Wallpaper printing

Kenya Breweries Custom Wall Branding

PCEA Church Wallpaper Printed on Silk Fabric

Large-format wallpaper printing at Wallpaper Kenya is for custom designs and sizes only.

Abstract yellow background (spin illusion) 3d wallpaper design.
Abstract yellow background (spin illusion) 3d wallpaper design.

It’s not for the mass market.

Nelson Mandela Motivational Library Wallpaper Digital Print. African mural painting.

As of today, my research tells me there are no traditional wallpaper manufacturers anywhere in Africa.

Lion King of the Jungle mural wallpaper printing.

Not even our big brother South Africa does traditional wallpaper production.

Couples love isn't finding someone you can live with. It is finding someone you can't live without.
Couples’ love isn’t finding someone you can live with. It is finding someone you can’t live without.

But if you are looking for custom wallpaper printing for a project, we will not only do that for you but we will do it in style.

Weight Lifting Gym Custom Wallpaper Hulk Print

With custom wallpaper, there is no room for compromise in design. Because it allows you to stick to your favorite picture or your favorite pattern on the wall with ease.

Personalized optical illusion forest path 3d wallpaper.
Personalized optical illusion forest path 3d wallpaper

Or transform your children’s room into a unique dream world. And therefore it is the best way to let your creativity run free.

Creative Business words on office wall branding wallpaper design

Use photo wallpaper to conjure up a dream landscape with castles for your princess on the wall.

Disney Lion King Wallpaper Mural for Kids.

Or Create a stadium atmosphere for your little football stars or dive into the depths of space as an astronaut.

Large Format Wallpaper Mural Printing Machine

Large format wallpaper printing at Wallpaper Kenya

Full wall mural wallpaper printing on a single sheet silk fabric

We use Large format digital wall printing for interior decoration in homes. And in offices and business premises, shopping centers, special advertising, and murals, among others.

Golden Tulip Hotel Custom Graphics Printed on Wallpaper

Printing on Wallpaper is simple without losing elegance in places. It is also efficient in capturing your designs.

Galloping horses 3d wall paper
Galloping horses 3d wall art

And you will not find anything more ideal for reproducing colorful designs, applicable on smooth surfaces.

Made to measure abstract black and white banana leaf wallpaper mural.
Made to measure abstract black and white banana leaf wallpaper mural.

It is the best way you will have high quality to your designs, without deforming them, characterized by being a flexible material.

Informational custom fast foods printed wallpaper

Photo mural wallpaper printing

South Africa's Big Five by Yvette Mey | South african art, African ...

Given the great tradition of wallpaper printing, the switch to digital is a bold step.

World map Livingroom wallpaper mural printing
World map Livingroom wallpaper mural

Because now you can have your favorite photos, straight from your mobile phone camera, printed on the wall.

Classic kindergarten wallpaper mural printing.

And you in Kenya now should experience the beauty of the innovative design.

New York City Photo Mural Mallpaper

As you well know wall fashion, like in dressing, comes in waves. It is the same with wallpaper.

But only at first glance because technically speaking, today’s interior photomurals differ significantly from their predecessors and make their decade-old counterparts look in terms of color brilliance.

3D Bedroom Wallpaper Mural

Wallpaper Kenya offers you a wonderful opportunity to design beyond the limits of analog printing. And if you are an interior designer digital enables new you to enter the market with the backup of Wallpaper Kenya. Because we already have the press, your start-up costs are low.  And you can position yourself as a custom wallpaper designer.

Feature wall river bed sitting room home mural. Nature themed wallpaper.
Feature wall river bed sitting room home mural. Nature-themed wallpaper.

You have the picture – we have the wallpaper raw material and the printing press.  We offer the best printable silk fabric directly from the manufacturing market leaders.

3d Chinese landscape mural. black trees and brown mountains with sunset.

Therefore with our digital silk fabric wallpaper printing, you experience a completely individual type of modern room design.

Colorful under the sea carton botanical home mural printed wallpaper.

The cost is only Kenya Shillings 2000 per square meter and you don’t necessarily have to wallpaper entirely the entire room. You can set your accent photomural wall.

The benefit you will accrue from digital wallpaper

Motivational Hotel Gym Full Wall Wrap Printed Wallpaper

Removable and reusable: If you should refrain from the traditional wallpaper motif, you can remove and reuse our silk fabric wallpaper in no time. And therefore digital wallpapers are no problem in rental apartments.

Pastel color banana leaves, palms. Tropical seamless pattern. Bright glamorous floral background.

This makes it a real investment as you can move house with it.

Master bedroom landscape home mural, digital wallpaper.
Master bedroom landscape home mural, digital wallpaper.

Customization: since there are no restrictions on the run length. Since the raw silk fabric material comes in size 3 meters by 60 meters, we just cut the size you require. In that way, there is no waste. And thus digital printing enables cost-effective production even for small quantities.

Jungle wallpaper with trees and tropical plant. Vector.

This opens up possibilities for unlimited design variations.  And the enables you to order custom-specific or individual designs. The design image, picture, artwork, or photo size, and the pattern lengths are not restricted by the limited repeat distance of analog plates or rollers. And therefore you avoid pattern repetitions.

3D nature forest and animals wallpaper

Reduced costs: for designers, digital printing will deliver exactly what you need at the time. And the minimum order quantity (MOQ) is one wall. You don’t have to order additional quantities due to minimum batch sizes.

White cranes with background. Abstract watercolor background grunge texture. Interior Wallpaper. Mural for the walls, fresco for the room, interior grunge style.

There is therefore no need to keep large stocks. Precise order quantities also help minimize the cost of obsolete inventory due to design changes.

3d wallpaper background with Brooklyn bridge and classic car and brick wall for mural.

Finish with increased quality: most importantly digital wallpaper printing delivers a result of the finest quality while reproducing the finest details not otherwise possible by other means.

Children's room.

This makes it very easy to create designs that are true to the original and patterns that are practically indistinguishable.