Wainscoting wall panels

3d foam wainscoting wall panels You probably know of decorative wainscoting wall panels made of slabs, wood, plastic, or parquet board. But with the technological breakthroughs in recent years in PVC extrusions, Wallpaper Kenya now offers a new range. 3D foam wainscoting wall panels are self-adhesive stickers to decorate the interiors of buildings. Our polyethylene […]


3d foam wainscoting wall panels

You probably know of decorative wainscoting wall panels made of slabs, wood, plastic, or parquet board. But with the technological breakthroughs in recent years in PVC extrusions, Wallpaper Kenya now offers a new range.

3D foam wainscoting wall panels are self-adhesive stickers to decorate the interiors of buildings.

Our polyethylene wainscoting wall panel is a type of decorative paneling typically limited to the bottom half or three-quarters of a wall. But you can, if you like, cover the whole wall from the floor skirting to the ceiling wall cornice.

The reason why wainscoting is typically limited to the lower quarters of the wall is to protect it. Besides the aesthetic value, you may want to install it to protect the walls from chair or table damage. Or scuff marks from footwear, and other damaging elements.

For any room, wall paneling offers several benefits to ensure you get optimal comfort at home or office. Wallpaper Kenya 3d wall panels are made of polyethylene, which makes them extremely cost-effective to purchase. And offers a beautiful look for everyone to enjoy.

Here, you will find out more benefits of the pre-finished wainscoting wall panels. There is an infinite array of decorating possibilities by beautifully reproducing the look wood without having to paint or worry about humidity or water damage!

Many choose polyethylene wainscoting wall panels because of the wide range of attractive styles and designs available. And you too will find one that adds a luxurious look to any room at office or office. At Wallpaper Kenya you will be surprised to discover that our panels offer a wide range of stunning looks. Visit us for a wide variety of different colors and patterns to fit any decoration style.

So it’s very easy to find something that fits any room decor perfectly. 3d foam faux wood wainscoting panels have a modern style. The embossed wall sticker offers an impressive visual impact.

The many benefits of vinyl PVC wainscoting wall panels include:

  • Professional finish without the need to paint available in either white or other colors. You can use wainscot paneling to add a subtle texture or go bold with a pop of color or intricate design.
  • Durable finish that resists scratches and dents. As an element of home décor, these wall panels can transform a dull room while also adding functional protection for your walls at the same time.
  • Water-resistant, virtually maintenance-free, and will not rot. But if you plan to use wainscoting in your bathroom, let a professional, or Wallpaper Kenya staff handle the installation. A professional will make sure to seal your wall panels for such a humid area properly.
  • Works and installs like wood – can be sawn, nailed, or glued
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Fire and Flammability resistance
  • Paintable with latex acrylic or oil-based paints. You can paint or stain your wainscot paneling to match your home’s décor or to have it stand out as an accent piece. However, the material you choose for your wainscoting may determine how you can paint or stain your wainscoting.

The benefit of polyethylene wainscoting in the bathroom and kitchen

Wainscoting is not only used in living rooms and bedrooms but has become popular in bathrooms. However, in bathrooms, polyethylene cladding is preferred over other materials such as wood and stones. Because polyethylene wainscoting is waterproof and easier to maintain and clean. And therefore it is used more frequently in the bathrooms and kitchens.

These tactile 3d panels give you the option of different textures, colors, and styles. And therefore giving your bathroom walls beauty and protection from water. And that is why polyethylene panels are the best choice for your bathrooms. It is a better option than tiles as it is easier to install and cheaper too.

You need no grout and it gives your walls a much better look. You can use it everywhere including the shower area as it is waterproof. And thus make the shower areas very beautiful. The wall panels are self-adhesive and easy to cut. Also not that 3d foam does not absorb water and prevents peeling or yellowing due to humidity. These allow you to design your walls and the look of your bathroom yourself. Therefore, bathroom wainscoting panels are something that makes your bathroom beautiful and also keeps it waterproof.

And you will get wainscoting panels that like real wood. This is satisfying the vision without looking too heavy or causing a greater sense of spatial oppression.

These 3d foam soft soundproof wainscoting panels are suitable for the baby’s play area. Because they play the role of sound insulation and anti-collision. Therefore they provide a safe and quiet space for you and your baby.

Polyethylene foam will is good for soundproofing. But please note that the wainscoting will not fully soundproof your rooms. This is because sound travels either through airwaves or through vibration. Therefore while the polyethylene wainscoting panels will stop some sound from entering your space, another sound may still get in. Because anywhere that air gets in sound too will get in.

How to install polyethylene wainscoting wall panels

Two characteristics accompany decorative polyethylene wainscoting wall panels: their lightness and their resistance. These characteristics make polyurethane decorative panels products very easy to install and handle.

You can fix faux wood wainscoting panels in minutes on any clean surface without creating any mess. And for this reason, they are so widely used in the industrial sector and, specifically, in the area of ​​decoration. Installation is quite easy and you can do it yourself.

They are self-adhesive peel and stick. You start by removing all the elements from the wall so that nothing bothers you as you work.

Then clean the surface thoroughly, making sure it is free of substances that can interfere with adhesion.

To install the self-adhesive 3d foam wall panels, you only need to peel off the protective film and stick the panel on the wall. Easy to tear and easy to paste decorative wall panels have extremely high adhesion. So you don’t have to worry about the wainscoting falling off.

Use wainscoting 3d foam panels to hide defects on damaged walls with dents or stains. Or simply to decorate and give a touch of style and difference to your home.

Polyethylene versus pallet wood 

Pallet wood wainscoting is also an offer Wallpaper Kenya has although it has its limitations. For instance, you cannot use it in wet areas such as the bathrooms because contact with water will make it rot.

On the other hand, 3d foam panels are extremely easy to care for. You will usually just need to finish off by dusting with a cleanser. You can even wash them with a damp material, soap, and water.

However, there is no denying the warmth and texture that pallet wood infuses to a rustic cabin vibe interior decor style. If you are renovating a farmhouse, the texture of the grain and saw blades might just be the character you need.

Advantages and disadvantages of pallet wood wall cladding

When you know the advantages and disadvantages of wood wainscoting you will know which room in your home to use it or not.

The finish will give an incredible rustic interior decoration style. Cedar is usually the most common wood in wainscoting but you can use any other.

However, when wood comes into contact with water it rots and it will be difficult for you to repair. For example, if you have moisture in the wall, it is recommended not to do it in bathrooms, kitchens, or near pipes.

Normally, unless you paint it a light color, wood tends to darken the room. So do not cover too many walls if it is a small room.

Wooden pallet wall panels are good insulation of concrete walls. You can pallet wood wainscoting as thermal insulation. This prevents sudden heat losses, as well as gives acoustic insulation since it reduces noise and echoes.

But even if you have no need fodo not need insulation, you will benefit from the decorative aspects of pallet wood wainscoting. Even if you cover just one wall you will create a sheltered, cozy, and very aesthetic space.

Bring nature into your home with 100% natural untreated wood wainscoting. And you can smoothen the surface of the natural textures, colors, and wood structure.

You can Do It Yourself with Pallet Wood 

If you decide to install your pallet wood wainscoting by yourself the first thing will be to separate the tables. When you have them, you may sandpaper them one by one, so that it is as smooth as possible. Afterward, the finish that you give it will depend on the design that you want to give to your wall.

Therefore you better make a pre-design before nailing it to the wall. And you have different options. You can age the wood if you want to obtain a room with a more rustic style. Or you can also varnish each wood in different shades, creating a beautiful composition. But if you want a more modern design, you can paint some loose wood in different colors.

As the boards of the pallets are irregular, you may have gaps between them through which the wall can be seen. For this reason, it is best to paint the wall in a similar color first, which hides the free spaces.


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