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It is not enough for you to ask for wallpaper for the walls. Wallpaper does much more than simply act as a shield to protect your walls. And much more than hide any imperfections and prevents more from occurring. Additionally, it works as a physical barrier because of its thickness. Because there are also so […]


It is not enough for you to ask for wallpaper for the walls.

Large pink and green floral wallpaper for walls

Wallpaper does much more than simply act as a shield to protect your walls.

beautification wallpaper for walls, with various tropical trees, banana, palm leaves.

And much more than hide any imperfections and prevents more from occurring. Additionally, it works as a physical barrier because of its thickness.

3d digital art, balls black and white tunnel wallpaper for the walls in living room

Because there are also so many different designs for different walls.

Stylish interior of room with beautiful flowers wallpaper on the wall

For instance, wallpaper suitable for the living room may not necessarily be suitable for the bathroom or kitchen walls.

Modern interior design kitchen with small table and trees wallpaper

Despite the huge variety of finishing materials for walls, wallpaper continues to occupy a leading position.

Texture background for Ceramic Wall and floor tiles.Use in bathroom tile, kitchen tiles, elevation tile, punch tile.Also use in wallpaper

Because they surprise you with their decorative variety.

Turquoise lounge with pink blanket and pillows standing in stylish apartment interior with floral wallpaper

And the use of different types of raw materials for the production of wallpaper makes it possible to choose the most durable material for any room. 

Comfortable armchair near wall with floral wallpaper, space for text. Stylish living room interior

Wall decoration with wallpaper plays a significant role in creating a pleasant interior.

Digital seven white horses 3d wallpaper mural

And it doesn’t matter if you have planned a major renovation or updating just one accent wall

3D mural poster wall printable up to 3.00x3.00 m highest resolution extra good quality

By experimenting with color and texture you can give the different rooms completely new looks.

A spacious boy bedroom with a beautiful turquoise and grey mountain wall mural and bookshelves

At Wallpaper Kenya we offer you wallpaper for walls that differ in style, color, and quality. 

3D rendering of a sofa in front of a photo wall mural

And this will allow you to make the perfect choice, in accordance with your room

Floral seamless pattern, green, black and white split-leaf Philodendron plant with vines on white background, pastel vintage theme

Without the slightest doubt, the most popular way to decorate walls is wallpapering.

Geometric room zoning décor.

Thanks to the use of modern technologies and materials in their production.  The range of wallpaper products is constantly expanding.

Mirror on patterned wallpaper above grey table with flowers in scandi living room interior. Real photo

Not only the qualitative composition of the finishing material is updated, but also new patterns, drawings, and shades appearances.

Diamonds jewelry 3d vector seamless pattern. Abstract ornamental surface background. Textured repeat jewellery backdrop. Vintage floral ornament with gemstones, flowers, leaves, pearls, brilliants.

Why Choose Wallpaper for Walls?

The world of wallpaper for walls is huge. If you take everything into account, the wallpaper will last a long time and you will not get bored.

Abstract hand drawn horse art wallpaper mural. Fragment of artwork. Paint spots. Brushstrokes of paint. modern Art. modern Art. Colorful canvas. vector illustration

And there are ways you use them in interior design and decoration. Wallpapering walls creates unique designs and expand spaces.

Flowers abstraction. Stereoscopic photo wallpaper for interior. 3D rendering.

You can use it to add character to any wall and/or room. And if you select wallpaper with a light background, such as white, you can light up and invigorate a dim room.

Side table with flowers and interior decoration next to bright window

Don’t you want to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere?

wall mural 3d illusion backdrop

Then hang the appropriate wallpaper on the walls and influence your emotional well-being by adding an increase in energy, tranquility, and cheer.

Modern interior with striped blue pattern wallpaper, wooden floor, small table, chairs, floor lamps, blank panel and window with city view. Mock up, 3D Rendering

And you do all these things with durable and cost-effective wallpaper for walls, lasting over decades. At the same time, the wallpaper will hide your wall surface defects such as small dents and cracks.

Loft style of modern apartment with green boucle pouf, black design shelf, mock up poster frame, decoration, carpet, book and personal accessories. Minimalist home decor. Template.

But most of all, wallpaper is also beneficial for its aesthetic appearance as it adds to the longevity and durability of your walls.

Beautiful seamless vector floral pattern background with palm tropical leaves and abstract forms. Abstract geometric texture. Perfect for wallpaper for walls, surface textures.

Even when you work with solid colors wallpaper is most beneficial, durable, and cost-efficient. And it adds a protective layer to the wall that is cleanable and washable.

Tropical leaf wallpaper design, watercolor texture, nature background.

The world of wallpaper for walls is so diverse that it is simply impossible to describe all the existing design ideas.

Fox, deer, raccoon. Wall mural with forest theme. Vector hand drawn illustrations

 A novelty in the market for wall coverings is our custom-made silk fabric wallpaper murals.

Classification of wallpaper for walls

Depending on the base material, wallpaper is classified into three groups:

Since the wallpaper consists of several layers, there is a gradation of them according to the material of the upper layer.

luxury abstract modern marble painting of ballerina dancing abstract figure. golden texture background. artist canvas art collection for decoration and interior. black and gold. wall art. canvas art

According to this principle, wallpapers are divided into paper, acrylic, vinyl, cork, textile, and many others.

Beautiful white 3d flowers on white marble relief wallpaper

Some manufacturers produce wallpapers with extravagant, sometimes unexpected reliefs

Chinoiserie Vintage floral illustration for wallpaper, fabric, poster, print. Mural. Bloom. Seamless background with exotic birds and flowers

So, there are options using leather, fur, velour, bamboo, stone, glass beads, rhinestones, imitation of embroidery, and other types of front surfaces.

african seamless pattern, picture art and abstract background.

Classification of wallpaper for walls according to rooms

There is also a breakdown of wallpaper for walls into types, depending on their use in rooms with different purposes.

Vector Boy and Girl sky and sleeping moon illustration in scandinavian style. Space, moon, clouds and stars. Children's wallpaper. Children's room design, wall decor, nursery, bedroom wall.

And you will find wallpapers for the hall, bedroom, hallway, children’s room, as well as office wall coverings.

guest room landscape hotel room wallpaper murals design

In interior decoration, the ceiling is regarded as the fifth wall.

Nature ceiling wallpaper. Healthcare wall art.

Wallpaper all five walls if you want to create a cozy space and maintain a consistent style throughout the room.

Bamboo pattern in bamboo house

It is useful to keep in mind: pasting all five walls with custom wallpaper is also a reliable protection against scratches.

 gypsum sheets pattern

Therefore, wallpapering the entire room is an excellent choice.

Drawn exotic tropical leaves and flowers on concrete grunge wall. Floral background. Design for wallpaper, photo wallpaper, mural, card, postcard.

To select the desired shade of ceiling wallpaper, you can search for samples by color, and based on the overall design – by style.

The ceiling is the fifth wall, wallpaper it.

Decorating the ceiling with wallpaper is not an easy job. But it allows you to transform the interior of the room.

Abstract mural strokes pattern. Vector abstract geometric wavy line seamless pattern on white background. Abstract ethnic pattern use for ceiling, textile, carpet, cushion, wallpaper, mural art, upholstery.

Finishing the ceiling is one of the most labor-intensive processes in the repair. First of all, because of the location of this 5th wall surface.

Black and white indian paisley flower pattern with peacock feathers, wallpaper for the ceiling wall

That is why, when choosing a decorative material, you should give preference to one that will be durable, not get dirty easily, and easy to maintain.

 Golden baroque pattern, ethnic paisley design, ornament

But also interesting in terms of design, art, and aesthetics.

Seamless Paisley background. Elegant Hand Drawn vector pattern.

And ceiling wallpaper is the best suited for this purpose, especially if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on decoration.

Golden decorative ceiling walpaperl mural in Baroque style

Making such a decor is not difficult if you know the subtleties and nuances of technology.

3d white lilies. Tropical lily flowers textured 3d seamless pattern. Floral embossed background. Relief light backdrop. Line art emboss flowers, leaves. Abstract hand drawn surface tropic ornaments.

Depending on the size, configuration of the room, as well as its purpose, you can choose:

  • plain light wallpaper – will visually increase the height of the ceiling;
  • light canvases with a small pattern – will fit into almost any style of interior, so the next time you repair and change the design concept, it is not necessary to change the ceiling covering;
  • dark shades of canvases – great for spacious rooms, they will visually bring the ceiling space closer;
  • paintable wallpaper is a great choice if you often plan repairs, but do not want to spend a lot of time on a new ceiling finish, just repaint it in a new color.

3d textured emboss Paisley seamless pattern ceiling wallpaper. Embossed floral dotted line white background. Surface repeat striped backdrop. Emboss paisley flowers ornament. Relief grunge texture. Embossing effect.

Wallpaper for walls in the kitchen and bathroom wet areas?

Instead of tiles, or in addition to it, you can use wallpaper for the bathroom and kitchen walls.

bathroom sink inspiration with a white luxury minimalist design, with marble and ceramic granite accents, for home or hotel wallpaper, mural flowers

They are more affordable and help diversify the interior due to their texture and variety of patterns.

creative decorative tile,Luxury design texture,Morocco Art,glamorous Wall Decor,interior home decoration,Bathroom ceramic tile,wallpaper,textile,background,Seamless Pattern,floral pattern,Multi color

Which wallpaper is best suited for use in a humid environment? Have you ever heard of waterproof wallpaper?

Wall Decor for interior home decoration, Ceramic Tile Design For Bathroom. it can be used for ceramic tile, wallpaper, linoleum, textile, web page background and also fit according to your needs.

From the name, it becomes clear that this type of wallpaper endures washing and being in a humid environment, in general.

This is because the surface of the wallpaper is protected by a special waterproof film that reliably protects the material from moisture and water.

Of course, waterproof wallpaper can be washed and cleaned. And so your bathroom and kitchen walls will always look well-groomed. 

There are different kinds of waterproof wallpapers. And these include contact paper and 3d foam wall panels.

You can also use the custom silk fabric wallpaper mural 0n the kitchen and bathroom walls. But when you do so, remember to waterproof the wallpaper using a sealant such as clear wood varnish or epoxy.

How to choose the color and pattern of the wallpaper

Having decided on the type of wallpaper you want for which wall, you can choose a pattern and shade. We will not limit the flight of your imagination. But we will recall a few basic rules of interior design.

  1. The smaller the room, the smaller the pattern. Large compositions on the wallpaper will “eat up” an already small space. Vertical striped wallpaper will make the room look taller, while horizontal stripes will make it look wider.
  2. Plain and even more glossy wallpapers are glued only on perfectly even walls. Imperfect surfaces are best masked with colorful embossed wallpapers without glitter.
  3. Photo wallpaper or natural wallpaper on one wall is an excellent solution for zoning and expanding space. The main thing is to choose the right picture and shade of background wallpaper.
  4. The shade of the wallpaper should correspond to the purpose of the room. So, for a bedroom where a person sleeps and generally spends quite a lot of time, it is better to choose calm pastel colors. In the kitchen, the walls can be pasted over in appetizing colors: orange, green, and yellow.
  5. In small rooms, avoid black, white, and contrasts (blue plus orange, purple plus yellow, and so on). This enlivens the interior but makes the space visually smaller.

What is the purpose of the room?

Any wallpaper is suitable for bedroom and living room walls. If you want beauty and practicality, pay attention to the custom-made silk fabric.

It is also better to glue the silk fabric wallpaper murals in the nursery. Because they are the most environmentally friendly. And the child will not ruin the walls.

In the kitchen or in the studio apartment, both silk fabric and contact wallpaper with moisture-resistant impregnation will last for a long time.

It is better to zone the room with natural and photo wallpapers for maximum aesthetics.

2. Choose silk fabric wallpaper for walls with defects?

Best of all, irregularities are hidden by the silk fabric. Worst of all – paper.

3. Is there a lot of light in the room?

The darker the room, the lighter the wallpaper should be. If the wall is on the sunny side, you can take dark wallpaper.

Do you have a wall without windows? Knowing how to brighten a dark room will ensure that your home feels bright, airy, and energizing in all seasons.

Then use bright or white colored wallpaper. White walls are major light reflectors so will enhance any natural or artificial light.

Wallpaper murals

Murals are an amazing concept of wallpaper for the walls. With their help, you can not only decorate any room but also change the perception of space.

And make the walls, at the visual level, acquire completely different dimensions.

It is worth looking at the photo to appreciate the artistic beauty of wall decoration with photo wallpaper.

3D images look especially original, creating a feeling of infinity of space. But you should bear in mind that such an effect can be observed only in spacious rooms.

Wall murals can have pictures of various subjects, the choice of which depends on your personal preferences, the functional load of the room, and style.

In the bedroom, most often there are designs that have a calming effect on the psyche: landscapes, artworks of animals, or flowers.

For the living room walls, you can use more dynamic paintings. For example, images of megacities or abstractions.

And in children’s rooms, you can hang cartoon characters, fairy-tale castles, or sea spaces. 

Design options for decorating walls for the hall in the apartment

When choosing wallpaper for the walls of the interior of an apartment, take every detail into account. And that is the furniture, curtains, accessories, lighting, and, of course, the wall decoration.

This also applies to your choice of wallpaper for the hall. A photo of great and original ideas reflects impeccable design.

And can be an example when choosing wallpaper for the walls of your living room.

How to prepare the walls for wallpaper

All wallpaper for walls adheres best on smooth wall surfaces.

And therefore you need to prepare the walls. Even if you don’t want to turn the replacement of the finish into a major overhaul.

Because you never know what surprises are hidden under the old coating. And neglect at the preparation stage can lead to deterioration in the quality of the repair.

Wall preparation provides:

  • The quality of gluing fabrics.
  • Elimination of visible defects.
  • Careful sealing of cracks – which means that the new finish is not threatened with damage due to condensation or fungus.

The better you prepare the surface, the easier it will be to glue the wallpaper, and the longer it will stay on it.

Stages of preparation

Preparation includes 3 stages: removal of the old wallpaper, plaster, and priming. Depending on the initial state of the walls, their material, and the type of finish.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the stages.

Removing the old wallpaper

If the wallpaper is old and already peeling off by itself, you can remove it with a spatula. If you can’t peel them off in this way, you need to make small cuts on the wallpaper and moisten it with warm water using a spray bottle or sponge.

Important: do not wet large areas at once, as the moisture dries quickly and by the time you finish a small area, the rest will already dry and you will have to start all over again.

If you have a steam generator on your farm, treat the wallpaper with it. Then you can remove the old coating without difficulty.

You can buy a special liquid for removing wallpaper – it is absorbed very quickly, which compares favorably with water.

Removing the paint is more difficult

There are three ways:

  1. Mechanical – beat the paint with a hammer. You can also remove the trim with a drill with a special nozzle, but then there will be a lot of dust.
  2. Chemical – the painted surface is wetted with a special solution, left for 5-7 hours. After this time, the paint soaks and is easily removed.
  3. Thermal – using a building hair dryer. The method is bad because when heated, the paint emits a smell.


After removing the old finish, the wall must be cleaned of dust and primed. Then all defects are smeared with a gypsum mixture. The primer at the intermediate stage is needed for better adhesion, if it is neglected, the gypsum mixture after a while can move away from the wall, ruining the entire repair.

After leveling the defects, the entire surface is primed again, then covered with a thin layer of putty (if the layer is thick, it will quickly crack). Finally, the putty layer is carefully polished.

Finish primer

You need a primer for three reasons:

  1. The composition will penetrate deeply into the putty, protecting it from shedding.
  2. The primed surface will not absorb moisture intensively. So – you need less glue, and adhesion will be better.
  3. The primer contributes to the dedusting of the base.

At this stage, you can use both a ready-made primer (most often universal – acrylic), and wallpaper glue in a liquid consistency.

Apply the primer with a roller on flat areas and with a brush in the corners. After that leave the composition to dry for 2-5 hours. When the last layer dries, you can begin to glue the wallpaper!


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