Customer Care


“The customer is always right”, so they say. At Wallpaper Kenya, we believe in this philosophy and work out best to ensure wallpaper lovers get the best of their taste. . The existent of diversity in human taste is indisputable. For this reason, we offer advice on the best of design ideas that suites their taste.

The following are some of the rules of customer satisfaction that we keep to the letter.

    1. The “Let me show you” philosophy”.  This is a case where we interact with out customer and show them the best in their design abilities and choices. We stock a wide range of wallpaper designs to allow customers choose designs that suite them.
    2. We listen. Wallpaper customer’s concerns are treated with the deserved attention at all times. We strive to  achieve the the best when it comes to customer  satisfaction.
    3. Staff Training. We train our design staff member on the best customer service practices.

We work together with our technical agents across Kenya to ensure customers have full access to wallpaper products.