Floral vinyl washable wallpaper

Vinyl washable wallpaper is one of a number of washable types of wallpaper. Dirty walls don’t make a good impression. But you don’t have to replace the entire wallpaper right away. Instead, simply clean them.

Damask Design Vinyl Washable Wallpaper
Damask Design Vinyl Washable Wallpaper

Probably because of the dusty seasons in Kenya almost everyone is looking for washable wallpaper. These are a group of wallpaper materials that differ in their composition as well as in their operational and decorative properties.  They withstand washing to various degrees.

All washable wallpapers have high strength, wear resistance and durability. You will find them easy to clean and you can use them in rooms with high humidity. These type of wallpaper is what you want to use in your kitchen in the bathroom and hallway. The only disadvantage of the of washable wallpaper is the inability to let air through. The same way they don’t let water in, is the same way they don’t let the walls breathe. Therefore you must make sure your walls are completely cured off moisture before you install these kind of wallpaper.

Wash-ability symbols on vinyl and other wallpapers

Vinyl and most of other Wallpaper Kenya products are washable. You can find the following symbols at the back of each wallpaper to guide you on how to clean it. Every roll of wallpaper has a wash-ability rating which is illustrated through a single symbol on the design’s label.  If you do not follow the correct procedure relating to your paper’s wash-ability, then this can lead to irreparable damage to the wallpaper itself.  There are five main symbols that you may encounter in this category.

Overview of wallpaper symbols:

Water resistant up to the time of processing
Water resistant up to the time of processing

Wallpaper paste stains on high-quality and delicate wallpaper surfaces are not harmless at all. In fact, they can have a detrimental effect on the surface and, once they have dried up, they can only be removed with difficulty or not at all. When applying paste and hanging the wallpaper, you need to be careful and attentive to prevent paste stains or remove them before they dry.

In our new advice blog, we illustrate the negative effect that paste stains can have on various types of wallpaper. We explain why you need to act quickly and early to remove such stains, and what you can do after paste stains have dried up and, depending on the type of wallpaper, to remedy the optical impairment.

Wash off wallpaper paste before it drys and becomes dirt

At the very least, all common print colours for wallpapers are waterproof. This means that you can carefully dab off minor stains with a damp cloth. One might assume that because the powder-based wallpaper paste is mixed with water, the front of the wallpaper would automatically be resistant to the paste: on the contrary, uncoated wallpapers (i.e. all wallpapers except vinyl) will be damaged by paste stains on the front. The ingredients of the paste soften the print colours, so that when you attempt to remove the paste too late, the wallpaper colour comes off, too.






Scrub resistantWater-soluble dirt can be removed with a light soapy water or mild abrasive and sponge or a soft brush.


Resistant to abrasion

Preparations to clean the vinyl washable wallpaper

With our instructions, we help you to get clean walls again.
  1. First remove all dust or dirt from the walls. You can either use a broom or a vacuum cleaner.
  2. So that your furniture is not damaged, you should cover it with a film. Light switches and sockets should also be taped.
  3. Pick up two buckets. Fill one with water while the other fill a mixture of water and baking soda.
  4. Now remove any adhesive residue or coarse dirt from the wallpaper.
  5. Note: Before you start cleaning the walls, you should put on gloves.

Remove dirt from the wall properly

How to Clean Wallpaper
How to Clean Wallpaper
If you have successfully removed coarse dirt and adhesive residues, you can now dedicate yourself to cleaning.
  1. First apply the mixture of water and baking soda to the dirt.
  2. Let it work for a few minutes. Then remove the mixture with clear water.
  3. To dry off you should use either a kitchen roll or a dish towel.
  4. Tip: It is best to work from the bottom up. This is the most effective way to do it.
  5. If the water gets too dirty, you should replace it. You should also replace the mixture of baking soda and water in between.
Following here under are the main types of washable wallpaper available at Wallpaper Kenya.

Vinyl washable wallpaper Vs Contact Paper

Vinyl washable is a good example of several kinds of Washable Wallpaper. It is washable only using a wet cloth and not with direct water. On the hand Contact Paper is 100% washable. Use contact paper for wet rooms such as bathroom walls. Use it on shower cubicles, kitchen walls and kitchen and bathroom counter-tops. Miraculously, contact paper is also protective—so if you don’t have a back-splash, you can slap some up on the wall behind your oven and wipe it clean when it gets covered in kitchen grime and grease.

 marble contact paper counter-top
marble contact paper counter-top

Washable, Removable and Reuse-able Mural Wallpaper

We just love wallpaper in all its shapes and sizes! Even so, our relationship status with wallpaper tended to be “complicated” in the past. Especially as regards wash-ability. Which is why, at Wallpaper Kenya, we have embarrassed new technology and adapted customized wall murals. Now it perfectly meets your needs and fits our lives: It’s produced in one piece in any desired format, is easy to hang, and can be peeled off again in one piece.

You can also move to your new house or apartment with it, wipe it off dirt and even toss it in the washing machine. And it’s extremely light and can be folded up in a small package. Last but not least, customized mural wallpapers simply look fabulous. Because the “how it looks” is for you to decide. For you get to choose from a huge range of motifs from various categories. And even you can decide to use your own photos and designs.

You will use different solutions for different kinds of stains

There are countless options for a stain on the wallpaper. Unfortunately there is not a working remedy for everyone. In the worst case, you just have to replace a piece of wallpaper. But that shouldn’t make you lose heart, because there are so many ways.

Remove grease stains from the vinyl washable wallpaper

There are different means to remove grease stains from vinyl wallpaper. As well as different solutions depending on the material of other kinds of wallpaper. On paper or wood-chip wallpaper, simple school chalk is a good solution.

You rub the stain with it and brush the chalk off the next day. You may have to repeat this process again until all the grease has been sucked out of the wallpaper.

Removing Fingerprints around the light switch on washable vinyl wallpaper

You can gently dab the greasy fingerprints around the light switch on a white or very light wallpaper with a little diluted chlorine cleaner. But you should never get your hands on the cleaner.

You can remove fingerprints and smudges by spot cleaning with an artist’s gum eraser. But for older or more delicate wallpapers, opt for a “dry sponge” from a hardware store. With dry sponge you will remove dirt without adding moisture to the wallpaper. Use long strokes to remove dirt more gently with the dry sponge, rather than focusing on spot cleaning.

Erase dark spots on vinyl washable wallpaper with a magic eraser

Many dark spots, such as those from dirty fingers or a blown out candle, can simply be erased with an eraser. But here too, always try carefully first. Scuff marks and minor stains can most likely be removed with a magic eraser sponge. A magic eraser is made out of melamine foam which acts as a gentle abrasive. And this is a great way for removing stains and scuffs from just about any surface.

To use a magic eraser, all you need to do is get it damp and wring it out. From there, you can scrub away stains from your wallpaper using small, circular motions.

Just be careful to test the magic eraser on a small and inconspicuous area of your walls. That is before moving forward with the entire wall. Some types of wallpaper may be more delicate and may not hold up well to the abrasiveness of a magic eraser sponge. It is recommended that you test a small area and wait for 24 hours. That is in order to make sure there is no discoloration or other damage before moving forward.

You might not be comfortable using a magic eraser on your vinyl washable wallpaper. Because you’re worried the colors will run or other damage will occur. In that case look into purchasing a cleaning dough specifically made for use on wallpaper.

This “wallpaper cleaning dough” can literally be dabbed across a stain to remove it. You can find this at your local home improvement store  or  you can use artist’s dough from a local craft store. It will work just as well, even if it’s not specifically designed for use on wallpaper.