Black and White 3D Wallpaper

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SKU: YS 3702 Black and White 3D Wallpaper

Black and White 3D Wallpaper will transform your room beyond recognition. And you can use it on any wall in any room. On the wall of the kitchen, bedroom, or living room, they will look very impressive. When choosing an image for custom-made wallpaper printing, you need to build on the style of the interior. […]


Black and White 3D Wallpaper will transform your room beyond recognition.

Black and white tropical palm leaves texture. Seamless vector background. Botanical illustration.

And you can use it on any wall in any room.

Design seamless monochrome hexagon geometric pattern. Abstract striped zigzag background. Vector art. No gradient

On the wall of the kitchen, bedroom, or living room, they will look very impressive.

Seamless horizontal line with tropical palm trees, banana leaves and snake plants. Black and white 3d wallpaper. Hand drawn vector illustration.

When choosing an image for custom-made wallpaper printing, you need to build on the style of the interior.

Retro vintage red bike on cobblestone street in the old town. Color in black and white. Old charming bicycle concept.

At Wallpaper Kenya you can choose black and white wallpaper in classical, modern, ethnic, and other styles.

Mountain alps in italy - clouding day

And if you are in doubt about the right choice of photo mural wallpaper artwork – we will be happy to help.

3d monochrome Ink and wash mountains and rivers

And we have a big online library of samples of various black and white 3d wallpaper murals for you to choose from.

monochrome Jungle geometric seamless pattern wallpaper. Exotic plant. Tropical pattern, palm leaves seamless vector floral background.

The aesthetics of wallpaper in black and white is the severity and charm of contrast.

Black marble with veins, Emperador marbel texture with high resolution, The luxury of polished limestone background. Marble with Polygon Design 3D Wallpaper

This is an incredible harmony of two opposites.

Psychedelic optical illusion black and white 3d wallpaper. Hypnotic surreal abstract background. Vector illustration.

The plot in such a classic combination of shades, and in 3d, looks interesting and stylish on the wall.

Abstract background made of distorted black and white lines. Pattern with optical illusion. Psychedelic stripes. Vector illustration

Discarding the bright color spectrum, the artist keeps the focus on only two tones, paying special attention to composition and lighting, meaning and form. 

3D black white lines, perspective swirl, digital abstract twirl. Twist spiral vector background. Linear striped illustration, op art, road to horizon dynamic wallpaper. Perspective lines loop, concept

Our in-house interior designer is ready to tell you about the latest in the world of decorative wallpaper murals, as well as help with the calculation of the required quantity.

Psychedelic optical illusion. Hypnotic surreal abstract background. Vector illustration.

Black and white Wallpaper is simple and concise.

Abstract geometric shape wallpaper from grey cubes

Monochrome wallpaper murals successfully fit into the loft, minimalism, neoclassicism, art deco, and eclectic interiors.

wallpaper mural 3d illusion backdrop

And you can combine them with decoration and furniture of any color. 

Seamless Abstract Black and White Geometric Pattern with Stripes. Optical Psychedelic Illusion. Curved Steps on the Path. Raster. 3D Illustration

The variety of subjects that contemporary interior designers use in their work opens up a wide scope for their application.

Seamless pattern of black and white circles with drop shadows. Vector illustration

Rooms suitable for black and white 3D wallpaper

Black and white 3d wallpaper will effectively complement the decor of a living room, kitchen, or office.

Abstract vector background of waves. 3D optical illusion- line art.

Depending on particular designs, they may be appropriate in the bedroom.

Abstract bent checkered 3D background.

Long vertical canvases will visually increase the height of the room. And panoramas hung horizontally on the wall, will expand it.

Abstract Black and White Geometric Pattern with Squares and Stripes. Empty Chess Board in Perspective. Steps on Plate. Raster. 3D Illustration

Black and white wallpaper, 3d or otherwise, emphasizes and highlights the beauty of any style.

3D Spiral

Therefore, they are often used in the design of modern interiors of apartments and houses, and business premises.

Vector wave of dark particles on white background. Technology backdrop. Pattern for presentations. Vector illustration

If you are looking for images to decorate your home or office, our team will help you choose.

3d render of abstract art black and white 3d background of flying cloth with depth of field effect with organic curve wavy black lines pattern on surface with white parts

They will also answer your questions and talk about the trends in the development of contemporary wall art.

digital wall tiles kitchen on white background , 3d illustration , 3d rendering

The black and white palette is always relevant.

Elegant white overlap brown shade background with line golden elements. Realistic luxury paper cut style 3d modern concept. illustration for design.

It is used not only in the interior wall decoration but also in the development, and tailoring of things.

Abstract retro pattern of geometric shapes. Colorful yellow grey black white mosaic backdrop. Geometric hipster triangular background, vector

For many years now, black and white designer wallpapers have been relevant.

3d picture Wallpaper Background of a rose from plaster for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

And they are used in almost all styles and carry with them a special touch of charm and originality.

Abstract geometrical pattern with elements in optical art style. Seamless optical illusion of volume on gray background. 3d effect. Minimalistic palette. For cover, textile, packing.

This is a classic that is always in fashion: it does not get old, but on the contrary, it is only improved with new textures and styles.

Geometric composition made of curved elements, 3d illustration

Accent wall in any room

Tropical exotic dark vintage seamless fretwork pattern with hibiscus, banana leaves, palm, colocasia. Hand-drawn 3D illustration. Good for production wallpapers, cloth, fabric printing, goods.

Create a unique accent wall with black and white wallpaper.

Luxury black background with white beads. Seamless vector illustration. Upholstery background.

The combination of black and white creates a luxurious look and is perfect for an interior with a modern and elegant style.

3d background, wallpaper black and white, antic statue face. Classical style wallpaper. David is a masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture created in 1501-1504 by the Italian artist Michelangelo.

From tropical jungles and exotic animals to geometric patterns and graphic lines.

Minimal geometric 3d illusion pattern background

Add depth and a modern atmosphere to your home with our spectacular black and white 3D wallpaper.

Metal background of triangular polygon walls. 3d render image

From rustic wood or brick effect wallpaper to modern geometric patterns in vibrant colors.

3d render, abstract fashion background with folded paper or textile ribbon black and white stripes

You’ll find the perfect solution in our wide range of 3D wallpapers.

3d render of abstract art black and white 3d topographic landscape background with abstract wavy curve organic lines hills or canyon holes valley based on layers or stairs structure

Discover the extensive collection and be inspired to create a fantastic 3D accent wall.

Mural painting: black and white wallpaper

Ask for a link to our dynamic online library of black and white 3d wallpaper paintings by artists of international repute.

tropical trees and leaves wallpaper design in foggy forest - 3D illustration

Fine art is not necessarily a huge palette of colors. A true artist knows that even having two colors at hand, white and black, you can create a real masterpiece.

A herd of elephant walking towards the camera in this black and white 3d wallpaper mural

After all, these two colors represent the key to a large number of shades, which allows you to draw almost anything.

3d illustration, gray background, hexagons, golden birds, dark abstract deer, hexagonal frame with a landscape inside

And if in doubt, you can personally verify this by perusing black and white wallpaper paintings at Wallpaper Kenya.

modern city panorama 3d illustration

It consists of high-level professionals whose works have participated in various art exhibitions around the world.

180º panorama of the sunset at Praia de Guarajuba - coast of coconut trees in Camaçari, Bahia - Brazil. Black an white photography.

And many have been bought for private and public collections. We have premium access to thousands of such works at Shutterstock which we provide you for free. And you only pay for the printing. 

an abstract illustration of a black leaf with gradations of color fading to a white list looks beautiful and 3d

Also, you can make a personalized order if you need to reproduce a drawing from a photo or picture from the internet or any other source.

Moire background. Abstract dynamical rippled surface, visual halftone 3D effect, illusion of movement, curvature. Vector texture

In this case, all the details are discussed and specified with the production team.

Different shades in black and white

3d black-and-white wallpaper art is a composition of lines and shadows. Shadows are important because they add depth and show where the light is coming from.

3d render of monochrome black and white abstract art with part of surreal spiral fractal duplicated object with round parallel black lines on surface create illusion effect

They can even add a sense of mood or mystery. You do not need to argue the common truth that mixing certain colors allows you to get new colors.

3d render of black and white monochrome 3d background with part of surreal sculpture in round spherical wavy curve organic biological lines forms in white matte ceramic material on white back

Black and white are the starting materials for all sorts of grey shades, the tones of which you can set by the proportions of these two colors.

Floral seamless pattern with different flowers and leaves. Black and white Botanical illustration hand painted. Textile print, fabric swatch, wrapping paper.

And a black-and-white wallpaper can be any in terms of plot, or concept. You can draw in black and white:

  • nature (mountains, sea, forest);
  • people (men, girls, children);
  • animals (cats, dogs, birds).

And so we can talk for a very long time. After all, today almost every camera has the option of black-and-white shooting.

Wavy crossed stripes seamless pattern 3D. Abstract fashion texture. Geometric monochrome template. Graphic style for wallpaper, wrapping, fabric, background, apparel, prints, website etc. Vector

And if the pictures are pleasing to the eye, then why can’t the same be said about the black and white 3d wallpaper murals? Of course, you can!

Grunge wallpaper with white graffity on gray background. Abstract wallpaper with female faces, lips, text, graffity in outlines.

You might think that drawing black and white (bw) pictures is very easy. But this is a misleading feeling.

World map wallpaper mural. Political map of the world on a grey background. Countries.

Drawing them is not at all easier, and, perhaps, somewhere more difficult than painting in color. 

After all, if, say, you can easily create a sea of blue hues on a canvas, then to make it look beautiful in black and white, you still have to try.

3D Rectangular abstraction background.

And that is why black and white is sophisticated.

Stereoscopic black and white wallpaper

Is stereoscopic black and white wallpaper synonymous with black and white 3d wallpaper? Are they one and the same thing?

Geometric pattern with black and white

Let’s start, perhaps, with the etymology of the word “stereo” itself, since it perfectly reflects the essence of the phenomenon.

Vector optical illusion black and white twisted checker abstract background.

This term of Greek origin and its literal meaning is: spatial, solid, corporeal, and voluminous. That is, this prefix is ​​given to those words that want to define a three-dimensional thing: stereo sound, stereo image, stereo wallpaper, etc., etc.

Pattern with circle spiral elements. Seamless texture. Vector art.

In a word, stereoscopic wallpapers have a perspective view effect that looks completely natural and feels like you can touch a hard piece, sit on a bench, or walk down the stairs leading down.

But in fact, the image is just flat! Miracles? You are welcome.

landscape wallpaper with black forest background. trees, clouds with black birds in sunset. mural art for canvas frame on walls

And the creator of this phenomenon is not a man at all, but nature, which endowed people with a three-dimensional perception of the world. People simply solved this puzzle and adapted it to the structure of our visual apparatus.

The floral pattern ,Emboss style.

Stereoscopic black and white wallpaper is a three-dimensional image and is a very effective way to decorate walls.

An analogy can be drawn to stereo sound when it surrounds creating the illusion of complete immersion.

Beautiful white 3d flowers on white marble relief wallpaper

The coating is a film on which the image is applied in several layers, from dark to light.

Our vision “pushes” dark colors to the background, while light colors are perceived first, so in the overall picture we see a realistic 3D drawing. 

Production is carried out by computer modeling and multi-layer paint application.

The main advantages of black and white

The great popularity of such wallpapers, which is growing every year, is explained by their main advantages.

luxury black and white background with golden feathers

If we highlight the most key ones, then these are:

  • Stylish appearance, from which it is difficult to look away;
  • never go out of fashion, always relevant.
  • versatility: suitable for any interior, style;
  • ability to create optical illusions.

black and white abstract background red lines black hole 3d illustration

In addition, the black-and-white palette is considered to be the most advantageous combination of shades.

White color makes the room visually lighter, and the black shade helps to correctly place accents in the room.

That is why black and white wallpapers for the interior are used both for a large room and a small one.

3d picture of purple trees on a blue background for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

The main thing is to choose the dominant component: black or white.

Without a doubt, such clothes for the walls look perfect: and it’s hard to look away from them.

And also the black and white palette, according to the theory of Feng Shui, is a combination of opposites: the end and the beginning, the unity of light and darkness, the male and female half of Yin-Yang.

2 flowers pink on stone wallpaper 3d

Thus, such 3d wallpapers fill the interior with a special atmosphere.

Custom-made black and white wallpaper

All our black and white 3d wallpaper is custom-made.  Once we have received your order, we will immediately get to work on your custom size and design wallpaper.

Abstract 3d illustration rendering background of falling black and white striped balls.

We print your black and white 3d wallpaper on our large format printers.

And we will print your image in one piece, so the designs fit together perfectly.

We only high tensile silk fabric as the wallpaper raw material. Silk fabric wallpaper does not shrink, produces a sharp print, and is easy to install.

The inks used are water-based and odorless. Production is done within 24 hours on weekdays and delivery is done within 1-3 days.

Black and white 3d jungle on wallpaper

Do you prefer your jungle in black and white 3d wallpaper?

Inverted black and white close-up photography series of detail of tree fern leaves

The black and white jungle wallpaper adds beautiful detail to your living room or bedroom. Black and white 3d wallpaper fits into any interior and makes plants and accessories stand out in the interior.

Seamless horizontal border with black and white tropical foliage. Hand drawn vector illustration isolated on white.

Do you have a cool idea or have you seen a Black and White Jungle Wallpaper elsewhere that you would like to have?

Beautiful wild siberian tiger portrait on snow with blue eye

Let us know and our team will search for a suitable photo and of course, we will give you the best price. This service is totally free.

Vector tropical seamless pattern. Palm leaves, jungle leaf, monochrome background

Choose jungle animals for the bedroom or children’s room to create a cool room. 

Do you prefer a quieter wall, but one that makes an impact?

Then opted for a jungle full of trees and plants in black and white. 


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