Wood Wallpaper

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Wood Wallpaper is beautiful with wonderful qualities such as wood grains and wood knots. It is always good to have something remind you that there’s lots of natural beauty out there. So bring some natural beauty into your hood with the help of wood wallpaper. But we also do real reclaimed pallet wood wall paneling. […]


Wood Wallpaper is beautiful with wonderful qualities such as wood grains and wood knots. It is always good to have something remind you that there’s lots of natural beauty out there. So bring some natural beauty into your hood with the help of wood wallpaper.

But we also do real reclaimed pallet wood wall paneling. And our sister company deals in all kinds of custom made pallet wood furniture.

MT-2292 wood effect wallpaper - Call: 0720271544 Wallpaper Kenya.

There are lots of ideas that would work for your living room wood wallpaper. These include first and foremost the walls. Then there are features such as shelves that you would want to contrast with the walls but match some of the other details. This is enabled by the variety of wood colors. Use wood wallpaper as a very beautiful accent element that works great in minimalism, calm interior décor.

Any room can benefit from a beautiful wood wallpaper feature wall or all walls. The bathroom, for example, could use a lovely 100% waterproof contact paper for wooden look slab for the washbasin. A natural, organic wooden look is wonderful in the bathroom.

Home offices are not usually the place where lots of attention is given to the interior décor. But with wood wallpaper you can find ways to make it beautiful as well. A simple, wood contact work table that exposes the natural grain and beauty of wood could be a lovely addition.

With our 100% waterproof contact paper your kitchen could also use some style. Be it a country or contemporary kitchen where everything is simple, there’s still lots of room for natural style. Wood wallpaper is very versatile and looks good in any type of décor. The texture and color will transmit important details and make your room feel beautiful, organic and chic.

Wood wallpaper for Walls

Facade Wallpaper FC3003 By Grandeco For Galerie

Some elegant buildings constructed since 1950 have used wood in its natural form. During the 19th century, Imitation in interior design was very popular. And now part of the concern with the true expression of materials today is a revolt against the earlier tradition.

It is not unusual for a decorative detail or device to survive long after the valid reason for it has disappeared. Wall wood paneling has been popular for hundreds of years. And, indeed, a natural wood texture adds warmth and elegance. The only way the craftsmen of earlier periods were able to apply wood paneling was in frames (stiles and rails). Because wood paneling was made of solid wood and had to be broken up into narrow dimensions. That is in order to prevent warping and shrinking. Out of that need developed beautiful wood wallpaper.

Obviously, 20th-century building costs and methods rarely permit real quality in elaborate paneling. Nor would this sort of imitative design be appropriate in a modern building. But wood wallpaper and in many beautiful designs are readily available. And provide a vast range of beautiful, inexpensive, wall surfacing for important spaces.

Now you dont have to let your interior space be a plain with nothing but the natural walls. We have highly decorative wallpapers available in bold and exciting patterns. You can apply a strong paper on one wall only. That is instead of having the whole space surrounded by a dominant pattern. Many wallpapers such as wood wallpaper have natural textures.

Flamingo print on rustic natural white wood panel

Flamingo print on rustic natural white wood panel
Flamingo print on rustic natural white wood panel

This stunning Flamingo Wallpaper features a beautiful pink flamingo print on a rustic natural white wood panel background. The design is printed onto high quality cushioned vinyl that is textured for added effect. Easy to apply, this wallpaper would look fantastic when used to decorate a whole room or to create a feature wall.

  • A stunning flamingo themed wallpaper
  • Ideal for feature walls and entire rooms
  • 10.05m (32.9 ft) long x 53cm (1.73ft) wide
  • 32cm pattern repeat
  • Offset pattern match
  • High quality vinyl wallcovering
  • Easy to apply
  • Extra washable
  • Paste the wall wallpaper
  • Colour: Natural White / Pink

Nature as the ultimate beauty

We all agree that no man-made object can really equal the beauty found in nature. And it is not surprising that the introduction of natural elements into interiors has always been considered desirable. In spite of their beauty, one cannot arbitrarily introduce a plant, a tree, or rocks, or water into an interior. But we have technology to copy and to produce such imitations as wood wallpaper.

MT-2201 Wood plank wallpaper - Call: 0720271544 Wallpaper Kenya.

Wood wallpaper is what you need to decorate a room or wall in a simple and economical way. Their modern design, colors and textures simulate a trompe l’oeil of natural wood finish. These allows you to enlarge the rooms visually.

They are made of vinyl material that is placed directly on the wall using natural potato starch adhesive. You can decorate with them a multitude of headboards, corners, isolated walls or entire rooms, even in the kitchen.

With faux wood effects wallpaper you can decorate your home in an exclusive style. In a different nature theme way that brings your space to life. Use it to give depth to your room and change the decoration of your house economically.

Within hours you can transform your white or single-color walls into a wooden design that will give an elegant touch to your home.

Visual characteristics of wood wallpaper

16165 Wood effect wallpaper - Call: 0720271544 Wallpaper Kenya.

The most beautiful thing about the wallpaper is its visual appearance. Just like in real wood which has many variations in color even in the same species, so is the wallpaper.

Its natural colors enhances almost everything. Be it stone, glass, textiles or metal to name a few. For instance, faux Oak, with a slightly muted, almost lime color will add a modern twist to any interior space. And this will in turn provide the perfect backdrop for many color schemes.

The wallpaper wood effect is emerging as one of the most widely used in decorating resources. With it we get a close environment and a harmonious nature. The wallpaper’s touch of warmth gives our rooms a cozy and realistic atmosphere. And some contain relief and texture, to perfect the result we are looking for.

Therefore you can see that wood wallpaper offers us many advantages over a real wood covered wall, due to its characteristics. For one, the paper will provide us with hygiene and durability. But organic wood deteriorates over time, even with materials that protect it. On the other hand, faux wood wallpaper can will adorn your walls for more than 20 years without deteriorating. And in addition, we can always replace very fast and at a fraction of the cost of real wood.

Wood grains

Sheer beauty of wood grains


The naturally patterns in wood caused by the orientation of the wood cells is visually pleasing. And in general there are six types of wood grains including straight, irregular, interlocked and wavy.

These patterns help add texture to your wall decoration. Pattern relates to the repetition of a graphic motif on a wallpaper. Remember that texture refers to the 2D quality of a surface, where as a pattern relates to illustrative perception.

In commercial interior design, pattern is often applied using wall-coverings, tile, carpeting, and other graphic elements. Remember texture and pattern have a huge role in defining the design style of a space.

Different kinds of  decorative wood wallpaper

You will find a wide variety of wood wallpaper to suite your needs. At Wallpaper Kenya we have designs of all kinds, softwood and hardwood. Therefore you will find different colors and wood textures. In our catalog you will find a multiplicity of designs to choose the one you like best. These range from natural wood, white wood, oak, to walnut and many more.
Wood wallpaper is pleasant to the eye. So everyone will love to see and you will have a comfortable space that you will not get bored in your home. All the wallpaper are finished in Matt to avoid light reflections. And you can apply them yourself with instructions on the wallpaper adhesive packaging. Or you may ask us to install for you for Ksh 800 per standard size roll, 53 centimetres by 10 meters.
I hope I have demonstrated to you that wallpaper is an easier and better way to decorate. And that you can transform your house aesthetically fast and economically. Particularly wood wallpaper is a conversation starter. You will be the envy of everyone who comes to your house.

Why you should use wood wallpaper

You will achieve the same aesthetics as real wood, but wallpaper is far cheaper. Like real wood it is environmentally friendly, looks great, it’s warm and cozy, and durable. If you like, the wallpaper will last nearly three decades before the adhesive starts to deteriorate. Even then the wallpaper will still be looking great. Because the wallpaper comes in natural wood colors, you can use it for any room and even on the ceiling. It’s possibly the most useful and versatile of all wallpaper designs.

You will find the wallpaper lovely and attractive. Because it has the same grains as you find in fine furniture and decorative woodwork. When you use wood wallpaper instead of real wood paneling, you are not only saving money. You are also saving our forests.

Wood was one of the first natural materials people learned to use, and it’s never lost its popularity. These days, it’s particularly prized for being a natural and environmentally friendly product.

Like real wood, the beauty of the wallpaper is that it engages all of our senses. Warm, rich and affecting. The range of timber hues and the depth of individual grain will delight you eyes. Its appeal in design is a natural one.

Wood wallpaper is a safe bet in any room decor

Take for instance the living room fireplace. Especially if you use firewood in your fireplace. Feel the warmth of the burning wood, an unmistakable smell of wood. Surrounded by the blue wood wallpaper on the walls, feel the deep feeling of peace and tranquility.

Wood and wood wallpaper are synonymous with comfort, elegance and closeness. The wallpaper is sheer beauty and is harmonious to all styles of interior decoration.

Hence, it is an essential decoration material since it is capable of transforming a neutral and cold environment into a comfortable and pleasant environment. Because of its natural essence. In addition, it is perfect for any room in the house and adapts very well to all kinds of decorative styles.

Also it is ideal to decorate your bedroom walls with the shabby chic finish of blue wood wallpaper. A perfect wall paper for lovers of this naive and rustic style at the same time.

This wallpaper has a vinyl base that makes it easy to install  and clean with a wet cloth.

Faux wood is a success

If you are thinking of redecorating  the walls of your home, consider wood wallpaper for several reasons. For one there are a variety of designs to suite any room. This enables you to select from traditional wood designs that perfectly convey the elegance of oak or beech, in light blue wallpaper. Others include various brown wood stains.

Likewise, we offer you wood effect wallpapers that reproduce doors or windows of this material with a vintage air and even children’s designs with wooden backgrounds, among many other options.

Fill your walls with charm with the qualities that only wood can offer you. These are naturalness, warmth and distinction. That will transform the way you see your home or work space.

Create suggestive and stylish atmospheres that becomes the soul of your space.


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