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Wallpaper in Thika

Wallpaper in Thika Town prospects will no longer have to travel to Nairobi to shop for wallpaper. Get to choose the wallpaper designs from near you. Wallpaper Kenya has now appointed dealers in Thika to help you with everything from wallpaper catalogs, site visit for your house rooms measurements to wallpaper installation. Some of our agents hold stock but where a desired wallpaper design is out of stock in Thika go ahead and choose and we will have it delivered via Thika matatu parcels services in a matter of hours.

Why choose Wallpaper Kenya, Thika?

The essence of wallpaper interior decoration are aesthetics brought about by wallpaper designs and installation skills. Wallpaper Kenya, with an experience of close to two decades in wallpaper supplies and installation, has long time experience in wallpaper installation and a good understanding of wallpaper designs. Nowhere in Thika will you find more thoughtful catalogs and wallpaper designs than with Wallpaper Kenya agents. Be it brick wallpaper designs, floral wallpaper designs, plain color wallpaper, children’s rooms wallpaper, classic damask wallpaper designs or contemporary 3d geometrical wallpaper, our wallpaper are the latest trending designs.

We have the widest variety of wallpaper designs, textures and colors in Thika for you to choose from. We will also advice you on which wallpaper to use where. For instance, Vinyl wallpaper is great for areas with a lot of moisture such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Business opportunities for Wallpaper in Thika

Demand for wallpaper in Thika is in an all time high but we do not have enough wallpaper shops in Thika. Wallpaper Kenya is looking to recruit more wallpaper dealers in Thika. Being very close to Nairobi it is very easy for one to start a wallpaper business with or without capital. All you need is the passion for interior decoration, the skill to install wallpaper, wallpaper catalogs and a few wallpaper installation tools.

Learning wallpaper installation skill is not nuclear science. You can gather all you need to know from YouTube and google search. From how to hang wallpaper, how to calculate for wallpaper, wall prep for wallpaper to how to start your own wallpaper business. We are also willing to give practice training sessions on wallpaper installation.

How to start wallpaper business in Thika

If you wish to start your own wallpaper business in Thika you are welcome. Unlike many others businesses, and due to the proximity of Thika town to Nairobi you do not necessarily have to hold stock. We already have huge stocks in Nairobi. Our catalogs have wallpaper design codes. Once your client in Thika chooses a certain design and commits himself or herself by paying you a deposit or down-payment only then do you schedule a fundi and order us to deliver the wallpaper to Thika via the next Thika bound matatu. It is as simply as that.

Thika is very fast becoming a residential hub owing to the increased establishment of apartments, hostels and private homes. This shift from an industrial town to a residential hub largely driven by by Thika’s proximity to Nairobi and the completion of the Thika super highway. Residential s are the biggest consumers of wallpaper.

The highway made the town a preferred residential area for many working and studying in Thika and Nairobi.  These are people who will easily afford and appreciate wallpaper.