Stripes wallpaper has more than meets the eye. Horizontal stripes wallpaper will visually widen a small narrow room. Vertical stripes wallpaper makes a low ceiling seem taller. A small room will open up with the use of big prints stripes wallpaper. While it’s hard to go wrong with striped wallpaper, we’ve often underestimated their power to instantly transform a room. Stripes create an optical illusion that can change the look and size of a space—visual trickery is what striped wallpaper can do for a room.

Stripes wallpaper makes a statement that is as timeless as it is eye-catching. Endlessly versatile, banded lines wallpaper can dramatically transform your interiors depending on how you use them. A tight blue-and-white ticking stripes wallpaper pattern has the effect of a crisp and breezy interior—the design equivalent of a summer day spent at the shore. The beauty of striped wallpaper lies in the details: the width and length and number of the stripes, but also, and perhaps more important, the application.

You have to take care with your choice of striped wallpaper pattern. When well implemented, striped wallpaper will give you and your visitors the wow factor. However if you get it wrong, the results could be a little disastrous.

Horizontal stripes wallpaper helps create an edgy, modern, more unique interior due to the fact that they just aren’t as popular as vertical stripes wallpaper designs. Vertical stripes wallpaper create the optical illusion of your walls being higher, and will make your room look more spacious than it actually is.

Both vertical and horizontal stripes wallpaper have their own advantages and disadvantages depending on where they are being installed