Removable wall murals

Removable wall murals wallpaper at Wallpaper Kenya are printed on fabric, hard to tear. There are several advantages to hanging removable wall murals wallpaper. It is high quality wallpaper that you can remove in one piece, easily reposition or even move with it. That is why it is quickly becoming very popular especially for high […]


Removable wall murals wallpaper at Wallpaper Kenya are printed on fabric, hard to tear.

Luxury bedroom wall mural wallpaper

There are several advantages to hanging removable wall murals wallpaper. It is high quality wallpaper that you can remove in one piece, easily reposition or even move with it. That is why it is quickly becoming very popular especially for high end rented residences. On this blog I will dwell more on removable and reusable wallpaper, not ordinary wallpaper.

Church Wall Murals Wallpaper

But I would also like to let you know that all modern wallpaper are easily removable, although not reusable. That is, as long as you use the right adhesive in the first place. The cost of ordinary wallpaper, which comes pre-printed is around Kenya shillings 400 per sq. meter while the cost of removable and reusable wall murals wallpaper is around Kenya 2000.

Ballroom dancing removable and reusable music wall mural

Removable and reusable wall murals wallpaper

Removable and reusable wall mural wallpaper

In Kenya now, murals are getting popular in homes, private hospitals, apartments and and all manner of interior spaces. The popularity of removable wall murals is fast developing due to its great aesthetic. Plus cost effectiveness as well as easy installation and purposefulness. They allow you to redecorate your home or space as frequently as you want and easily. You can quickly remove the wall mural without any mess. Then install a new one—all within the same day. Your visitor will be kept on their toes every time they walk through your front door.

Ornamental music notes bedroom wall mural

Removable wall murals are a great option for people in rental houses who want to personalize their space and have easy removal when time comes to lease. What’s more, It’s great for nurseries and children’s rooms, you can easily change décor as your child grows with changing tastes.

Baby Moses Sunday School Removable Children's Wall Mural

Removal wall murals are friendly to businesses. Because they can decorate for the season and then easily take your mural down very fast.

Advantages of removable wall murals wallpaper

Custom 3d Kids Removable Cartoon Wallpaper Mural

There are many benefits to mounting Removable Wall Murals over ordinary wallpaper. Here are some of the most important benefits. Obviously the murals are great for apartment décor or rental house where you want to be able to remove the mural before moving out. Any also in children’s bedroom where you want to remove the murals as the children outgrow it. But it is certainly not the only benefit.

3D illustration of a sofa in front of a photo wall mural ocean

They are also easy to install. If you make a mistake while installing, you can remove it and start again. There are many other benefits including the fact that after removal you can move with it and reuse it in your new home.

South Africa's Big Five Custom Removable Wallpaper Mural

The Textile we use is continuous. And therefore seamless, no jointing. All our murals are custom made. You can either choose from our catalogs or provide us with your own artwork in a high resolution (HD) soft copy. We then blow it up to the exact size of your wall in one sheet.

  1. You can install the wallpaper and then remove it without damaging the wall. The wallpaper material is silk fabric
  2. The glue you use is water based ordinary starch wallpaper adhesive. You don’t have to use any special adhesives or removers.
  3. When you are moving house and remove the wallpaper you can reuse it. Furthermore the wall you remove from remain intact.  You remove the wallpaper without doing any damage to them to the wall.
  4. Removable wallpaper is also really easy to install, and an inexpensive material compared to other kind of mural wall paintings. A way for you to save a lot of time and money and achieve great aesthetics.

Favorite Mural ideas or themes

"The Princess & The Frog" Removable and reusable wall mural

Most people are using nature themes. Particularly 3d nature wallpaper such as a forest scene. Beach wall murals are also a people’s favorite. Animals, Floral, wood and stone, mountains and waterfalls are all nature inspired wall murals.

Apart from nature wall murals, you can choose to graphics and geometric murals for 3d optical illusion. Removable wallpapers are a godsend for folks with commitment phobia, renters, and easily bored types. Wallpaper Kenya specializes in removable wallpaper. Each and every order is custom made for the individual who orders it.

Removable Educational Murals wallpaper

World map wallpaper

Educational murals are great for display of positive reinforcement messages to children. Use any subject category relevant to the children wish by simply displaying them on the very walls they spend hours sitting in. Allow the subconscious mind of these young minds to absorb these information and benefit from it as they grow.

Murals are not only used for aesthetics. You can use them for educational purposes too. For example wall maps. Such murals and number murals are great when used as school wallpaper. Use educational murals not only in schools but also in hospitals, nurseries, and any child-oriented organization.

When child has grown out of the cartons or whichever mural in their nursery you can replace it with more grown up themes. It’s easy with removable wallpaper.

The Positive Impact Hospital Murals

Botanical Forest Hospital Wallpaper Mural

For all the wonderful, life-saving work they do, hospitals and medical clinics can often appear scary, sterile. And intimidating to patients both young and old – but calming and cheerful wall murals can help! Art has the ability to transform spaces and not only provide solace. But also significantly improve the health of patients. Hospital wall murals can serve as an important tool within healthcare facilities.

3D Flower Wall Mural

You can create a nurturing and inviting environment with wall murals. And you can also use them to aid in way-finding and signage. The scientific community has made many discoveries behind the power or art and healing and continues to document the positive connection between the two.

How to remove ordinary wallpaper

It’s actually quite easy to remove any kind of wallpaper if the wallpaper installer used the right adhesive. The easiest way to remove wallpaper is to soak with warm water. You can use a sponge or paint brush to do so. You can tell whether the wallpaper is absorbing water by the fact that it turns dark. If the wallpaper is soaking then you start peeling off from a corner. It is even easier if you use a spatula to lift and detach.

Wallpaper remover

If it doesn’t work with water only try adding washing-up liquid. You can start peeling off after about fifteen minutes. Use your putty knife to lift the corner of the paper. Use your hands to peel the paper from the wall. Pull as close to the wall as you can to avoid tearing the paper. If the paper does rip, loosen another corner and start again. Repeat the process around the entire room.

You will clean the wall with a sponge wet with water to remove any residue. Allow the walls to dry completely before painting hanging a new wallpaper.

But if you find that the wallpaper is not soaking in the first place, and the wallpaper is difficult to scrape, you may need to use a scorer. Score the wallpaper, to poke holes, before applying the water solution. Roll a the scorer over the wallpaper, making overlapping circles.

After scoring and soaking the paper, begin by peeling off the top layer of the wallpaper. Loosen the corner with a putty knife and pull the paper off the paper backing.


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