Latest wallpaper Designs

Faux brick wallpaper A22-20P02

Latest wallpaper designs

We strive to bring you the latest wallpaper designs in the world. What do we mean by the latest wallpaper designs. These includes 3d geometric wallpaper and 4d Wallpaper Designs. 3d geometric wallpaper designs are available in ordinary wallpaper size 53 centimeters by 9.5 meters. You can buy these off the counter. We work with international wallpaper partners to stay updated with the latest wallpaper designs to ensure our clients get access to the world’s most loved displays.

4d wallpaper designs are not available in ordinary wallpaper. They are customized. You give us an image in HD and we reproduce it on canvas as a full wall mural.

In all categories of wallpaper, including damask and brick wallpaper, we stock the latest wallpaper designs. Large stocks of latest wallpaper designs in our Nairobi Go down, best wallpaper prices, on time delivery & wallpaper Installation.

Latest wallpaper designs for walls

There are two types of wallpaper, wallpaper for walls and wallpaper for computer screens. When searching online for the latest wallpaper for walls, it is good to specify. While we are always updating our catalogs with the latest wallpaper designs for walls, we also do customize wallpaper. Therefore you can search for the latest design and we will customize for you. While ordinary wallpaper will cost you around 2500 per standard size roll 53 cm by 9.5 meters, customized wallpaper will cost you 2000 per square meter. Customizes wallpaper is much more expensive than ordinary wallpaper but you get exactly the images you want.

Latest wallpaper designs for bedroom

Variations of white are the most common paint colors painted throughout a new house or a renovated house. Give a change from the usual stereotype. Shade one of the bedroom walls with a contrast wallpaper which enhances well with the bedding and the curtain colors.

3-D wallpaper is an excellent wall decor idea for the bedroom wall where the wall is wide and long. The wallpaper can be of any nature or aqua theme. Blue color gives a better feel and positive vibes which helps in getting a good sound sleep. It helps you to wake up rejuvenated and relaxed.

Latest wallpaper designs for living room

There are wallpaper designs suitable for a small living room. Likewise, there are wallpaper designs suitable for wallpaper designs for living room large walls. Although much more expensive than ordinary wallpaper, customized wallpaper will give you the best effects. Customized Wallpaper you start by gathering photos of the images you prefer.

How should you begin gathering photo wall living room wallpaper? One of the great developments of this digital age is that certain products and materials that were once reserved for professionals, businesses, or the affluent can now be accessed by the average person. You can use your favorite amateur photos from past memories and experiences as your living room wallpaper. This is a great way to display your most treasured times of days gone by. Alternatively you can choose images from online as long as they are of high definition.