FA881504 Damask Wallpaper

Wallpaper Kenya is all about interior decoration. There are two broad categories or kinds of wallpaper. One category is computer screen and the other one is interior decor. Here were will talk more of interior decor than of computer screens. But we will mention the similarities. We aim to help you understand what options are available to you. At the end of this article you will know how to choose wallpaper. You will also learn its advantages versus paint, its aesthetics or beauty, durability, maintenance and cost effectiveness. Here shortly you will learn the elements of interior decoration and a few tricks interior designers use to make a house beautiful.

Reading a short history of wallpaper in Kenya as well as worldwide will enlighten you on why the prices have been falling even as the quality rises.

Similarities of interior decor and computer screen wallpaper

  • Both are used for decoration
  • They are pictures or images, either solid color or patterned
  • Modern interior walls decoration as well as the computer screen background are digital images (photo, drawing etc.) . Both are used as a decorative background either of a wall at home or graphical user interface on the screen of a computer, or smartphone. While at home wallpaper are used instead of paint on a computer they are generally used on the desktop.