music wallpaper

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Music wallpaper murals are full-fledged pictures that cover the surface of the wall from floor to ceiling, creating a unique atmosphere and comfort. It is a type of wallpaper mural that features musical elements, such as musical instruments, musicians, musical notes, or abstract designs. It can be used to decorate any room in your home. […]


Rock guitarists hands, playing guitar, with multi-coloured fantasy music wallpaper in bright colours. Original artwork in acrylic on canvas

Music wallpaper can add a touch of personality and style to any space, and it can also create a unique and inviting atmosphere.

Musical notes stave, line pattern. symbols or icon for staff and music wallpaper key note theme. Treble, voice, wave. Piano, jazz sound notes. Vector key sign. Classic clef. Doodle quaver G melody on paper.

There are many different types of music wallpaper available, from realistic photos to abstract designs.

Vector Illustration of an abstract background with music wallpaper

You can find wallpaper that features your favorite band or artist, or you can choose a more general design that reflects your love of music.

Set of various musical instruments illustration

Music wallpaper is also available in a variety of colors and finishes, so you can find the perfect match for your décor.

Guitar Hand Painted Oil Painting, Abstract Colours, colourful painting

One of the best things about music wallpaper is that it is very versatile. It can be used to create a variety of different moods, from relaxing and calming to energetic and exciting.

Rockstar playing on guitar, music wallpaper vector

You can also use music wallpaper to create a focal point in a room or to add a touch of personality to any space.

Jazz music festival, poster background template. Keyboard with music notes. Layers (background, texture, keyboard, text). Vector design.

How to choose music wallpaper?

By wisely choosing a musical theme in the design of the walls, you can emphasize the sophistication of design solutions in the interior, as well as demonstrate the subtlety of taste.

3d illustration of musical notes and musical signs of abstract music wallpaper. Songs and melody concept

First, you need to decide on the style in which you would like to see the room.

3d illustration of musical notes and musical signs of abstract music sheet.Songs and melody concept

At Wallpaper Kenya you will find a selection of everything related to music.

Piano on the beach. Piano en la naturaleza al atardecer. Arte e instrumentos musicales. Concept of piano music. 3D Illustration

Photos of all kinds of musical instruments: violins, electric cellos, pianos, grand pianos, guitars, xylophones, drums, trumpets, double basses, synthesizers, saxophones…

Jazz player with trumpet vector illustration music wallpaper

Also, those that are extremely rare today. Bagpipes, balalaikas, flutes, banduras and harps.

 Janmashtami festival vector with Lord Krishna playing flute vector illustration background, banner, digital post, poster, and card design

Do you have any favorite singers or do you like group projects?

Elvis presley vector illustrator wallpaper background

You will see many photographs with images of your favorite performers here: Pink Floyd, Paramore, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Okean Elzy, Druga Rika, Linkin Park, HIM, POD, Nickelback, Elvis Presley, Rammstein, One Republik.

Colourful trumpet with watercolour painting Abstract music wallpaper.

Also photographs and portraits of famous musicians and creators of great masterpieces of the past.

A nice template of musical instrument named harmonium, synthesizer, piano, anacardium

There are also photo collages of various genres: rock, pop, jazz, chanson, classics and folk.

Violin Classic Music Wallpaper

Without this would not a single melodic composition exist? Of course, without notes.

Seamless pattern with animal musicians. Cute kids characters playing music on guitar, violin, fife, drums and sax. Endless repeatable background. Colored flat vector illustration on white

In the Wallpaper Kenya library, you can see pictures of treble clefs and music books, as well as directors and entire orchestras, translating musical notes into live sound.

treble clefs music wallpaper

Inspiring illustrations of people performing tunes live in nature.

Repetition of rock music band. Cropped image of electric guitar player. Rehearsal base

The power of the mountains and the beauty of the nature surrounding them will influence you.

Colourful music wallpaper.

And who knows, maybe by installing a similar wallpaper mural you will create something unique and amazing.

Streams. Abstract seamless pattern. Vector.

Music wallpaper murals will fill your life with unforgettable emotions and impressions.

Hand drawn spring pattern with cute cartoon goose. illustration in hand drawn style for children's room music wallpaper design. Vector illustration Seamless pattern.

And will help you enjoy the beauty of music every day!

Euphonium. Wind musical instrument. Colouring book ant stress for children and adults. Illustration isolated on white background.Zen-tangle style.

Guitar music wallpaper

Wallpaper with a guitar will fit perfectly into the interior of your home. They can be hung in the living room, kitchen, or children’s room.

Cheerful young curly haired female musician in headphones playing acoustic guitar while sitting on floor near sofa and looking down

The acoustic guitar wallpaper combines perfectly with different home decorative styles. Be it vintage, retro, zen, or classic.

An acoustic guitar standing in the sandy beach under palm tree, music wallpaper

With the guitar wallpaper, you can create unique and special environments.

abstract guitar composition

Photomurals adhere to flat surfaces such as walls, glass, or furniture.

Set of vector guitar shop logo. Music wallpaper for audio store, branding or poster.

Choose the wall mural that you like the most, among a wide variety of guitar photo wallpaper artworks.

close up of acoustic guitar over piano keys for music wallpaper with copy space

Classical music wallpaper

It is characterized by images of stringed musical instruments, and other peaceful and calm subjects such as harps.

Creative music style template vector illustration, colorful concert harp, music instrument with music staff and notes background. Design for poster, brochure, concert, music festival, music shop

Such wallpaper paintings do not evoke conflicting emotions.

Musical wallpaper with instrument set. Accordion, guitar, harp, ethnic drum, violin, saxophone. Can be used for orchestra, acoustic concert, music, school concept

They fill the space with a feeling of calm and harmony.

Musical texture backgrounds. Set of vintage background templates with piano, saxophone and sheet music. Abstract brush strokes with paint texture. Vector.

Classical music is a genre of music that originated in Europe and has been developed over centuries.

Studio portrait of a string quartet on a white background. African americans

It is characterized by its complex harmonies, melodies, and rhythms. Classical music is often performed by orchestras, chamber ensembles, and also by soloists.

Cinematic shot of Male Cellist Playing Cello Solo on an Empty Classic Theatre Stage with Dramatic Lighting. Professional Musician Rehearsing Before the Start of a Big Show with Orchestra

Here are some classical music wallpapers that you might like:

Grand piano wallpaper

A grand piano is a beautiful and elegant instrument.

White piano in autumn forest music wallpaper

A grand piano wallpaper can add a touch of sophistication to your office or home walls.

Creative vector illustration of piano keys. Art design jazz live concert music background. Abstract concept graphic element. Poster, flyer, leaflet or invitation template

Violin wallpaper

abstract music wallpaper from violin and piano keys with place for text, vector illustration

The violin is a versatile instrument that can be used to create a wide range of sounds.

violin rising from water, isolated on black. concept : music was originated from nature

A violin wallpaper can be both elegant and playful.

violin, acoustic guitar & electric bass for musical instrument concept

Orchestra wallpaper

An orchestra is a large ensemble of musicians that play a variety of instruments.

black background with musical instrument and notes illustration wallpaper art

An orchestra wallpaper can be both impressive and inspiring.

Flat monochromatic silhouette of an orchestra under the direction of a conductor against the background of bright multi-colored spots from spotlights

Music notes wallpaper

Music notes are the symbols that are used to represent musical sounds.

musical notes wallpaper

A music notes wallpaper can be both simple and elegant.

Colorful music notes background

Opera wallpaper

Opera is a type of musical theater that combines music, singing, and acting.

Cello Music Wallpaper with instruments on a stage

An opera wallpaper can be both dramatic and beautiful.

Cinematic Shot of Symphony Orchestra Musicians Performing on the Stage of a Classic Theatre During a Classical Music Concert. Focused Performers Playing Different Instruments

Rock music

Vector let's rock poster - with hand and lettering music wallpaper

Rock music is a broad genre of popular music that originated as “rock and roll” in the late 1940s and early 1950s in the United States.

Musician with a guitar. Rock guitarist guitar player abstract vector illustration with large strokes of paint

The terms “rock and roll” and “rock music” are often used interchangeably. Although the latter encompasses a wider range of styles, including hard rock, heavy metal, punk rock, and alternative rock.

Background "music" wallpaper

Here are some rock music wallpapers that you might like.

Rock band wallpaper

Music genre in text graphics

A rock band wallpaper can feature your favorite band members, album covers, or live concert photos.

Electric guitar wallpaper

Electric guitars shot close up. Music wallpaper

The electric guitar is one of the most iconic instruments in rock music.

bass player & spotlight background, isolated on black for music concept

An electric guitar wallpaper can be both striking and stylish.

Rock concert wallpaper

Concert stage with bright decoration and spotlights. Vector cartoon music wallpaper illustration of empty scene for rock festival, show, performance or presentation. Podium stage with truss, music and light equipment

A rock concert wallpaper can capture the energy and excitement of a live rock show.

rock and roll wallpaper

Rock and roll is characterized by a strong beat, simple melodies, and often rebellious lyrics.

TORONTO, CANADA, Nov 1, 2016 : Elvis collectors memorabilia from the "King of Rock and Roll", he is known as one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century.

It is often played on electric guitars, bass guitars, and drums.

Rock star dinosaur illustration for kid t shirt and other uses

Some of the most famous rock and roll musicians include Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan.

Vector illustration of crop unrecognizable male musician in sneakers playing electric guitar and jumping on stage near set of speakers against red background

Rock and roll has had a major impact on popular culture. It has inspired new styles of music, fashion, and dance. It has also been a powerful force for social and cultural change.

Nevermind Punk. Lettering font study in the style of punk aesthetic on deep blue background.

Here are some rock and roll wallpapers that you might like.

Vector illustration on the theme of rock and roll music wallpaper. Vintage design. Grunge background. Skull typography, t-shirt graphics, print, slogan, poster, banner, flyer, postcard

Elvis Presley wallpaper

Elvis Presley is one of the most iconic rock and roll performers of all time.

Rome, Italy - 01 November 2021, The cover Elvis The Rock 'n' roll years in a collection of great hits, by the King, on three CDs.

An Elvis Presley wallpaper can feature the King of Rock and Roll in his signature poses or performing on stage.

A teenage guy in the image of Elvis Presley with a microphone and a concert costume, music wallpaper

Chuck Berry wallpaper

Sumenep, East Java, Indonesia - March 09, 2023: Chuck Berry vector portrait illustration, isolated style, eps 8

Chuck Berry is another pioneer of rock and roll.

Chuck Berry in wpap pop art music wallpaper

A Chuck Berry wallpaper can feature the songwriter and guitarist in his signature duckwalk pose or playing his guitar.

Beast Coffee Svg Design Vol-3

The Beatles wallpaper

Jakarta, Indonesia - December 24 2018 John Lennon John Lennon is a famous band singer

The Beatles are one of the most popular and influential rock bands of all time.

Surabaya, Indonesia - February 28 2019 : John Lennon in wpap with Imagine lyric

A Beatles wallpaper can feature the Fab Four in their iconic Abbey Road pose or performing on stage.

The Rolling Stones wallpaper

Madiun, Indonesia - December 29, 2018 : Sir Michael Philip Jagger (born 26 July 1943) is an English singer-songwriter, composer and actor. Vocalist from Rolling Stone Band.

The Rolling Stones are another of the most popular and influential rock bands of all time.

Inspirational quote music wallpaper. "Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted"

A Rolling Stones wallpaper can feature the band members Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, and Charlie Watts in their signature poses or performing on stage.

Mick Jagger and Melanie Hamrick attend 2023 American Ballet Theatre's June Gala and Premiere of "Like Water For Chocolate" in New York on June 22, 2023 at The Metropolitan Opera House

Rock and roll symbols wallpaper

Cool grunge hand drawn electric guitar with distorted text in it. Rock Forever. EPS10 vector image.

A rock and roll symbols wallpaper can feature classic rock and roll symbols such as electric guitars, drums, microphones, and album covers.

Reggae music wallpaper

Reggae music wallpaper concept horizontal panoramic poster

Reggae music is a genre of popular music that originated in Jamaica in the late 1960s.

silhouette of reggae style Keyboard Keys. Design sticker - Vector

It is characterized by a strong beat, simple melodies, and often socially conscious lyrics.

Rasta wallpaper. Abstract pattern from marijuana cannabis on Rastafarian background colors with notes and stave. Music of Jamaica. Reggae. Vector Illustration

Reggae music has had a major impact on popular culture.

reggae bong and ukulele

And it continues to be one of the most popular genres of music in the world.

Seamless pattern with lion head with cannabis marijuana leaves on black background. Vector illustration. Rastaman style

If you are a fan of reggae music, you might enjoy decorating your home with reggae music wallpaper.

Here are a few ideas:

Bob Marley wallpaper

Bandung Indonesia, 19 March 2023: Bob marley illustration, Vector image

Bob Marley is one of the most iconic reggae musicians of all time.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - October, 01, 2022: Bob Marley, vector sketch illustration

A Bob Marley wallpaper can feature the reggae legend in his signature pose or performing on stage.

Bandung Indonesia, Januari 9th 2022: Bob marley illustration, isolated style

Reggae album cover wallpaper

reggae music with drum on old grunge background, illustration design elements

A reggae album cover wallpaper can feature your favorite reggae album artwork.

Reggae symbols wallpaper

King of Kings. Lion of Judah.(Rastafarian Reggae Symbol). Vector illustration.

A reggae symbols wallpaper can feature classic reggae symbols such as Rastafarian colors, Jamaican flags, and cannabis leaves.

Reggae beach wallpaper

Little happy baby in rastaman hat have fun, play reggae music on Hawaiian guitar, enjoy relaxing on ocean beach. Children healthy lifestyle. Travel, family activity on tropical island summer holiday

A reggae beach wallpaper can capture the relaxed and carefree vibe of reggae music.

Reggae concert wallpaper

Old and young people dancing on beach to man playing guitar. Elderly couple and family at reggae party flat vector illustration. Music, entertainment, Jamaica, summer, vacation concept for banner

A reggae concert wallpaper can capture the energy and excitement of a live reggae show.

Video recording of the concert. Reggae colors.

If you are looking for something more unique, you can also commission a custom reggae music wall mural. A custom wall mural can be designed to match your specific taste and style.
Abstract geometric musical seamless pattern of drum and percussion sets
You can choose to feature a favorite reggae artist, album cover, or symbol. You can also choose to have a mural created that depicts a specific scene or event related to reggae music.
Reggae poster with vinyl record and palms, vector illustration

No matter what your taste, there is a reggae music wallpaper or wall mural out there that is perfect for you.

Feet of professional tango dancers in dancing movement on bright background indoors

So start decorating and bring the vibe of reggae music into your home today!

Jazz music wallpaper

The jazz enthusiast is well catered for here, with retro and vintage-inspired jazz music art wallpapers.

Jazz music festival banner poster illustration vector. Background concept.

Or, if you’re a regular on the concert scene, update your walls with a festival or concert scene wallpaper mural.

Jazz poster of saxophone. Abstract vector illustration of musical instrument. Colorful performance of musician. Modern flyer drawing of saxophonist player. Concert jazzy music Live entertainment event

We also have dance music, classical music, piano, and acoustic wallpaper designs available.

Silhouette autumn or summer scene of saxophone musician man showing with blurry jazz trio band and twilight or sunset city scape background. Image for happy new year party or celebration concept.

Whichever music mural you choose, you can use your new music design in your living room, kitchen, dining room, or bedroom.

jazz musicians in the restaurant in the evening.

Or, if you run a music production business or even a music venue, you can enhance your interior design by using one of our musical art design options as an accent wallpaper within your building.

Silhouette of jazz musician vector eps music illustration

guitarist music wallpaper

A large guitar wallpaper mural can be a great way to create a focal point in any room.

Closeup photo of a white bass guitar. Music wallpaper

Choose a wall that is large enough to accommodate the mural and is not cluttered with other furniture or décor. The mural will be the star of the show, so make sure to give it plenty of space.

An acoustic guitar standing in the sandy beach under palm tree

A guitar mural is a great way to add a touch of your personality to your home. If you’re a music lover, a guitar mural is a perfect way to show off your passion. You can also choose a guitar mural that reflects your personal style.

Colorful Abstract lifestyle graffiti design with electric guitar and splashes Vector illustration

For example, if you have a modern home, you might choose a geometric guitar mural. If you have a more traditional home, you might choose a vintage guitar mural.

guitar pattern vector.

Use a guitar mural to create a theme in your room. If you’re creating a music-themed room, a guitar mural is a must-have.

An acoustic guitar standing at the sandy beach under palm tree

You can also use a guitar mural to create a specific theme in your room, such as a rock and roll theme, a country music theme, or a jazz music theme.

guitar on the beach In the summer

metal music

Heavy metal (or simply metal) is a genre of rock music that developed in the late 1960s and early 1970s, largely in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Vector music poster. Rock styles and genres typographic words cloud. Texture effects can be turned off.

With roots in blues rock, psychedelic rock, and acid rock, heavy metal bands developed a thick, monumental sound characterized by distorted guitars, extended guitar solos, emphatic beats, and loudness.

Background musical theme Flowers and feelings

Heavy metal is traditionally characterized by loud distorted guitars, emphatic rhythms, dense bass-and-drum sound, and vigorous vocals.

Vintage Label, Rock and Roll Style. Typography Elements. Concrete Background Texture.

Heavy metal subgenres variously emphasize, alter, or omit one or more of these attributes.

music notes background

eps10 vector music note background design

Music note wallpaper murals have become a popular option for music lovers looking to personalize their rooms uniquely and stylishly.

Playful vector illustration of song birds on slightly tangled wires music notes wallpaper. Can be tiled both horizontally and vertically.

These wallpapers exude a technical elegance that captures the essence and passion of music in its visual form.

green musical notes theme wallpaper

If you are a music lover and looking for a unique way to personalize your house walls, music note wallpapers are the perfect option.

A seamless background pattern with golden toned sheet music and ink stains, an abstract artistic repeat print

These backgrounds not only allow you to show your passion for music, but they also give you an elegant and sophisticated look for your home.

Cute cartoon Baby with headphones and a cap

With a wide variety of styles and designs, you’ll be able to find the perfect wallpaper that suits your tastes and personality.

Cute cartoon Teddy Bear with headphones and musical notes

To create a focal point in a room

A large, eye-catching music wallpaper can be a great way to create a focal point in a room.

Cute birds seamless pattern. Vector hand drawn illustration of funny sparrow playing a guitar, nesting box on a tree and musical notes. Perfect background for children`s room decoration

This is especially useful in open-concept spaces, where it can help to define different areas of the room.

Grunge musical background. Old paper texture, music notes wallpaper mural.

For example, a music wallpaper behind the sofa in a living room can create a cozy and inviting seating area.

Concept of rock. Energetic and fast music. Heavy metal, punk or indie music. Person standing on scene with electric guitar, performance of singer. Live sound. Cartoon flat vector illustration

To add visual interest to a space

Music Note Background

Music wallpaper comes in a wide variety of designs, from abstract patterns to realistic images of musical instruments and musicians.

Music Note Signs and Symbols Stripes Texture. Classic Concert Wallpaper Pattern Design. Melody Motif Texture.

This makes them a great way to add visual interest to any space, no matter what your décor style is.

Treble clef musical themed icon, over a yellow and pink circular motif with music notes

For example, a wallpaper with a bold, geometric design can add a touch of modernity to a minimalist living room.

Piano keys with purple and blue split lighting

To mask imperfections in a wall

Wallpaper can be used to mask imperfections in a wall, such as cracks, holes, or uneven surfaces.

Musical Space Wallpaper with Astronaut Musician

This can be a great way to save money on repairs, and it can also give your walls a fresh new look.

Violin with roses and sheet music. Seamless pattern of stringed bowed musical instruments on a black background with flowering plants. Trendy vector image in the style of symphony, rock, jazz, pop for

For example, a dark-colored music wallpaper mural can help to camouflage cracks in a light-colored wall.

Music on Wall. Collection of abstract art.

To improve the acoustics of a room

Music wallpaper can be used to improve the acoustics of a room by absorbing sound waves.

Antique busts covered in black paint. Modern Art music wallpaper. Set of vector illustrations. Typography design and vectorized 3D illustrations on the background.

This can be especially helpful in rooms with hard surfaces, such as tile or concrete floors.

Gramophone being pulled under water by tentacles

For example, a wallpaper with a textured surface can help to reduce echo and reverberation in a home theater.

a illustration music background with sheet music

To create a sense of privacy

Music wallpaper can be used to create a sense of privacy in a room, especially if it has windows that overlook a busy street or neighborhood.

Colorful music instruments design

For example, a wallpaper with a dark, opaque design can help block out light and make it more difficult for people to see inside your home.

Set of various black musical note icon isolated on transparent background. Vector illustration for music design. Melody tune symbol pattern. Key sign collection. Tone element art.

To add a touch of personality to a space

Music wallpaper is a great way to add a touch of personality to any space.

music; 3d illustration

Whether you’re a musician, a music lover, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of music, there’s a music wallpaper mural out there that’s perfect for you.

beautiful abstract colorful collage with notes and the violin clef.

For example, a music wallpaper mural with your favorite band or artist can help to show off your unique style.

Acoustic guitar on wood floor with copyspace

To express your creativity

Wallpaper is also a great way to express your creativity. If you’re feeling artistic, you can even create your custom music wallpaper.

Vector layered paper cut craft style composition of saxophone guitar trumpet violin, notes on abstract color background. Jazz music wallpaper for festival party

This is a great way to add a personal touch to your home and show off your artistic skills.

Abstract painting on the subject of music and rhythm

To show off your love of music

If you’re a music lover, there’s no better way to show off your passion than with a music wallpaper mural.

crazy astronaut playing guitar let's rock slogan vector cartoon illustration tee grapic wallpaper poster home textile baby shower pajama print design

Wallpaper is a great way to show off your favorite band or artist, or simply to express your love of music in general.



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