Latest wallpaper Designs

Scenery Wall Mural Wallpaper

Latest wallpaper designs for walls in 2022 going to 2023

The latest wallpaper designs, like fashion clothes, are characterized by zero tolerance for monotony.

3d gold peacock on white background, one of the latest wallpaper designs.

Designers quite rightly call wallpaper “clothes for walls”. And the latest wallpaper designs allow you to create the coveted atmosphere of home comfort.

Master bedroom contemporary digital print landscape wallpaper mural
Master bedroom contemporary digital print landscape wallpaper mural

More than ever today, when minimalism and conciseness reign in the field of interior design, wallpaper enjoys unconditional privileges.

Couples love isn't finding someone you can live with. It is finding someone you can't live without. Latest wallpaper designs.

The latest innovations in wallpaper printing allow you any color combinations and patterns that are charming in their elegance.

Latest minimalist style in plain white 3d tunnel wallpaper
Latest minimalist in style in plain white 3d tunnel wallpaper

In 2023, fans of traditional wall décor will have plenty to choose from.

3d roman column background wallpaper for walls.

And it remains for you to determine your preference – vintage sophistication or eye-catching boldness.

Tropical palm leaves, jungle leaf seamless vector floral pattern background

Apart from designs in terms of images and artworks, the latest innovations in wallpaper materials are contact paper and 3d foam.
3d foam wall panels: The best soundproof wallpaper
3d foam wall panels: The best soundproof wallpaper
Both are 100% self-adhesive and 100% waterproof- allowing you to use them in wet areas such as the bathroom and the kitchen.
Contemporary Bathroom marble peel and stick wallpaper
Contemporary Bathroom marble peel and stick wallpaper

Here you will find the latest wallpaper designs for walls, and also furniture.

3D wall with tree, one of the latest wallpaper designs.

Yes, you heard me right, the latest wallpaper for home includes:

  1. Custom-made wallpaper
  2. Designs for bedrooms
  3. And the latest wallpaper for the living room
  4. Plus the latest 3d wallpaper for all rooms and the ceiling
  5. And the 100% waterproof 3d foam wall panels, and contact paper for furniture, bathrooms, and kitchen.

3d mural Landscape wallpaper golden trees and deer with hills, mountains style on vintage watercolor flat dark background

Nowadays, there seems to be a certain amount of misconceptions surrounding the latest wallpaper designs.

Peel and stick self-adhesive 3d pink brick wallpaper sticker
Peel and stick self-adhesive 3d pink brick wallpaper sticker

But what is it really at the core of the latest wallpaper designs? Is it simply a process to make pretty-looking walls?

The role of modern wallpaper designs in interior decoration

Far from it, the latest wallpaper designs don’t focus purely on aesthetics.

Illustration of flower wallpaper background-beautiful background

Nor is it about adding ornaments to walls. First and foremost is it about making the user’s interaction with the environment more natural and complete.

Wall Decor, Digital Wall Tile Design, Wall tiles Decor on Marble For Home Decoration, 3D illustration can be used for wallpaper, linoleum, textile, web page background. - 3D Illustration

For instance, you should choose a wallpaper for your bedroom that will aid you in sleeping.

3D capitone wallpaper design with jewels

And similarly, choose a calm wallpaper for your living room to aid you in relaxing.

Modern waterproof, self-adhesive, soundproof 3d foam wallpaper
Modern waterproof, self-adhesive, soundproof 3d foam wallpaper

On one hand, design takes the problem-solving aspect of science. It exists primarily to address a particular need.

3d flower wallpaper white squares 3d background-illustration

To quote Steve Jobs: “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

Scientific effects of the latest wallpaper designs

Interior designers are turning to experiments, using psychology and physics to come up with the best spaces for health — and productivity.

Brown trees with golden flowers and turquoise, black and gray mountains in light yellow background with white clouds and birds.3d illustration latest wallpaper landscape art

To see more about how interior designers see science in lights and colors click here

(Inside Science) — Light, shadow, and color seem so simple. But there is more than meets the eye, especially to people like Laura Bellia. Bellia is an industrial engineer at the University of Naples in Italy who studies lighting and its impacts on people. She wanted to understand how the human eye interprets wall colors when different lights are applied to them.

canyon view in summer. Colorful canyon landscape at sunset. nature scenery in the canyon. amazing nature background. summer landscape in nature. Tasyaran canyon travel in the great valley. Turkey.

“We first started to study wall colors because we wanted to understand what the different effects were on human beings,” said Bellia. She added that it’s important to carefully choose sources of light with the proper color for walls because walls can change the distribution of the light as it arrives at the eyes. Some of Bellia’s findings are described in a paper recently published in the journal Lighting Research & Technology.

Home nursery unisex children's wall paper mural

Wallpaper and wall coverings are often the main design elements when it comes to setting the tone for a room.

3d wallpaper design with an amazing landscape view and trees flowers and mountains for photomural.

Wallpaper Kenya is always a step ahead to bring you an intriguing collection of covers and wallpaper to help you get the precise image you have in mind for your particular environment.

Golden evening on the summer meadow, natural landscape

And you can select from an endless wide assortment of designs, textures, and colors to create any effect you want.

tropical trees and leaves latest wallpaper design in foggy forest - 3D illustration

Be it subtle, distinctive, bold, neutral, or any other print if you choose. Because we now have the technology to customize wallpaper.

Classic nursery girls wall paper murals
Classic nursery wallpaper mural

As well as stocking the latest designs in ordinary wallpaper, Wallpaper Kenya now stocks the latest innovations in wall coverings.

Abstract feather rainbow isolated on a black background. The Amazing fabric Abstract Background, colorful cute composition of feathers for greeting card, digital and textile print - Illustration

Namely contact paper, and customized mural wallpaper.

Customized Mural Wallpaper

Large Wall Mural Wallpaper

You will find no better way to achieve the Key components of wall design than in customized mural wallpaper.

Beautiful women with a fantastic Golden Lips with hat and sun flower. decoration and interior, canvas art, abstract. gold

While not being exactly an art nor a science, it takes elements from both.

Trending abstract 3d optical illusion tunnel wallpaper for house walls

Art is about creating something that expresses the author’s vision, ideas, and feelings.

tropical trees and leaves wallpaper design in foggy forest - 3D illustration

While designers can express feelings and leave impressions through their work, doing so is not their prime objective.

Antique illustration. Hand drawing latest wallpaper design. The Amazing fabric Abstract Background, Halftone Flowers Bouquet, Floral illustration, for greeting card, textile and digital print - Illustration

So it takes the creating aspect of art, as it is about crafting an item, a tool, an experience even.

Nelson Mandela Modern Educational School Corridor Wallpaper Mural
Nelson Mandela Educational School Corridor Mural

Now Wallpaper Kenya will take this piece of art and blow it up on a full wall at a mere KS 2000 per square meter.

Simple poppy floral summer vector seamless pattern. Doodle line texture blossom petals. Field poppy flower wrapper print design. Bouquet flower amazing wallpaper. Nature shape repeat backdrop.

This cost does not however include the cost of artwork which could vary greatly.

Latest wallpaper design with dancing people on Ethnic background with African motifs.

It is upon you to provide us with a suitable artwork, image, or picture.

Classic nature full wall home mural for any room
Classic nature full wall home mural for any room

If you do not have an artist or designer to aid you in this task, please call our in-house designer to assist you.

Luxury wild animal background vector. Gold line art wallpaper design with group of deers, deer antlers, gradient color. Elegant animal illustration design for wall art, fabric, packaging, card.

It need not cost you a fortune to get a suitable wallpaper design. There are hundreds of thousands of free online images you will find at sites such as shutter-stock. Others are for sale.

Galloping horses 3d wall paper
Galloping horses 3d wall art

However, you might also find a suitable wallpaper from the latest wallpaper designs in ordinary wallpaper. In this category, it will cost you a mere KS 500 per square meter all inclusive, supply, and installation.

Ordinary Latest Wallpaper Designs in 2022/2023

Green 3d bed room wall

How do you decorate the walls of the house on an extremely low budget? When you want to renew the appearance of the house quickly and efficiently, you can lean on the walls. The latest ordinary wallpaper designs have a lot of weight in the design and decoration of our environments. Just by changing the color, which is the most common way to change the appearance of a room, you achieve a radical transformation.

Trending cubes geometric wallpaper design

These designs include brick and stone wallpaper, which not only beautifies but also adds character and warmth. Other designs such as 3d geometric wallpaper also come in strong for wall decoration in 2022/2023.

Blue and white contemporary 3d bedroom wallpaper
Blue and white contemporary 3d bedroom wallpaper

If you are in search of trends for house walls in 2020, you are in safe hands with Wallpaper Kenya. Here you will find a wallpaper to make your small room look larger. Or wallpaper to make your low ceiling seem higher.

Brick and stone wallpaper

The stone or brick effect wallpaper is great for any setting with a rustic and chic impact. This design is an all-time classic. Created with lights and shadows and reliefs optical illusions, a realistic effect that leaves you speechless. Because of the aesthetic impact they give to the rooms. The latest wallpaper designs in the Wallpaper Kenya Selected Stone catalog represent an innovation of the wallpaper to be discovered. Traditional brick and stone wallpaper becomes an excellent decoration, suitable and can be combined with classic and modern styles. The best solution is to create a fake stone or brick wall.

Stone wallpaper

Horizontal or Vertical wallpaper

Vertical Pin Striped Wall

Take a good look at your room dimensions to determine whether you’d like to hang your striped wallpaper vertically or horizontally. Vertical stripes tend to make a short wall with low ceilings feel taller. While horizontal stripes can provide the visual illusion of a wider, more expansive space. By extending vertical-striped wallpaper onto a ceiling, you envelop the space with increased visual interest. Intensify the broadening effect of a horizontal wallpaper when you wrap it around architectural features, such as recessed walls, built-in shelving units, and bay window areas.

Modern Contemporary Geometric Wallpaper

Geometric black and white wallpaper - Call: 0720271544 Wallpaper ...

The wallpaper is often associated with classical geometries of the 70s. But Our modern designs are up-to-date wallpaper, which incorporates the colors, geometries, and shapes of our days. At Wallpaper Kenya we have abandoned the colors and patterns of the past.

Abstract mountains mural for nursery walls
Abstract mountains mural for nursery walls

Here you will find elegant, imagery, adaptable to any type of room and type of furniture. You will also find designs suitable for covering either one or more walls of your home or your business, with images that become real clothes for your walls.

Illustration of wildlife reindeer animal forest decorative texture abstract background latest 3d wallpaperdesign. Graphical Pattern modern artwork

And with themes that go with a texture revisited in a modern key, with lines, shapes, and figures, all in a current and artistic key.

Gold on white geometric mural by Wallpaper Kenya
Gold on a white geometric mural by Wallpaper Kenya

Our selection of modern geometric wallpapers will help you originally decorate your home. It includes many different motifs, from geometries to abstract and much more.

Digital Wall Tile Decor For Home, Ceramic Tile Design, Seamless colorful patchwork in Indian style, wallpaper, linoleum, textile, web page background - 3D Illustration.

A single image will suffice to give a precise character and style to the environment. It can become a fundamental element when you are renovating a long-standing property to make it more current by distorting its style.

Contemporary Ceiling Decoration

Ceiling wallpaper - Call: 0720271544 Wallpaper Kenya.

When decorating rooms, we often forget about the ‘fifth wall’ – otherwise known as the ceiling. Sure, ceilings aren’t usually covered in wallpaper. But why shouldn’t they be?  Is it because it might break some of those interior design ‘rules’ you’ve heard in the past? Forget about those rules, as there’s always a joy to be found in the unexpected.

Wood planks ceiling wallpaper design
Wood planks ceiling wallpaper design

It’s not just about wallpaper for walls; papering the ceiling makes for an interesting feature in an otherwise simply designed room. Especially if you’ve gone for all white walls, then an interesting design up above will dramatically change the dynamic of the space. For a fun and cozy room, paper the entire space with a boldly embossed bedroom wallpaper for maximum impact.

The latest innovation in wallpaper: Contact Paper

Marble contact paper for bathrooms, kitchens, furniture, and fittings
Marble contact paper for bathrooms, kitchens, furniture, and fittings

Self-adhesive contact paper is the latest innovation in wallpaper. And can be used for anything between heaven and earth. Use self-adhesive contact paper for walls, shelves, doors, shelves, tables, etc. Save work with paint, and drying time and, for example, decorate bookcases with beautiful patterns.

Peel and stick contact paper on dining table
Peel and stick contact paper on the dining table

With the modern contact paper if the kitchen doors need a peep you can easily make them neat again. We also offer you a large selection of contact paper for windows that you can put on windows. So you no longer have to worry about people looking in the window. All Wallpaper Kenya contact paper has extremely good adhesion. And the quality is always top-notch.

Self-adhesive contact paper can be applied to a myriad of materials. When working with contact, we recommend you use a foil scraper as well as a fresh hobby knife. It is a grateful material that is easy to work with and can easily be replaced with a new design.

Self-adhesive contact paper in many designs

Marble design wallpaper LCPX150-5803 - Call: 0720271544 Wallpaper ...

At Wallpaper Kenya you will find a good selection of contact paper for your projects. We can offer everything from raw-looking contact paper to fine white marble textured. Virtually all of our contact papers are stock items and we can therefore offer you fast delivery. If you buy contact paper and order before 4 p.m. You will usually receive the delivery the next day. Unless the item is not in stock or on back-order. Our showroom also has a hard copy catalog which they can select from. See them here.

Latest wallpaper designs in 2022 going to 2023

Here are some of the trends in wallpaper that you will see a lot in the next few years:

Grey has come to stay

Grey & white brick wallpaper - Call: 0720271544 Wallpaper Kenya.

Combined with warm earth tones and gold, the gray wallpaper has almost become a classic in the modern wall-covering.

Dark wallpapers that add depth to the room

Black brick wallpaper - Call: 0720271544 Wallpaper Kenya.

Dark brick wallpaper is almost forever popular, and for good reason. The dark wallpaper is good in both the living room and bathroom as well as to create more peace and atmosphere in the bedroom.

The Latest Floral Wallpaper Designs: Purple and lavender

Pink flower on Lavender Wallpaper - Call: 0720271544 Wallpaper Kenya.

Purple is enough for the brave, but there are also more subdued purple wallpapers that work well for an otherwise light décor,

Nature has called – they want their wallpapers back!

Tree wall mural

Nature’s motifs and colors are among the hottest wallpaper trends. However, this is not the kind of wallpaper you can walk into our store and pick from the shelves. It is a kind of custom mural wallpaper. It means we must produce according to the exact size of your wall (height and width). You must know all the details well before buying the products. So you can get what you want.

custom-made removable wallpaper murals
custom-made removable wallpaper murals

Also for customized mural wallpaper designs, we request you to provide the image, artwork, or picture of your own choice. That way you will have a truly unique wallpaper design. A design you will not find in any other house or office.

Banner panorama of Big Five and wild animals collage with african landscape at sunrise in Serengeti wildlife area, Tanzania, East Africa. Latest Africa safari scene in savannah landscape wallpaper.

Can you imagine decorating your home with your wallpaper or your exclusive print? Send us your photograph, artwork, or illustration and we will blow it up to full wall size. The cost is KS 2000 per square meter. But the artwork might cost you more, or less, or it can be free, depending on how you source.