Wallpaper at Nairobi City Centre

As from mid October 2019 you will get your wallpaper at Nairobi Central Business District.  There are advantages and disadvantages of a wallpaper business location at Nairobi City Center. But this should be a pleasant surprise to our dealers all over the country. Mainly because it will now be easier and faster to get our wallpaper delivered from Nairobi City Center.

Would you like to shop for your wallpaper at Nairobi City Center? Or at our main godown at Mazeras Center, Langata Road, where it is less crowded and we have ample secure car parking? The choice is your. Our advice would be for end users to shop at our Nairobi West Shop. And for Wholesale buyers and retailers to shop at the Nairobi Nairobi City Center.

Interior decorators will be able to get some other wallpaper supplies from our Nairobi City Center Shop. These includes wallpaper adhesive, snap knife and blades. But we might have everything you require. For instance you will from time to time require step ladders. Such tools are easily found in hardware shops near our Nairobi City Center Wallpaper Shop. As a wallpaper interior decorator paying us a visit, please note what else you might require:

  • Wallpaper Smoother

You will definitely need a smoother to use when hanging wallpapers with hard-wearing surfaces. Such as non-woven renovation material or vinyl wallpapers on non-woven substrates. You will also use it as a cutting edge when wallpapering.

  • Seam Roller (conical)

    Not absolutely necessary but you might want a conical seam roller to use to press the seams of embossed vinyl wallpapers.

  • Utility Knife
    You will find a utility knife an indispensable wallpapering tool, which should ideally has a snap-off blade. You will use it for cutting wallpaper around skirting boards, doors etc.
  • Seam Roller
    Although you can easily do away with a seam roller, made from soft plastic, you might want it to press the seams of delicate wallpapers.
  • Paint Roller
    Use a paint roller (with synthetic fibers) for applying paste directly to the wall.  “Paste the wall” technique for hanging non-woven wallpapers or for applying wallpaper primer etc.
  • Paperhanging Shears
    The standard tool for cutting lengths of wallpapers
  • Rubber Roller/Pressure Roller
    You might want a foam rubber roller or plastic roller to use to apply pressure to wallpaper lengths (for embossed vinyl and vinyl wallpapers).

Why the Nairobi City Center (CBD) Wallpaper Shop

Having a wallpaper center in the heart of Nairobi means we are now at the epicenter of everything in respect to wallpaper in Kenya. A network of road and railway transport already exists. Therefore you,  customers and others others who want shop for bulk wallpaper will find it very convenient at Nairobi City Center.

The main purpose of locating a our wallpaper shop in Nairobi Central Business District is accessibility. Nairobi CBD has good connectivity and infrastructure. Coming from any town in Kenya or outside Kenya you will now find it easy to reach us. You also find the commute easier.

It is also and advantage for you can combine your business/work-related tasks with wallpaper shopping. All without stepping out of Nairobi Central Business District. You can shop for your wallpaper and meet a business associate or a friend for lunch a without any problem. The accessibility to malls, movie places, concerts, restaurants makes it easy for you to mix business with pleasure. A bit of grocery shopping and a business meeting at a cafe are easily do-able.

Shop and window shop at Nairobi City Center, to stay abreast of what’s happening in the wallpaper and interior decor sector.

Suitability of Nairobi CBD as Foreign Wallpaper Trade Center

Wallpaper Kenya distributes to Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda among other foreign countries. Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, the United Republic of Tanzania, have made trade between them and with other countries cheaper. This is a significant boost for economic integration in East Africa and continental trade facilitation.

Locating our wallpaper shop at Nairobi City Center enables our foreign wallpaper customers visit a varieties of other markets. Enjoy open-air markets, meat and fish markets as well as clothes or flea markets. Some of the main markets are in Nairobi City.