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Browse our library for other shades of blue wallpaper. We have a variety of blue wallpapers including plain blue. It would be nice if you visited us as it is not all the blue wallpapers we have in soft copy. It is noteworthy that we also have custom designs and size wallpaper. That means you […]


Browse our library for other shades of blue wallpaper. We have a variety of blue wallpapers including plain blue.

Blue mountain and golden line arts background vector. Oriental Luxury landscape background design with watercolor brush and gold line texture. Blue wallpaper design. Wall art for home décor and prints.

It would be nice if you visited us as it is not all the blue wallpapers we have in soft copy.

Blue Mountains, watercolor landscape, hand drawing

It is noteworthy that we also have custom designs and size wallpaper.

3d render. Abstract surreal seascape background with rocky mountains and mirror arches. Fantastic landscape wallpaper

That means you can achieve whatever shade of blue wallpaper you want.

Vintage garden fruit trees, palm trees, sakura trees, plant floral seamless pattern on white background. Exotic blue chinoiserie wallpaper.

Blue is not a color you see all that frequently in homes.

Seamless pattern monotone blue tropical in the forest unique design in vector for fashion, fabric, wallpaper , wrapping , and all prints on white background color

Because it is not as easy to work with as earth colors brown or beige.

Wave of particles on dark background. Technology backdrop. Pattern for presentations. 3d

But textured blue wallpaper can be striking when set off by metallic s, crisp whites, or even a deep red.

Drawn exotic tropical leaves on blue wall. Floral background. Design for wallpaper, photo wallpaper, mural, card, postcard.

Blue is a cool color by nature. And it works well with pretty much any other cool tone: grey, purple, and even black.

Blue and yellow spring flowers watercolor background. Easter illustration

Using color combinations like these will give your room a sense of stability and calm.

Seamless pattern with white and blue volumetric waves. Abstract background.

For higher contrast use a warm accent color, like red or yellow.

red gradient with blue lowpoly

In color, psychology blue represents the expansive sky as well as the sea.

Gorgeous seamless pattern white and blue Moroccan, italian wall tiles, Azulejo, ornaments. Can be used for wallpaper, pattern fills, web page background,surface textures.

And is associated with open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination, inspiration, and sensitivity.

Toile Engraving Tropical Islands Seamless Pattern, Oriental Palm Trees Wallpaper, Wildlife Tigers in Exotic Plants Ocean Beach Blue on White Background, Linear Jungle Oceania India Landscape Print

Therefore a blue wallpaper in your room will represent meanings of depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, heaven, and intelligence.

Watercolor art background vector. Wallpaper design with winter flower paint brush line art. Earth tone blue, pink, ivory, beige watercolor Illustration for prints, wall art, cover and invitation.

And it has positive effects on the mind and the body.

Vintage seamless pattern. Flowers background in provence style. Decorative ornament backdrop for fabric, textile, wrapping paper, card, invitation, wallpaper, web design.

Because it invokes rest and causes the body to produce chemicals that are calming and exude feelings of tranquility.

Floral seamless pattern, Anthurium flowers with leaves in blue tone on dark blue

Blue interior wall decoration will help to slow human metabolism, is cooling in nature, and helps with balance and self-expression.

Blue for boys’ rooms and pink for girls?

Do you ever wonder why blue wallpaper for boys’ rooms and pink for girls?

Baby bright colorful balloons in the blue sky. Drawn children's book illustration. Beautiful design for card, postcard, wallpaper, photo wallpaper, mural. Design for children, nursery, teenage room.

Well, color preferences can be influenced by cultural norms. In most western cultures where like ours,  pink ours considered an acceptable color for a newborn girl, and blue for a boy.

Speed racer poster with blue sport car, flag, dirty spray pint ink. Automobile illustration. boys background For print, baby clothes, t shirt, child or posters

Therefore children from the cradle get used to the abundance of these colors in their own clothes and even in surrounding objects.

Tropical pattern, palm leaves seamless vector floral background. Exotic plant on sea stripes print illustration. Summer blue jungle print. Leaves of palm tree on paint lines.

As a result, it is difficult to understand whether the craving for one color or another, which manifests itself in later life, is innate. 

children's picture of a mountain with a bear on a plane for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

One-year-old boys and girls were shown pairs of identical items, one pink and the other a different color. The children chose the pink object no more than any other.

seamless baby background

In the group of children aged two years and older, girls more often preferred pink. And in the group of four-year-old’s, boys clearly rejected pink. This is exactly the age at which pre-preschoolers begin to realize their gender.

Child touching the stars in the sky. Kids dream vector illustration in paper art origami style. Paper cut design concept. Fairy tale wallpaper in baby room.

And distinguish it in those around them and look closely at which signs define boys and which define girls.

 funny cute animals having fun on the branches in the tropics art drawing children's animals photo obi

It turns out that even young children show preferences that are characteristic of the group to which they belong – just like adults.

Baby boy seamless pattern with cars. Automobile on dark blue childish background. Texture with red, white and light blue toy cars for kids textiles and nice apparel. Print for cute design of nursery.

You can, of course, objected that the presence of a particular color in the environment of children in the early stages of development does not really matter.

Seamless hand drawn pastel baby blue dinosaur pattern with polka dot leopard spots background. Kids watercolor and crayon art cartoon dino silhouettes. Boys baby shower or nursery wallpaper backdrop

But in reality this factor can even affect how adults relate to them, children.

Modern blue wallpaper designs

navy and gold

Hand made abstract Fluid art with watercolor, alcohol ink, acrylic, stain. Abstract marble background with Elegant gold lines, veins for wall art. Liquid texture wallpaper on modern style.

blue and silver


grey and blue

Watercolor floral seamless pattern. Delicate botanical repeat print. Flowers, leaves vintage design. Blue, grey background for textile, fabric, apparel, wrapping paper, packaging, wallpaper.

blue peel and stick

3d foam brick wall panel for boys who like blue
3d foam brick wall panel for boys who like blue
3d foam wall panels
3d foam wall panels

brick wallpaper

navy blue floral

white shine tropical plants seamless pattern fashionable with navy monochromatic style monstered palm leaves and abstract flower on night background. Exotic tropics.

wallpaper for the bedroom

Young happy couple looking at each other, sitting, dating at table with drinks at café. Hand drawn flat vector illustration in pastel soft tone colored pencil texture style isolated on pink background.

herringbone wallpaper

Watercolor herringbone motif in blue. Hand painted geometric seamless pattern

Seamless wood parquet texture (horizontal herringbone various blue white)

white and navy wallpaper

cute all over white seamless vector leaf pattern on navy background

teal wallpaper

Seamless pattern ornamental watercolor texture luxury style wallpapers textile interior design golden monochrome classic geometry modern print.

sky wallpaper

Wallpaper Nature Work Space Sky Forest Waterfall background

light blue 

3D illustration wallpaper tunnel blue ball

wood wallpaper

3d illustration. Geometric seamless 3D pattern in colors wood fragments with golden elements. Modern wallpaper.

navy and cream wallpaper

navy and brown vector texture pattern on stripe cream background

modern blue wallpaper

navy and yellow wallpaper

Spring floral seamless pattern. Blue, yellow and navy Chrysanthemum flowers background for web, print, textile, wallpaper design.

turquoise and grey wallpaper

3d illustration wallpaper landscape art. brown trees with golden flowers and turquoise mountains in light gray background with white clouds.


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