With Grey wallpaper to decorate your home or offices, you can not go wrong. If you like grey walls, but not monotonous, flat and boring, now you can use textured wallpaper in any room with grey designs and motifs.

Plus in case you don’t find one ready to use we can customize it. And with customized grey wallpaper you can achieve the exact hue or shade of grey you want. However we have a range of grey colors with a wide variety of shades.
A top quality product, easy to install so there are no bubbles inside and with a matte finish to avoid glare on the walls.

Shades of grey have re-imposed themselves in wall decoration. If you like it but it doesn’t convince you, the solution is in a shade of  grey. Much warmer than a white, but just as elegant and bright, suitable for any style and environment. Whether light grey or pearl grey, medium or dark, grey is a perfect color to wallpaper any room.

Renew the decoration of your home with the grey wall paper to mark your decoration trend and your character to decorate. Find the design you prefer, for children and for adults with multiple themes to choose from.


Elegance of color

Grey is one of the most popular colors among the most popular wallpaper for walls. Off and neutral, it forms the backdrop for any type of furniture, of any color and style. In part it is true – especially in the case of light shades of grey it is difficult to find furnishings that aesthetically punch. However, there are chromatic solutions that combined with grey make a better effect compared to the others. An interior furnished in this way appears more natural and tasteful. Especially in the case of furnishing accessories that will be particularly exposed, such as paintings, posters or wall stickers.

Grey is one of the neutral colors par excellence, and comes from the fusion of black and white. It is a relaxing and welcoming nuance. But it cannot be considered a single color. In fact, there are many shades of grey wallpaper. The important thing, if you want to wallpaper the walls in this grey, is to choose the right one according to the environment. To avoid darkening or flattening it the space.

You can use grey in any and all rooms

Do you think that a grey and white interior will be boring and drab? Some people do think that way. But that is a fallacy that I don’t know where it came from. And if you look closely, it turns out that this statement is just a stereotype, based on the understanding that something gray is deprived of individuality and “flavor”.

On the contrary, grey wallpaper is great for spaces in classic style. But here you have to take its pastel shades. If you combine light shades of grey with white, the interior will be easier to decorate. A wall decoration with this base can be of any style, even the most modern. If you combine saturated tones with grey and white wallpaper, the interior receives a unisex design. In the sense that neither very masculine nor very feminine details will prevail.

You can use, in every room in the house, the combination of grey wallpaper on some walls and white on others. With a grey wallpaper on focal wall in the bedroom you will achieve excellent aesthetic results. Another idea for a sophisticated bedroom can be to wallpaper all the walls grey, but choose white for the furniture and decorations. Even in the the bathroom and washrooms, the combination of grey and white is great. Most especially since white is synonymous with cleanliness and hygiene. And thus the combination grey and white makes the bathroom look very sophisticated and modern. If the areas normally tiled in the bathroom are white, then use the grey wallpaper on all the areas normally painted.

Our favorite grays are:

  1. Pearl grey wallpaper: gives a precious touch and a lot of brightness to the environment;
  2. Taupe wallpaper: delicate mix of brown and gray, it is a color with a thousand shades and very trendy;

Taupe wallpaper

  1. Geiger wallpaper : a hybrid between beige and gray, and is a very warm and refined shade of gray;
  2. Graphite gray grey: creates a very relaxing background, beautiful when combined with bright colors such as pink;
  3. Smoke gray  wallpaper: a very elegant and glamorous tone. But use it in moderation because it is very dark (for example, only on one wall of the room).


Grey brick wallpaper

In our catalog you will find a multitude of plain color wallpaper  designs with which you can decorate your home or office in a pure way. You will see a wide variety of textures with grey colors or combined with other colors. you will also find a multitude of designs with grey backgrounds in which there will be geometric wallpaper of different colors such as designs and objects such as triangles.

Visit Wallpaper Kenya to see our 3D effects grey brick wallpapers, not to mention images of landscapes and drawings. We have a wide variety of shades of  grey brick wallpaper with which you can choose the design that best suits you. And create your own style in any room in your house or office. Be it bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room, any room you want

Our Plain Grey wall paper is of Premium quality matte finish so you can decorate your home with your own taste and with a design that will not leave anyone indifferent. Thanks to its high European quality it will last a long time. You will place it in a simple way following the installation instructions that will come with it and you can buy the accessories you need to place it. Or ask our installation staff to do it for you

Buy the grey background wallpaper that you like the most and you won’t get tired of looking at it. All your visitors will be fascinated with your good taste.

Discover the geometric wallpaper range

The grey geometric decorative wallpaper were created for modern environments furnished according to the latest trends. Geometric wallpaper is a reason for you who is looking for unconventional solutions in you modern apartment. And you can create a wonderful environment that will leave you and your guests amazed. Thanks to the original appearance, the geometric wallpaper will be a fantastic decorative accent. We invite you to take a look at the collection of geometric wallpapers in which you can find surprising inspirations to furnish your interior.

 Triangle geometric design

At Wallpaper Kenya you will now find Geometric, Abstract and Modern Wallpapers to dress and decorate your walls. And you will distinguish geometric wallpaper by its figures, shapes and 3D volumes. These are the designs you see in squares, spheres, rhombuses, or circles, combined with colors and shades that transmit movement and depth. These wallpapers are the current trend. The magic in these wall papers is that they stands out for the color contrast of the figure and the background. Thus bringing a note of style to the space.

Grey striped wallpaper - Call: 0720271544 Wallpaper Kenya.

You will find grey geometric wallpaper a stylish and versatile option making it a great match for your dream interior look.

Grey Brick Wallpaper

An original way to highlight drywall and plaster walls of your home is with brick wallpaper. And when you do with grey finishes you can achieve a unique and modern interior. Thanks to various options, color shades, sizes and textures in which you can find them. That is why it is important that you choose the type of brick wallpaper that best suits the style of your house and your personality. These designs not only beautifies and gives realism to the space, they also isolate external noise and resists humidity.

White and Grey brick wallpaper

Slate grey brick

Slate wallpaper

Slate is a sedimentary rock widely used in construction. Not only for covering roofs or covering fireplaces, it is also widely used in finishing external walls with a rustic appearance. The new furnishing trends also bring this material into the home environment, successfully combining it with various contemporary styles. And if you would you like a nice slate wall in your home? You don’t have to resort to expensive renovations, you can use realistic wallpaper

This decorative trend of exposed brick to decorate the wall has spread and is adapting to all kinds of styles and environments. Becoming the ideal accessory for both urban and rustic-style rooms.

Use the slate Grey wallpaper for a cool, neutral, and balanced color scheme. The overall effect you will achieve is  a formal, Conservative and sophisticated interior decor.

The color slate grey is a timeless and practical color that is that communicates some of the strength and mystery of black. It is a sophisticated color that lack the negativity of the color black. Light grey can carry some of the attributes of the color white.

Black and Grey Damask Wallpaper

Featuring intricately repeated patterns, grey damask wallpaper provides a stunning backdrop for almost any room and is versatile too.

Get contemporary style with black damask wallpaper featuring embossed hints of grey, white or silver grey. These monochrome pattern wallpapers work perfectly with velvet texture soft furnishings or grey furniture to create a clean and modern look.

And you can also go traditional with classic damask wallpaper available in soft purples, pinks, creams and more. Damask patterns, in any color, look great in your living room, dining room or hallway and can be used as a feature wall or to decorate the entire room. But you will find grey damask more classic a wallpaper, always in-style and elevates your home’s theme.

Damask wallpaper

Grey striped wallpaper

When it comes to stripes on walls, vertical or horizontal patterns are not your only options. In fact, the decorative effects you can achieve with wallpaper are limited only by your imagination!

Grey vertical stripes are the most popular pattern – so much so that they are usually what comes to mind first when we think about stripes on walls.

Bathroom wallpaper

When you do in the right size and colors, vertical stripes can visually elongate the walls. So this is the type to use whenever you need to create an illusion of higher ceilings. Regular, 2-color patterns in subdued tones like grey are a classic look, but you can funk things up by using multiple colors and stripe sizes.

On the other hand, use horizontal stripes to make a room seem more expansive – similar to how a dress with horizontal stripes makes you appear broader. You can use this effect to your advantage in small, shoe-box sized rooms. Or to correct the shape of a dis-proportionally oblong room (by striping just 1 or 2 walls).

But remember that broad horizontal stripes look rather casual, and so may not be appropriate for traditional formal settings.