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For Hallway wallpaper go for light neutral colored wallpaper. These can make your hallway appear wider. When choosing wallpaper for the hallway, consider not only the color but also the color of the trim. To ensure that the narrow hallway does not feel too confined, choose colors for the door trim that recede, rather than […]


For Hallway wallpaper go for light neutral colored wallpaper.

3D illustration Background for advertising and wallpaper in architecture and building scene. 3D rendering in decorative concept.

These can make your hallway appear wider. When choosing wallpaper for the hallway, consider not only the color but also the color of the trim.

Beautiful sakura flower blooming tree, butterflies on sunlight sky background. Shallow depth. Soft pastel vintage pink toned. Spring nature. Springtime cherry blossom panorama. Copy space banner

To ensure that the narrow hallway does not feel too confined, choose colors for the door trim that recede, rather than stand out against the wallpaper.

High quality porcelain or Marble panel tile with carved foliage horse for wall or ground decoration, 3d illustration for a long hallway or corridor.

The idea is to visually make the hallway look bigger.

underwater coral reef landscape 16to9 background in the deep blue ocean with colorful fish and marine life

A hallway gets you from one side of the house to the other without walking through every room. Long, narrow, windowless spaces sandwiched in the middle of a home can be tricky to decorate.

Vertical pattern orange gold modern wall. 3d rendering.

Because more often than not there’s just not much space.

Custom-made forest path hallway mural
Custom-made forest path hallway mural

They say the first impression is the last. In other words, the first impression lasts. A well-designed hallway wallpaper easily enriches the décor of the entire house.

Abstract leave background pattern vector. Tropical monstera leaf design wallpaper. Botanical texture design for print, wall arts, and wallpaper.

On the vice versa, dark, disorganized, hallway conditions negatively affect the total look and appearance of your home.

3D hallway wallpaper beautiful high quality Circular pattern 3d background Illustration for corridor décor.

For that reason use light neutral colored hallway wallpaper to brighten a narrow corridor. And allow you to create a feature wall at the end of the hallway. Also, being neutral, allows you to hang one or two pieces of oversized art.

Silk fabric custom-made murals

Our corridor and hallway wallpaper are custom-made from durable silk fabric that’s both removable and reusable.

3d rendering. random modern minimal white and brown wood long cube stack wall texture design background.

Because additional requirements are imposed on hallway murals, unlike in other rooms. This space is the least protected from street dirt or dust. So the most durable and versatile types should be preferred. Consider what options exist in the modern market.

Seamless pattern with jungle animals, flowers and trees. Hallway wallpaper. Vector.

Silk fabric is distinguished by high aesthetic characteristics and easily creates a cozy, noble atmosphere in the interior. In addition, the wallpaper does not leave noticeable seams and looks like a solid canvas.

Waves pattern on carved grunge background texture, patchwork pattern, white color, long texture, 3d illustration. Hallway wallpaper.

For a hallway, wallpaper of this kind seems like an unnecessary luxury. But you should start with the style and your desires first of all.

High quality porcelain or Marble panel tile with carved foliage horses for wall or ground decoration, 3d illustration.

Let’s say that in the interior design of a house you have given preference to some style. And you want to create a holistic image. In this case, even the wallpaper should match the concept and create an attractive image. Consider the basic styles that will look great in the hallway. And you will conclude that there is noon other than a custom-made wallpaper mural.

Choosing Hallway Wallpaper Colors & Designs

To choose your Hallway wallpaper wisely, choose lighter-colored wallpaper that will open up the space. Whites, creams and extremely light pastels will help to create an illusion of a bigger space. It will be wise to stay away from warm tones and dark shades because these will only make the hallway look smaller. The idea is to give the space an optical illusion of a bigger corridor.

Nelson Mandela Educational School Corridor Mural
Nelson Mandela Educational School Corridor Mural

Note that hallway areas are usually darker than other rooms as there are rarely any windows to add light. That is why you should use lighter wallpaper colors to reflect light and keep your hallways from looking dimly lit.

3d rendering. modern metal dark rectangle zip shape pattern wall design vintage background.

If in doubt ask our in-house interior designer to help you out. Besides the color of the wallpaper, the design also matters. For instance, your Victorian hallway will look immaculate with Victorian-inspired wallpaper.

Savanah wildlife mural
Savanah wildlife mural

Victorian hallways feature high ceilings punctuated with ornate cornices, crown moldings, and ceiling roses. These ceiling heights created a sense of space, making narrow hallways appear larger than they are. If your home features Victorian details such as these, Victorian wallpaper creates harmony.

Wallpaper that expands narrow hallways

Any light-colored wallpaper will increase the feeling of space. White textured wallpaper is standard not always the best as it looks too clinical. Light greens and blues have the most calming effect on people. From a natural green to a sky blue, these are associated with the outdoors and will ease people down the narrow hallway.

Forest, nature, outdoors, walk through the forest.

When choosing the trim color, go two shades lighter than the wallpaper. This will also add a perspective of width.

Lion and football with 3d with depth wallpaper

If you have a window or two in the hallway, consider hanging mirrors across from the windows. But half a window width to the right or left.

Beautiful autumn orange flowers. Bush Helenium autumnale. Floral background for design. Shallow depth of field.

Choose light greens or blues wallpaper for hallways with no doors or windows. Instead of using just one color for the walls. And choose a deeper shade for the base of the wall and a lighter shade for the top.

3d render, abstract modern white blue background with flat curvy shapes and wavy lines, hallway marbling effect

Other than green and blue, the other best color choices are light tan, taupe, creams, and light grey. Choose colors that are more on the cool side of the color wheel.

Ancient Column Corridor wallpaper illustration abstract

Avoid the deeper shades of these colors to keep the hallway feeling open.

Corridor ceiling wallpaper

All of us know what a narrow hallway looks like, many of us live with one and wish for more space and light. A narrow hall can be long or short, the ceiling might be high or low.

Corridor ceiling photo mural wallpaper

By using the right pattern or structure wallpapers, unfavorable layouts can be corrected to a degree. And the dull cave can be turned into an attractive passage area.

Pink spring flowers, green tree leaves and seagull flying in panoramic blue sky. horizontal view. corridor stretch ceiling model.

Who knows – it might even be cozy enough to have a long chat with friends and neighbors.

3D wallpaper background with golden flower, Wooden High quality rendering decorative wall tile mural wallpaper illustration, 3D hallway wallpaper.

Let us explore some of the wallpaper patterns and designs to give your hallway the lift it needs.

3D Golden flower wooden wall tiles design, Print in Ceramic Industries Beautiful set of tiles in traditional style in corridor wall décor design

A long narrow hallway needs a light-colored ceiling wallpaper.

3d picture of a pegasus with wings in a colonnade for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

This basic principle is certainly not without merits, but it can be used in small doses. But windows and light are coming into the hallway directly, the pattern in the wallpaper can have slightly darker colors. Why not?

Silhouette of fish and algae on the background of reefs. Stock vector illustration. Panoramic wallpaper with the underwater world. Underwater landscape. eps 10 vector

After all, the term “light colors” covers a multitude of hues. You can choose, for instance, creamy or silvery hues of white, ivory, or pastel yellow.

Corridor of their palm trees towards the bright sun among the mountains, retro background - 3D rendering.

Or you choose a delicate rose, pearl grey, baby blue, beige-brown or light purple – to name but a few of the suitable shades. when selecting the right design structure or pattern wallpaper. There are some exceptions to this rule, but more about that later.

Can you use patterned wallpaper for the Hallway?

light blue patterned wallpaper

Wallpapers for the hall have in the 21st Century been elevated by modern printing technology from just one color to dynamic varieties with gorgeous patterns and motifs. High-quality embossing exudes luxury and value. You and your guests should be welcomed into your home with style and warmth.

Interior 3D wall tile design, Marble wall tile for home décor, abstract texture background ,fabric textile pattern, Hexagonal Shaded geometric modules. High quality seamless 3d illustration.

What if you have a large hallway? Not all hallways are narrow. A large entrance hall provides plenty of space for large wallpaper patterns and eye-catching motifs which demand attention. It all depends on the dictates of the interior architecture and your taste.

Visit our shop to get more designs and ideas.

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