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The project for wallpaper for the girls’ bedroom is not yours alone. To figure out which wallpaper is suitable for a girl’s bedroom, of course, first ask the child herself. And more so if the girl is a teenager and not a toddler. By collaborating with your daughter, you can find a perfect solution that […]


Disney Frozen Wallpaper for Girls Bedroom

The project for wallpaper for the girls’ bedroom is not yours alone. To figure out which wallpaper is suitable for a girl’s bedroom, of course, first ask the child herself. And more so if the girl is a teenager and not a toddler.

Teenage girls heading to adulthood bedroom wallpaper

By collaborating with your daughter, you can find a perfect solution that meets her needs first and foremost. After all, it is your daughters who have to spend a lot of time in their bedroom. So it is natural that they will have to be involved in this project, don’t you think?

Younger boys and girls custom made rainbow wallpaper mural

Remember growing up girls want not only a personal space but also one that expresses their individuality. It is quite difficult to customize wallpaper for a young girl because often she does not know what she wants.

Plain solid color pink wallpaper

Many of them go through a time of rebellion and may say that they need a dark room in black tones. You can understand that such a bedroom will have a negative impact and it is worth considering a compromise.

Disney Princesses Snow White Wall Paper Mural

In this case, talk to your child, and see with her different styles of bedrooms and colors. Discussing the future interior and wallpaper for the bedroom with a young girl should be calm and prepared.

The moon in the night sky dark wallpaper mural idea

A dark room also takes place, the main thing is to choose the right combinations and accents.

Pink Polka dots wallpaper

After all, the moods and tastes of young people change every day, if not more often. Let’s try to figure out what young girls love.

Amazing Disney Princesses Girls Wallpaper Murals

When it comes to wallpaper for girls’ bedrooms, there’s more than enough room to get creative with color schemes and patterns. There is a wide range of custom colors and designs of wallpaper for girls’ bedrooms from which to choose.  So finding the right look can seem overwhelming.

Boys & Girls World Map Wallpaper with Animals

Choosing wallpaper for a girl’s bedroom

Consider the most popular colors that are used for wallpaper for girls’ bedrooms and what emotions they convey.

311716 Pink & Purple Floral Wallpaper - Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

Which of them are advised by psychologists? And which are used when creating a bedroom interior in Feng Shui.

Teenage girl's room interior with comfortable bed and floral wallpaper. Idea for stylish design

Since this is a girl’s bedroom it would be natural to opt for a light pink, isn’t it? Well, we are definitely against any stereotype!

Pink 3d Princess Wallpaper Baby's Bedroom & Nursery

True, there are certainly many girls in the world who adore pink.  Just as there are as many others who prefer colors like blue, grey, green, or purple. So don’t be trapped by the idea. That, since the room belongs to a girl, the color must necessarily be pink or lilac!

Custom made are the most beautiful designs and wallpaper for girls' bedrooms

Depending on the girl’s age you can choose polka dots pink wallpaper. Or plain pink wallpaper or patterned pink wallpaper. Pink wallpaper may be the realm of princesses, but a girl’s room doesn’t have to look like a powder puff. Choose a wallpaper that combines a bright shade of pink with yellow.

 The moon, stars, clouds. A light background in delicate pink and purple colors. Design for a children's bedroom.

Try lime green and other bright accents for a feminine but strong look. Bright pink and orange wallpaper, a favorite girl’s bedroom color combination, looks great. Dusty pink wallpaper with neutrals such as beige or taupe can create a romantic mood that stays grounded instead of looking “fluffy.”

Seamless clouds, stars, and crescent background in pale pastel colors. For nursery room wallpaper, decoration, web banners, headers, etc.

Brighter or richer shades of pink wallpaper for girls’ bedrooms can be used with black furniture and accessories to create a sophisticated look.

Teenage girls’ bedroom mural wallpaper designs

Floral custom-made wallpaper for a girl’s bedroom can radically change the room, even if you still have the same furniture and other accessories. But to take advantage of such wallpaper to the maximum, you need to choose the right one for your home.

Beautiful flower wallpaper - Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

And some of the most versatile, classic options are photomurals with flowers. The advantage is that they fit perfectly both in the bedroom and in the kitchen, in public buildings, restaurants, or hairdressers.

Nature wallpaper for any room for children and adults

Baby girl mural wallpaper designs

You know how quickly the interests of children change.  So it is often challenging for parents to please their hobbies and create a wallpaper that the young girls will like for a long time. As a result, one has to face the need for frequent replacements.

Disney Frozen Girl's Bedroom Wallpaper Mural

And for that reason, all our girl’s bedroom wallpaper murals are removable and reusable.

Dinosaur t-rex educational wallpaper murals

In addition, the nursery must be inclined not only to play and rest. But also to the development and study of the child. The ideas we share with you here are how you can take both of these factors into account and create the perfect nursery wallpaper.

Vector abstract alphabet baby girl's bedroom wallpaper

For children from 2 to 5 years old, you should choose bright juicy shades with a minimum of drawings. But these drawings should introduce the girl to the world. This can be the theme of the seasons, animals, rainbows, letters, numbers, etc.

Teddy bear flying with balloons baby girl's bedroom wallpaper

Enchanted Forest

Enchanted forest wallpaper is a wonderful choice for a girl’s room, conjuring a world of whimsical wonder and imagination!

Magic fairy forest. Children's wallpaper. Gentle lilac twilight with fog in an unusual forest in which lanterns are burning, moths are flying, silhouettes of deer and hares in the grass

Imagine a soft, watercolor scene of sunlight filtering through leafy branches, casting dappled patterns on a mossy forest floor. Delicate ferns and wildflowers peek out from beneath towering trees, and a winding path beckons exploration. This mural creates a calming and serene atmosphere, perfect for bedtime stories and daydreams.

A magical fairy-tale forest. Vector illustration - Children's wallpaper on the wall. Gentle lilac, Pink and beige twilight with fog in an unusual forest with deer who are listening warily


If your daughter is a fan of fairies, she’ll love wallpaper with sparkling stars, dainty flowers, and maybe even a few friendly fairies fluttering around.

Image of Fairyland wallpaper for girls' bedroom

Spark your daughter’s imagination and transform her bedroom into a dreamy fairyland with these enchanting wallpaper options:

Shimmering Waterfall

Let a breathtaking waterfall cascade down one wall, its turquoise waters sparkling with fairy dust.

Beautiful Princess with white unicorn and Swan. Fairytale background with flower meadow, castle, rainbow, lake. Wonderland. Magical landscape. Girl's cartoon bedroom wallpaper illustration. Romantic story. Vector.

Delicate ferns and wildflowers line the banks, while playful butterflies flutter amidst the vibrant blooms.

Creative Illustration and Innovative Art: Going Upstream. Realistic Fantastic Cartoon Style Artwork Scene, Wallpaper, Story Background, Card Design

This immersive scene brings the magic of nature indoors, creating a calming and awe-inspiring atmosphere.

Fairy Village Nestled in a Tree

Enchant your daughter with a wallpaper mural depicting a hidden fairy village nestled within the branches of a giant oak. Miniature houses crafted from leaves and petals dot the tree trunk, their windows glowing with warm light.

Princess and Unicorn wallpaper for girls, flowers, fairy tale, kids room wallpaper, fresco, floral, peony

Tiny bridges connect walkways adorned with shimmering cobwebs, and whimsical creatures like ladybugs and snails add to the charm. This detailed scene invites exploration and endless hours of imaginative play.

Pretty fairy sleeps on the moon, watercolor vector illustration, graphic for kid posters, wallpapers, textile artworks

Animal Kingdom

Unleashing the wild side in a girl’s bedroom with animal kingdom wallpaper can be a roaring success!  Animal prints are always a popular choice for kids’ rooms.

Balloons and cute animals Flying in the sky, Kids room wallpaper design

Choose a soft and colorful pattern, like zebras or giraffes, to avoid overwhelming the space.

Geometric patterns

Geometric wallpaper can be a fantastic choice for a girl’s bedroom, adding a touch of modern style and personality to the space.

Geometric wallpaper background, and young girl sitting in bed looking at her digital device

Patterns come in endless variations, from bold and graphic to soft and subtle. You can choose a design that matches your daughter’s age, interests, and preferred style.

For example, playful chevron stripes or colorful hexagons might be perfect for a younger girl, while sleek triangles or metallic circles could suit a teenager’s room.

Set of cards Hand drawn for women and girls. Seamless background of icons and geometric patterns in different shades of pink. Girlish print for design, packaging, textile, fabric.

Stimulating and creative: Geometric patterns can be visually engaging and inspire creativity. They can spark imaginative play, especially in younger children, who might see shapes as animals, buildings, or other objects.

Modern and trendy: Geometric wallpaper is a popular design trend and can give your daughter’s room a fresh and contemporary feel. It can also be a great way to add a pop of color or pattern without overwhelming the space.

Adaptable to any decor: Geometric patterns can be surprisingly versatile and can work well with a variety of furniture and decor styles. From minimalist Scandinavian to playful boho, there’s a geometric design that can complement your existing aesthetic.

Bold geometric patterns are a trendy choice for older girls. They can add a touch of sophistication to a room and can be easily customized to match your daughter’s favorite colors.

Image of Geometric patterns wallpaper for girls' bedroom

Floral murals

Floral wallpaper can be a popular choice for girls’ bedrooms, but it’s not necessarily the “first choice” for everyone. It depends on individual preferences and style.

nursery 3D rendering

Here’s why:

Pros of floral wallpaper for girls’ bedrooms:

Pretty and whimsical, floral patterns offer a wide range of styles, from delicate watercolor blooms to bold tropical prints. They can create a sweet and feminine atmosphere, which many girls enjoy.

Cute pink flowers, small and large, on a light beige background. Flowers in a row, interspersed dark and light. Ideal for baby clothes and bedroom decoration for babies and girls

Floral patterns can be adapted to different age groups. Soft pastels and small flowers might suit younger girls, while bolder colors and larger motifs can work well for teens.

And give natural inspiration bringing nature indoors can be calming and uplifting. The wallpapers can create a serene and inviting atmosphere in a bedroom.

Floral patterns can be easily coordinated with other floral elements in the room, such as bedding, curtains, and rugs.

Cons of floral wallpaper for girls’ bedrooms:

  • Overly stereotyped: While some girls may love floral patterns, others might find them too girly or outdated. It’s important to consider your daughter’s individual preferences and avoid perpetuating gender stereotypes.
  • Can be overwhelming: Large-scale floral patterns or busy colors can make a small room feel even smaller. Choose a design that is appropriate for the size and scale of the room.
  • Difficult to match with other styles: Floral patterns might not mesh well with some modern or minimalist decor styles. If you’re not sure how it will look, it’s best to test out samples before committing.
Image of Floral murals wallpaper for girls' bedroom

Soft watercolor landscapes can create a calming and serene atmosphere in a teenage girl’s bedroom.

Image of Watercolor landscapes wallpaper for girls' bedroom

Metallic accents

Gold, silver, and rose gold accents are popular with teens. Choose a wallpaper with a subtle metallic sheen for a touch of glamour.

Image of Metallic accents wallpaper for girls' bedroom

Textured walls

Textured wallpaper can add a beautiful and unique touch to your daughter’s bedroom, creating a sense of depth and dimension that flat wallpaper lacks.

Textured wallpaper can also be used to create interesting geometric patterns. Look for options with raised or embossed designs that add a sense of visual interest. This can be a great way to add a modern touch to a girl’s bedroom.

Image of Textured walls wallpaper for girls' bedroom

Purple wallpaper

Purple wallpaper in girls’ bedrooms, like pink, is a classic girl’s color; it can take a room’s look in many directions. Depending on the shade or shades of purple you use.
Purple floral wallpaper
For a romantic look, join purple wallpaper with soft, billowy white fabrics and white furniture. But for a cheery modern or country look, combine purple wallpaper with touches of yellow or bright green. On the other hand, bright purple wallpaper with black accents creates a striking contemporary mood.

311716 Pink & Purple Floral Wallpaper - Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.


Blue wallpaper, traditionally considered a boy’s color, can look feminine or elegant when paired with furniture and accents in either white or contrasting or complementary colors. In particular, soft or light blue wallpaper in girls’ bedrooms can provide a pretty backdrop for images of flowers, butterflies, rainbows, or her artwork and accessories.
Underwater 3D Wallpaper For Kids Bedroom

Disney Princesses for girls’ room wallpaper

We do not recommend dark shades of wallpaper for a young girl’s bedroom. Because although these colors are practical, they will only evoke depressing emotions. On the other hand, bright, flashy shades are also not a good solution, as they can affect visual fatigue and provoke an emotional outburst.

Customized 3d Snow White Girls Mural wallpaper

The most acceptable option would be to combine bright colors with soft pastel colors. Disney princess wallpapers for girls are presented with a huge palette of colors and patterns. And in addition, the baby girl will like photo wallpapers. Because these are images of her favorite fairy-tale characters, castles, as well as fantastic places on the walls of her room.

Castle wallpaper mural for children

An ideal girl’s bedroom is a world filled with romance and fairy tales such as Disney World. Such a room’s wallpaper design requires a special approach from parents to teach the future woman beauty and kindness. Wallpaper for girls should create coziness, a feeling of comfort, and joy. And this is easy to do with Disney Princesses Wallpaper.

Trendy big flowers for teen girls bedroom

Pictures with castles and kingdoms will serve as a worthy option for transforming a girl’s bedroom. And if you combine this with the original furniture in the same direction, then the result will be the design of the room in the style of a princess.


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