be too busy if it has lots of sporadic change in shadows, highlights, and colors.

Unique black and white color harmony wallpaper

You will find that solid colors and gradients tend to be the most functional.  Usually imagery with lots of space that does not contain the subject is a great way to go.  You want the image to impact you without important parts of the image being covered up.

Luxury golden abstract wall mural. Nature floral pattern with golden split-leaf Philodendron plant with monstera plant line art on green emerald color background

But above all, these elements must have harmony. This principle of harmony of the elements of design on wallpaper is used to put a person at ease within their environment. And also harmony creates unity, thereby eliminating any feelings of disquiet.

Abstract geometric pattern. Chaos and random. Modern art drawing painting. 2d illustration. Digital wallpaper mural.

Harmony, in a sense, provides the ‘full stop’ to any interior decoration. When harmony is in effect, the wallpaper and space should feel complete because all its parts relate to, and complement, each other.

Calming effect under the sea wall mural

Harmony is the one of the major elements of measure by which we judge whether a wallpaper is truly unique in the right way, or not.

Unique sports bar and home bedrooms football players wallpaper murals

We create unique wallpaper for walls

Unique wallpaper for walls is not so common in Kenya. But they can be used in the living room, bedroom or nursery, hallway or kitchen. And what do I mean when I say they are not common in Kenya? But we have them at Wallpaper Kenya.

Nature big white rose flowers photo wall mural

A truly unique or personalized wallpaper for walls is not something you can walk into a shop buy and take home. Because “unique” means that nobody else has the same wallpaper like you. And therefore it has to be made on order. The uniqueness comes in design, which you choose, and also in size.

Personalized Football abstract design template for soccer wallpaper murals

Unlike regular wallpaper which comes in an universal standard size 53 centimeters or 1.06 meters wide and has to be joined on the wall, personalized wallpaper comes in one piece.

Tropical forest sunset unique wallpaper for walls

And that means a your unique wallpaper is custom made. And we do that, you give us an image of your choice and we blow it up to a full wall mural. But to do this the image, artwork or picture you give us has to be of a high resolution. Which is not a hard thing to do. If you have a nice smartphone, an image from your camera will do.

Tropical and palm leaves in vibrant bold gradient holographic colors. Concept art. Minimal surrealism.

But to have a truly professional artwork, just give us the theme and let us choose the artwork for you.

Design theme

The type of unique design depends on the purpose of the room. And Wallpaper Kenya offer a large assortmentIn the interior, wallpaper can be used as a background or as the main accent.

Scene mountains photomural wallpaper

Wallpaper design plays a huge role in the overall interior of a room. Therefore, there are several types of drawings and photomurals:

Personalized wallpaper used in advertising & branding

1. Plain textured wallpaper

Although there are many benefits that come with this type, there is nothing unique about it except texture. And you will find this type of wallpaper easy to use. Because there are no unnecessary difficulties when gluing. And also the range of colors is quite wide.

Abstract geometric white and grey color background, vector wall mural illustration.

This type of wallpaper the best if you visually want to expands the space. As it makes it possible to combine light and bright shades, and is able to zone the space.

2. Custom wallpaper with plots

This is a fairly modern and unique wallpaper design.

Natural Forest Streetway

These type of  unique designs will successfully decorate a nursery or living room. In spacious rooms, the plot decoration looks even more harmonious. Depending on the purpose of the room, scenes from cartoons, films or comics can be used.

Elephant through the wall 3d wallpaper

Bespoke Geometric Wallpaper will be stylish

Try to create a unique wallpaper for walls interior in your home with the help geometric and symmetrical designs! And you will discover that geometric wallpaper can be so unique that it is simply amazing. This is the reason why unique geometric wallpaper will never go out of style. 

The use of wallpaper with a geometric pattern in the interior of different rooms has not lost its relevance for ages past. Many designers note that the use of unique geometric designs is one of the fastest and most affordable ways to revive the interior. And to make it dynamic and expressive, especially given the variety of patterns and colors available today.

2d illustration. Artistic background image. Abstract painting on canvas. Contemporary art. Hand made art. Colorful texture. Modern artwork. Brushstrokes. Painting with strokes of fat paint on surface

Advantages and disadvantages of geometric wallpaper

Like any other finishing material, wallpaper with a geometric pattern has its advantages and disadvantages. And now we will not talk about the wallpaper itself, but about the unique prints.

Personalized geometric wallpaper for walls mural

The benefits include: The ability to radically change the “mood” of the room. Because the pattern can both give dynamics and rhythm, and balance the interior making it calm and pacifying.

Digital print customized geometric wallpaper

And another benefit is the ability to hide imperfections in the geometry of the room with the help of well-chosen patterns. Because these can stretch the walls, expand them or bring them closer to each other in optical illusion.

Stunning beauty of Islamic geometric patterns wallpaper for walls

With the help of such wallpaper, you can easily divide one room into several distinct zones. And you can combine bespoke wallpaper with a geometric pattern with both plain colors and other designs for wall decoration. Such interiors look very original and therefore attract attention.

Abstract Mural Design

These wallpapers are great for rooms with a small area. If you choose the right geometric pattern on the wallpaper, then with their help it will be possible to visually enlarge the room or make it visually higher. Wallpaper with a geometric pattern allows you to hide the unevenness of the walls.

Unique black and white football ball crashing the window wallpaper mural

Geometric patterns can match almost any interior style. With a strong desire, you can even pick up those that are suitable for strict classics.

Amazing Custom 3d forest nature murals wallpapers for home and office walls

The variety of shapes, shades and textures makes it possible to show your imagination and make the interior original and not like others.

Unique color shades wallpaper for walls

Wallpaper for painting is rapidly gaining momentum and because you can your own unique wallpaper color shade. Their main plus is that you can choose a variety of colors and even create your own unique shade.

Paint your own unique color on wallpaper

If you cannot find a wallpaper that matches your color scheme, then the choice of wallpaper for painting will be the best solution. This is not only profitable, but also a very stylish option for wall decoration both for an apartment and for an office. With this coating, you can maximize all the advantages of the room and at the same time hide small defects.

Unique out of this world outer space wallpaper murals for any wall

Typically, paintable wallpaper is made with a width of 1.06 m and a roll length of 15 m. or more. Thanks to this, they will save time and waste.

It’s hard to say which is the best paintable wallpaper. There are many varieties, and each of them has unique features that must be taken into account.


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