Contact paper is a self-adhesive product that comes in rolls of material usually eighteen inches in width and nine feet long to a roll. The paper is durable and water resistant making it a great way to protect items from stains and water damage. The contact paper can be used to cover walls, cabinets to protect them, or almost any other surface like book covers and larger projects. For ease of use the back of the paper has a white paper backing grid to make measuring and cutting easier.

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  • Sale! Bathroom wallpaper

    Bathroom wallpaper

    KSh 1,800.00

    The best Bathroom Wallpaper in Kenya Undoubtedly the best Bathroom Wallpaper in Kenya is Contact Paper. Bathroom wallpaper can be contact paper  as seen in this picture. Or it can be Vinyl washable wallpaper. So, which is better? While vinyl wallpaper can be damaged by water hitting it directly, contact paper is 100% Waterproof. Contact […]

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  • Corporate Wallpaper

    The best corporate wallpaper for walls, decorative wallpaper that will provide style to your Office or Reception, is custom made. But we also have off the self preprinted wallpaper designs that will pass for the general office walls. With custom wallpaper, for KS 2000 per square meter only, you can incorporate your logo, texture message, […]

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  • Marble design wallpaper LCPX150-5803

    The marble design wallpaper LCPX150-5803, is also known as marble contact paper. Use it to achieve marble look in your home while keeping things affordable. Marble contact paper is self adhesive, and easy to fix. These faux marble design textured wallpaper achieves all the beautiful décor of real marble. And it is achieved without the […]

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  • Self-adhesive contact paper

    Self-adhesive contact paper, as its name suggests, is one that has the property of sticking to a surface by itself. And you don’t need water or a special activator. You can call it peel and stick if you like. And it sticks without wetting. Some refer to it as vinyl contact paper. Because it’s a […]

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