basketball court mural

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A basketball court mural can refer to either artworks on indoor or outdoor basketball courts, or artworks featuring basketball courts. Murals featuring basketball courts are paintings or artwork created on walls (usually indoors) that depict a basketball court. All our murals, including the basketball court mural, are custom-made wallpaper murals. Realistic Detailed paintings that look […]


A basketball court mural can refer to either artworks on indoor or outdoor basketball courts, or artworks featuring basketball courts.

Basketball court mural graphic colour landscape sketch illustration vector

Murals featuring basketball courts are paintings or artwork created on walls (usually indoors) that depict a basketball court. All our murals, including the basketball court mural, are custom-made wallpaper murals.

Life is better at court. Basketball court mural with palms isometric vintage basketball silk screen typography vector illustration.


Detailed paintings that look like a real basketball court, complete with lines, markings, and maybe even a hoop.

A vector illustration on floor of empty basketball court

At Wallpaper Kenya we customize basketball court wallpaper. Therefore there is nothing like you can’t find one from the library that you like or you would like to modify it slightly.

Basketball on fire in the hoop flying through the stars. Basketball typography silk screen fabric wallpaper print vector illustration.

And if you can’t, do not hesitate to contact us and comment on it.

We have a graphic design team that will do whatever you need. From creating a design from scratch to adapting the colors or size of a catalog product.

vector illustration holding a basketball in his hand

Wallpaper Kenya basketball court wallpaper murals are made to order.

This way we can create a completely customized mural and according to the client’s needs. We will have an optimal and exclusive product for you.

Sun smiling near basketball backboard. Vintage basketball typography silk fabric mural printing vector image illustration.

Start looking for the basketball court that you like the most, to decorate your home in an easy and simple way.

a basketball athlete in position to shoot the ball - continuous one line drawing

Basketball enthusiasts now have the opportunity to fill their lives with images, phrases, and great basketball murals that remind of this sport.

Ball in the hoop. Stay tall, talk small, play ball. Vector print t-shirt silk screen vintage typography illustration.

If you live this sport with passion, do not hesitate to show it, decorate your personal space from where you watch all the NBA games.

Pop Art inspired

Basketball court pop art design- vector illustration.

Using bold colors and graphic elements to create a stylized version of a basketball court.

Part of a larger scene

Modern basketball court interior with spotlights scoreboard and empty seats cartoon vector illustration

A basketball court mural can be incredibly creative and go way beyond a standard court design.

Girl on basketball court at night vector background. Female player on street sport stadium near sea water shore cartoon game illustration. Moonlight in summer with happy winner person on playground

For example, it might be a basketball court incorporated into a bigger mural showcasing a city skyline or a neighborhood park.

Basketball street player making a rear slam dunk. New york and Manhattan buildings in the background

Here are some ideas for basketball court mural designs.

Abstract basketball court mural

Lines and colors

Capture the energy of the game with bold lines representing the basketball court markings and vibrant colors like orange, red, and blue.

Basketball colorful court. Top view arena. Flat design. Vector illustration.

Imagine a vibrant explosion of energy on your wall.

Basketball ball standing on white line on blue background

Bold, thick lines representing the markings of a basketball court dominate the space. They could be a mix of classic white and black or other energetic colors like red, yellow, and blue.

A realistic vector hardwood textured basketball court. EPS 10. File contains transparencies.

Within these lines, pops of color burst forth, capturing the dynamism and movement of the game. You could use splatters, drips, or geometric shapes in contrasting hues to create a truly eye-catching display.


illustration of a basketball player holding a ball with beautiful orange background

Showcase iconic player silhouettes like dunks, jump-shots, or free throws in a dynamic composition.

Splatter art basketball court mural

Vector basketball court with the ball. Set of sport elements for mural design, banner, flyer, poster. Dirty distress texture, ink stains.

Use splatters and drips in basketball-related colors to create a high-energy and unique mural.

Creative twists on the court

Half-court view

outdoor basketball court in a public at night view photomural.

Paint a close-up of one side of the court, with the free-throw line and basket dominating the scene.

City court vibes

Vector cartoon background of basketball court in tropic city. Outdoor sports arena with basket for game. Street playground in town. Backdrop with green trees, palms and skyscrapers.

Depict a weathered outdoor court with graffiti details, evoking a streetball atmosphere.

Sunset court

silhouettes of basketball players during a stunning sunset captured by perspective photography

Paint a court bathed in the warm glow of a sunset, creating a more peaceful and artistic feel.

Beyond the basketball court mural

Iconic players or teams


Showcase portraits of legendary players or a mural dedicated to your favorite team’s logo and colors.

Inspirational quotes

Basketball court image vector illustration good for your interior design mural.

Combine motivational basketball quotes with a subtle court design in the background.

Global hoops

Basketball hoop with a ball in form of platen Earth. World basketball concept. 3d illustration

Illustrate basketball scenes from around the world, showcasing the sport’s international reach.

Africa world map on basketball court at arena, sport topic arena interior illustration

Remember, these are just springboards! You can mix and match these ideas, add your personal touches, and come up with a truly unique basketball mural for yourself.

Living room wall basketball court mural

Subtle Hoops

Colorful basketball hoop watercolor painting Abstract white background.

Paint a faded outline of a half-court on the wall, with a worn, vintage feel. Add inspirational quotes or silhouettes of famous players for a touch of history.

City Skyline Court

It is game time. Mixed media

Depict a half-court overlooking a city skyline at night. This creates a cool, urban vibe and makes the room feel larger.

Minimalist Lines

Use clean lines and geometric shapes to create an abstract representation of a basketball court. This adds a modern touch to your living space.


Free Throw Focus: Paint a close-up of the free throw line and rim. This is a motivational reminder to achieve your goals.

Action Shot Silhouette: Showcase a dynamic silhouette of a player doing a slam dunk or a behind-the-back dribble. This adds energy and movement to the room.

Your Favorite Team Colors: Paint the entire wall in your favorite team’s colors and add their logo subtly.

School basketball court mural

Flat vector illustration of sports hall in institute, university, school. Basketball court mural, football and soccer balls. with ladder for medical care. Door with net. Window with sun beams

Basketball court murals can be a fantastic addition to various areas of a school, serving different purposes:

Motivation and Inspiration

Murals depicting iconic plays, players, or quotes can inspire students to work hard, pursue their dreams, and celebrate teamwork.

School Spirit

squirrel basketball mascot

Showcase school colors, mascots, or team logos within the mural design to foster a sense of community and pride.

Lively Atmosphere

Bold colors and dynamic court lines can create a more energetic and engaging space compared to a plain wall.

Art Integration

Street basketball court 3D illustration

Murals can be used as a jumping-off point for art classes, where students learn about color theory, perspective, or famous sports artists.

Where to use the mural?


Damaged basketball court brick wall mural. 3d image. 3d photo wallpaper.

A classic location! Paint a half-court view on a wall opposite the actual court, or create an abstract mural using lines and colors that inspire movement.


High-traffic areas like hallways are perfect for showcasing inspirational quotes or silhouettes of players in action.


Liven up the lunch space with a vibrant mural depicting a city court scene or a world map with basketball references.


Create a dedicated reading area for sports enthusiasts by incorporating basketball-themed lines and colors in a more subdued way.

How to Use Them?

Student Involvement

Organize a school-wide contest to select a mural design or involve art classes in the creation process.


Use high-quality paint suitable for high-traffic areas to ensure the mural lasts for years.

Interactive Elements

Consider adding interactive elements like a hopscotch court within the lines of the mural to encourage physical activity.

Educational Integration

Juxtapose historical basketball figures or facts alongside the mural design to create a mini-learning area.

By incorporating basketball court murals strategically, you can create a more inspiring, engaging, and school-spirited environment for students and staff alike.

Mascot Mania: Incorporate the school mascot dribbling, shooting, or dunking the ball. This creates school spirit and encourages school pride.

Educational Court: Use the court lines to showcase math concepts like geometry or physics principles related to basketball.

World of Basketball: Paint a mural showcasing famous basketball locations around the world. This inspires students to dream big and celebrates the global reach of the sport.

Murals on actual basketball courts

These large-scale artworks are usually created directly on the concrete surface of outdoor basketball courts. They can depict a variety of themes related to basketball, like:


Young players playing basketball at the court in venice beach, California. Professional street ballers having fun performing tricks and huge slam dunks

Images of famous basketball players or silhouettes of players in action.

Inspirational messages

Words of encouragement or quotes about basketball.

Abstract designs

Geometric patterns or colorful backgrounds to enhance the court’s visual appeal.

Community themes

Murals that showcase the local area or celebrate the importance of basketball in the community.

So, basketball court murals can be enjoyed both on the court itself, adding color and inspiration to the playing space, or as artwork displayed on walls, bringing the energy of the game indoors.

Basketball court slang & mural ideas

Let’s delve into the world of basketball court slang and translate it into vibrant mural ideas! Here’s a mix of popular terms and lesser-known gems:

  • And-One (art style): Paint a player making a shot while being fouled, with the free throw line extending into a vibrant abstract design.
  • Brick (mural element): Create a playful mural where a “bricked” shot explodes into a shower of colorful confetti.
  • Balling’ (overall theme): Capture the essence of smooth play with a mural depicting flowing lines and silhouettes of players executing skillful moves.
  • Hoops Dreams (central image): Feature a child gazing up at a giant basketball hoop that morphs into a swirling galaxy, representing their aspirations.
  • Air Ball (mural placement): Create an interactive element on a high wall where visitors can “shoot” balls (beanbags or soft objects) at a painted “air ball” target.
  • Ankle Breaker (visual effect): Illustrate a player performing a quick crossover move that visually “breaks” the ankles of their defender.
  • Butter Fingers (technique portrayal): Depict a player with “butter-fingers” fumbling the ball, with the ball transforming into a puddle of melted butter.

Basketball court technical terms inspired murals

  1. Court Markings: Lane lines, three-point line, half-court line, center circle, key (painted area)
  2. Play Styles: Pick-and-roll, alley-oop, fast break, zone defense, isolation play
  3. Equipment: Backboard, rim, net, free throw line (charity stripe)
  4. Scoring: Layup, dunk, jump shot, three-pointer, free throw
  5. Player Positions: Point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, center forward.
  6. Fouls: Traveling, charging, blocking, double dribble, carrying.
  7. Violations: Backcourt violation, five-second violation, lane violation, shot clock violation.
  8. Game Officials: Referee, jump ball, Umpire.
  9. Game Statistics: Assists, rebounds, steals, blocks, turnovers.
  10. Slang Terms: And-one (fouled shot and free throw), air ball (misses everything), brick (badly missed shot), dime (perfect pass)
  11. Trick Moves: Crossover, behind-the-back dribble, Euro step, no-look pass, hop step.
  12. Basketball Culture: Sneakers, slam dunk contest, streetball, buzzer beater, March Madness
  13. Team Strategies: Press defense, box-and-one defense, full-court press, fast break offense
  14. Player Skills: Ball handling, shooting form, footwork, court vision, passing ability
  15. Basketball Legends: Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, LeBron James
  16. Game Terminology: Jump ball, inbounds pass, out-of-bounds, dead ball, possession
  17. Basketball Terms for Success: Hustle, teamwork, dedication, sportsmanship, practice
  18. Basketball Quotes: “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I fail over and over and over again in order to succeed.” – Michael Jordan
  19. Global Basketball: International FIBA rules, Olympics, Streetball tournaments worldwide
  20. Basketball for Everyone: Adapted basketball for people with disabilities, women’s basketball
  21. Basketball History: James Naismith (inventor), peach baskets (original hoops), Harlem Globetrotters
  22. Basketball and Education: Scholarships, student-athletes, combining academics and sports.

Vector Illustration Of Kids Playing Basketball

Going beyond the court

  1. Silhouettes of players in iconic poses
  2. Inspirational quotes about perseverance and teamwork
  3. Cityscapes with prominent basketball courts
  4. World map with basketball references from different countries
  5. Artistic interpretations of basketball movement (flowing lines, splatters)
  6. School mascots dunking or dribbling
  7. School colors incorporated into court lines
  8. Famous basketball sneakers in a mural

Technical terms

Baseline: The shorter boundary lines on each end of the court

  1. Free Throw Line Extended (FTLE): The imaginary line extending from the free throw line to the center of the basket
  2. Restricted Area: The area under the basket where offensive players have limited movement
  3. Traveling: Taking more than two steps with the ball in your hand without dribbling
  4. Charging: Running into a defender who has established a legal guarding position
  5. Blocking: Making illegal contact with an opponent who is not actively trying to shoot
  6. Double Dribble: Picking up your dribble, then starting to dribble again
  7. Carrying: Holding the ball with your palm while dribbling
  8. Backcourt: The half of the court a team is defending
  9. Inbounds Pass: A pass made from out-of-bounds to get the ball back in play

More slang terms

  1. Swish: A perfect shot that goes through the net without touching the rim
  2. Hack-a-Shaq: Intentionally fouling a player who is poor at free throw shooter
  3. Triple-double: Achieving double digits in three statistical categories (points, rebounds, assists) in a single game
  4. Buzzer Beater: A shot made just before the shot clock or game clock expires
  5. Air Ball: A missed shot that completely misses the rim and backboard

Positive messages

Motivational Words From Michael Jordan

  1. Never Give Up
  2. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
  3. Practice Makes Perfect
  4. Believe in Yourself
  5. Be a Good Sport

Play hard motivational quote text. Basketball court and goal wall drawing. Vector illustration design for mural, t shirt prints.

Beyond Slang

the vector illustration of a basketball player

  • Streetball Court Vibes: Paint a weathered outdoor court with graffiti details, showcasing the raw energy and competitive spirit of streetball.
  • Global Game: Illustrate a world map with basketballs replacing continents, highlighting the sport’s international reach.
  • Famous Sneakers: Showcase iconic basketball sneakers from legendary players throughout history, displayed on a stylized court.


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