World Map Wallpaper Mural

The best world map wallpaper mural is customized for your particular space. That means you can not buy it off the shelf. It should come to the same size as the wall where you want to install it. Luckily, there are a great number of world map wallpaper murals available for you to select from. […]


Black and white world map wallpaper mural

The best world map wallpaper mural is customized for your particular space.

travel by plane all over the world, for your child's room wallpaper mural.

That means you can not buy it off the shelf. It should come to the same size as the wall where you want to install it.

World Map Full Color High Detail Separated all countries Vector Illustration. Wallpaper for walls.

Luckily, there are a great number of world map wallpaper murals available for you to select from.

World map isolated on white background

As well as enhancing the aesthetics of your walls or space, the world map wallpaper mural has other utility values.

World map vector abstract illustration for interior decoration.

Therefore, you have to consider much consideration when choosing the world map mural.

Monochrome world map wallpaper on a home wall
Monochrome world map wallpaper on a home wall

Some of the considerations are listed here below.

Historical Ancient World map on a old paper texture backdrop. Beautiful world map in a light color

And they include the space where you want to hang the wallpaper as well as your preferred colors.

World Map in Typography word cloud concept, names of countries.

Other considerations are:

Pink World Map Wall Mural Home Décor Wallpaper
Pink World Map Wall Mural Home Décor Wallpaper

The collection of world map wallpaper murals

Children's World Map Wallpaper with Animals

There are a seemingly endless collection of world map wallpaper mural images online.
The political map of the world painted on a school wall. National boundaries drawn with blue pen, country names are written with red one, wallpaper, mural design.
That means you will find an ideal one to create an environment in your home with an exclusive design.
Vector antique world map with countries boundaries. Antique world vintage map, grunge america and europe illustration
There is no shortage of styles and great map designs to make your home or office a unique place.
3d world map wallpaper for walls
3d world map wallpaper for walls
An exceptional product if you are a travel enthusiast, passionate about countries and the wanderlust philosophy runs through your body.
With world map wallpaper murals you will have a wall that you will not get bored of.
Highly detailed Political World Map.All elements are separated in editable layers clearly labeled.
And that you will be able to look at for hours.
World map dotted style, vector illustration isolated on white background.
Above all, you will have a comfortable space and you will give depth to your walls.
colored world map child room wallpaper
An ideal world map wall wallpaper mural will make you feel good at home or office.
Earth globes with detailed wallpapers, vector.
And that is why we recommend that you take your time and look for a design that will harmonize with the color scheme of your space.
Blue vector world map watercolor wallpaper mural
You will find incredible world map wall art designs so that you are in charge of decorating your home.
Physical map of the World, with high resolution details. Flattened satellite view of Planet Earth, its geography and topography. 3D illustration - Elements of this image furnished by NASA
And decorating it to reflect your lifestyle and personality.
Animals world map for kids wallpaper design
Be sure to interrogate online catalogs, they continue to grow so you can find your favorite.
Grey Color Children's World Map Wallpaper Mural
Grey Color Children’s World Map Wallpaper Mural
If you want to reform your home, the world map wallpaper murals allow you to change your house without the need for major renovations.
World Map
World Map
Decoration of your home will mark your lifestyle, your passions, and your way of seeing the world.
Brown color retro nautical map with names of continents and oceans flat vector illustration.
The world map murals are great.
Boho animal world for kids interior Scandinavian style animals.
And are one of the themes that for you to demonstrate who you are, your traveling and creative mind.
Personalized light color elegant world map wallpaper for walls
Personalized light color elegant world map wallpaper for walls

The world map murals that give color and originality

World map wallpaper mural in old style, brown graphics

Our products are top quality, they are easily applied following the instructions that come with the raw material.
Animals world for nursery mural design
And, in addition, they are finished in matte to avoid light reflections.
map with textured countries. Vector illustration.
Choose the measurements you need and put the one you like best on your wall.
Globe world map shape point, line and composition digitally drawn in the form of broken a part triangle shape and scattered dots low poly wire frame on white background.
You will not regret your choice.
Animals world for kids nursery mural design.
Because you will love being in your own house with a design that will surprise all your visitors.
Master bedroom giant size world map wallpaper mural
Master bedroom giant size world map wallpaper mural
You have to create comfortable spaces where you can spend hours, days, and years without getting bored.
Vector abstract seamless background on the theme of travel, adventure and discovery. Old hand drawn map with vintage sailing yachts, wind rose, routs, nautical symbols and handwritten inscriptions
The world map wallpaper mural is ideal for any room. And is a versatile product, easy to adapt, and will look good in any room.
Map on green grass lawn background for global eco-friendly environment, ecological and environmental saving, earth day, and go green backdrop concept .
You can buy it online and it will reach you where you indicate when you make the purchase.
world relief or shape on metal plate.
So you should not scroll or worry to enjoy your favorite design. Buy it now. And do not hesitate one minute more!

Decorating your house with map wallpaper murals

Map Background 4k Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty-free ...

There is beauty in details. That is why Lamu Doors are considered very beautiful.

Grunge Map. Vintage style.

Likewise, maps are incredibly fascinating when you look at the detailed information they provide.

The globe, mural.

And whilst they are a means of communicating the wondrous world around us, they are works of art in their own right.

Map of the world nursery wallpaper vector illustration
Map of the world nursery wallpaper vector illustration

Whether it be an earth map or a global map, you can’t deny they’re interesting to look at.

Detailed vector map of violet colors. Names, town marks and national borders are in separate layers.

The world maps have provided us with a universal medium for centuries.

crumpled map drawing on paper.

Regardless of language or culture, the earliest known maps go back as far as 16,500 BC.

 Cartoon World Wallpaper Mural for Children's Room
Cartoon World Wallpaper Mural for Children’s Room

There are various ways you can incorporate maps into your home interior decoration.

Old geographical map of the 18th century. A good background for design on the theme of travel, geography, history, voyage, etc. Ancient map background.

You can use them to either add interest, for educational purposes or purely for their decorative detail. The good thing is they don’t date.

Vector map for kids with cute cartoon planes and air balloons. Children's map design for mural, kid's room, wall art. America, Europa, Asia, Africa, Australia, Arctica. Vector illustration.

And are a great conversationalist piece. Regardless of whether you’re the adventurer type or just love maps’ aesthetic qualities, there are lots of interesting ways to incorporate maps into your homes.

Custom size map murals

All the maps are personalized. That means you can have one to occupy the entire wall or we can put a plinth at the bottom at the height you want.

Monochrome wallpaper illustration black and white.

In that way, you can have it on any wall and height you want.

Animals world for kids wall mural design
Animals world map for kids’ wallpaper design

For instance, you can have a world map on the wall in your hallway and wall decoration. When the news tells you about China or Honduras or India or Russia, you can easily help children understand where things are happening about you.

Pin your map. The place where you have been concept. Popular touristic places demonstration.

Hopefully, make it clearer to them what the news may mean to their future.

Vintage map of the world wallpaper mural for interior décor

Or perhaps you are ardent travelers and a world map wallpaper is a fun way to pinpoint where you have been. Put them in your garage and laminate the surface with clear varnish to preserve their integrity.

Customizable old world map wallpaper in earth colors
Customizable old world map wallpaper in earth colors

The aesthetics of world maps is enough inspiration for you and me to install the wallpaper. But is more than being in fashion; the world’s maps awaken many of us with that traveling and adventurous spark that we all carry inside of us. We would love to transmit that desire to explore and learn new things to our children. Also now there are very beautiful and original world maps perfect to decorate in the form of customized wallpaper.

Geometric Interior Decoration Murals with maps

Polygonal abstract map wall art

You might think that you are limited to a unique decoration using the world map wallpaper. But there are many creative ways to use the world map in different styles of interior decoration. Have you noticed that geometric wall decoration, one of them,  is a trend?

3d map of the world wallpaper for walls
3d map of the world wallpaper for walls

The above beautiful polygonal shapes of the world map are testimonials. A real eye-catcher on the wall!

This type of design is simple but attractive. It is based on using geometric shapes (squares, triangles, polygons, circles, hexagons, …) for the creation of spaces or objects. A predominant geometric shape is usually used and sometimes it is combined with another secondary one. The predominant one is repeated more times and larger than the secondary one.

Customizable world map children's wallpaper mural
Customizable world map children’s wallpaper mural

The geometric shapes are available in different sizes. This means there is always one suitable for your wall. So be sure to take a close look at this category!

Political World Map Wallpaper Mural

Political Map of the World Wallpaper
Political Map of the World Wallpaper

The map above is a political map of the world wallpaper. As you can see, it is designed to show the governmental boundaries of countries, and states. Also included is the location of major cities, major highways and byways, and significant bodies of water. The designer used decorative differing colors to help the user differentiate between nations. Moreover, it shows the location of most of the world’s countries including their names where space allows.

infographic world destination vector background
infographic world destination vector background

Besides the aesthetics of the map, you will learn a lot of useful information about the world.

Countries of the Earth

For instance, you will learn which are the world’s largest independent nations. These are the Russian Federation, the People’s Republic of China, The United States of America, Canada, and Australia.

Other types of World Maps

Highly detailed world map

The world map wallpaper has much more uses than interior decoration. Part of the beauty of world map wallpaper is that it can be used in various ways, including presenting information.

3d Black and White World Map

According to the ICSM (Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping), there are five different types of maps:

Additional information

Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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