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Kenya Breweries Custom Wall Branding

Wallpaper printing

Large-format wallpaper printing at Wallpaper Kenya is for custom designs and sizes only. It’s not for the mass market. As of today, my research tells me there are no traditional wallpaper manufacturers anywhere in Africa. Not even our big brother South Africa does traditional wallpaper production. But if you are looking for custom wallpaper printing […]

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Customer Care

“The customer is always right”, so they say. At Wallpaper Kenya, we believe in this philosophy and work out best to ensure wallpaper lovers get the best of their taste. . The existent of diversity in human taste is indisputable. For this reason, we offer advice on the best of design ideas that suites their […]

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Scenery Wall Mural Wallpaper

Latest wallpaper Designs

Latest wallpaper designs for walls in 2022 going to 2023 The latest wallpaper designs, like fashion clothes, are characterized by zero tolerance for monotony. Designers quite rightly call wallpaper “clothes for walls”. And the latest wallpaper designs allow you to create the coveted atmosphere of home comfort. More than ever today, when minimalism and conciseness […]

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Nature themed wallpaper

Style & trends

The ever changing world and civilization brings along changes in human  interior and exterior tastes and preferences. Wallpaper Kenya is always on the forefront of design innovations and trends. We bring you the latest news, insights and more so wallpaper designs. Follow us on our social media pages; Facebook, YouTube and Instagram to keep the […]

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Trending abstract 3d tunnel wallpaper for house walls. Zebra animal print wallpaper.

The cost of wallpaper

At Wallpaper, the cost of Wallpaper, ranging from Shillings 800 to Shillings 1500, is the best price you can get. And this is the best Quality & Price. “What is the cost of wallpaper per meter in Kenya? ”is a frequently asked question. Or ”What is the price of wallpaper per square meter in Nairobi?” […]

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