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Wallpaper in Nakuru

Wallpaper in Nakuru now cost the same as wallpaper in Nairobi courtesy of Wallpaper Kenya Nakuru. In the not so far past Wallpaper in Nakuru was much more expensive than wallpaper in Nairobi due to the cost of ferrying Wallpaper Installers from Nairobi to Nakuru. However this is not the case anymore. We have appointed wallpaper Nakuru agents. As a result you dont have to pay travel expenses for wallpaper installation staff from Nairobi. Not only have we now appointed Wallpaper Installers resident in Nakuru but we have also equipped them with skills. In spite of this there are not yet enough wallpaper shops in Nakuru considering the huge market. Nakuru is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. We are calling for more interior designers and home decorators to open wallpaper shops to meet the rising demand.

You can view our wallpaper online by visiting our online shop and then request to see and choose from our hard copy wallpaper catalogs with our Wallpaper Nakuru Agents. That way you will be sure of what you are buying. Wallpaper soft copy pictures or images as well as computer browsers sometimes do distort color.  Wallpaper Kenya Nakuru Agents may also help you to take measurements of the rooms you want to decorate in order to give you a precise price quotation. Some people do buy wallpaper while traveling. It is not uncommon to forget to by the wallpaper adhesive. Don’t worry, you will get wallpaper adhesive right in Nakuru from us.

Wallpaper Designs in Nakuru.

We have all kinds of wallpaper designs. The brick wallpaper is classic and the world’s timeless most favorite wallpaper. We also have pink flamingos wallpaper designs, pink flamingos at Lake Nakuru draws guests from around the world. Other birds wallpaper designs are also available. Ask for plain textured wallpaper designs, living room wallpaper, bedroom wallpaper, children’s wallpaper, damask wallpaper designs, 3d geometric wallpaper, floral wallpaper, ceiling wallpaper or customized wallpaper.

Matching Wallpaper with Curtains Seamstress in Nakuru. 

Wangechi, our Nakuru Wallpaper Agent is also a curtains seamstress. Matching wallpaper and curtains always works so well. Whether it is an new house or you have existing curtains Wangechi will help you match your wallpaper with the curtains to add ample dimension with none of the visual clutter that typically comes from contrasting drapes.

Nakuru Scenic Customized Wallpaper. 

Nakuru is a beautiful scenic natural wildlife habit surrounded by wooded and bushy grassland and the beautiful Lake Nakuru. Local and foreign tourist enjoy the wide ecological diversity from Lake Nakuru itself to the surrounding escarpment and picturesque ridges. Bring the outdoor mood into your living room and lounges through customized wallpaper.

Although we have pre-printed flamingos wallpaper it is not the same as taking photographs with your camera of Lake Nakuru flamingos, probably event with your family in the picture, and reproducing this on wallpaper as souvenir.  Other scenes that can be customized as Nakuru souvenirs include the Menegai Crater Located on the northern side of Nakuru. Menegai Crater is the single largest surviving volcanic crater in the world. The Menengai Crater is an extinct volcano that offers striking views of Lake Nakuru, Lake Bogoria and the crater itself.

Scenic Lake Elementeita Customized Wallpapers 

Other beauties to capture on Wallpaper in Nakuru are scene scene from Lake Elementeita, Located 40km from Nakuru along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway. Lake Elementeita is a World Heritage Site since the year 2011. Attractions to capture on wallpaper here include Flamingos, the Great white pelicans, Great crested Grebe, Rothschild giraffe and Aardvark (nocturnal).

Wallpaper Business in Nakuru

There is a huge unexploited market for wallpaper in Nakuru. Interior designers, interior decorators and home improvement stores should take up wallpaper business. Start a wallpaper business to meet this demand and take advantage of the business opportunity. One sector to compound the need for wallpaper in Nakuru is President Uhuru Kenyatta’s affordable housing project. The World Bank selected the Nakuru County as the pioneer for the realization of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s ambition to build half a million houses by 2022.

If you could be interested in starting your own wallpaper business in Nakuru, talk to us. We are looking for businesses and individuals passionate in interior decoration and wallpaper in Nakuru to partner with. It is quite easy to start a wallpaper business in Nakuru. to do so you not necessarily have to keep stock or tie money. All you need are the hard-copy wallpaper catalogs and the skill to install wallpaper. All your wallpaper clients will want you to install the wallpaper for them. You can learn a lot on how to install wallpaper by watching YouTube videos on the subject. We also give free practical training in Wallpaper installation.