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Large Wall Mural Wallpaper

Wallpaper Quality & Price

Wallpaper price should be judged according to the wallpaper quality. We stock the best quality and we offer the best wallpaper prices. So how do you judge the quality of wallpaper for walls? One is the material quality and second is the wallpaper design Wallpaper Design. Wallpaper companies sell design. There are those wallpaper manufacturers who invest more in design than others. However you will notice some wallpaper stores in Kenya overprice their wallpaper in order to impress viewers. Hoping to make the wallpaper look more valuable. Sometimes this works, but usually only when the customer is naive or when the wallpaper design is spectacular and gets the attention of serious interior decorators.

Wallpaper prices per roll

Generally a standard size wallpaper price at Wallpaper Kenya is Sh 1800. The wallpaper price of customized wall mural is Sh 2000 per square meter. All over the world the universal standard size is 53 centimeters by 9.5 meters. Therefore a standard size wallpaper, if plain, will cover an area approximately 0.53 meters multiplied by 9.5 meters. That is roughly 5 square meters. Divide our wallpaper price, Sh. 1800 by the area covered. You will find that the price of the material wallpaper is Sh 360 per square meter.

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