Music Wall Murals Wallpaper

Ideas for Music Wall Murals Wallpaper are as endless as there are genres and subgenres of music. Because all of us have different tastes in music. That’s why it’s not easy designing a music wallpaper for everyone’s taste. There have been many studies attempting to figure out just how music affects our human mind. Why do […]


Art Guitar Music Wall Murals Wallpaper
Art Guitar Music Wall Murals Wallpaper

Ideas for Music Wall Murals Wallpaper are as endless as there are genres and subgenres of music.

music wall pattern

Because all of us have different tastes in music. That’s why it’s not easy designing a music wallpaper for everyone’s taste.

Dance school full wall music décor
Dance school full wall music décor

There have been many studies attempting to figure out just how music affects our human mind.

Guitar against a white concrete wall background. Wallpaper mural.

Why do different people like different kinds of music?

Musical Wall Decal 1

What parts of the brain are activated and if the said parts are affected more or less by different kinds of music?

Modern 3D Graffiti Music Wallpaper Mural for Home Décor
Modern 3D Graffiti Music Wallpaper Mural for Home Décor

Fortunately online sites such as Bigstock and Shutterstock have gathered huge collections of music murals wallpaper for all music lovers.

Children's digital mural with forest animals playing musical instruments. Hares play the guitar, hedgehog plays the violin, mouse plays the drum.

Also, Musical notes are an art of work suitable for mural wallpaper in their own right.

Musical Notes Butterfly Wall Mural Wallpaper
Musical Notes Butterfly Wall Mural Wallpaper

Different house music murals wallpaper

ballet Dancers Music Wall Murals Wallpaper

Your house and work spaces are the physical embodiment of all your hopes, dreams, and emotions.

Musician jazz is a colorful urban illustration of an old time trumpet player tuning up his instrument by blowing his horn. Wallpaper mural.

You spend time in these spaces creating, working, and living life to the fullest!

Grunge rock guitar player with paint drops and splashes in the background.

It is no surprise then, that you as a music lover wish for the most comfortable and beautiful-looking house music wall mural wallpaper.

maestro music wall mural wallpaper.

Sites such as Big-stock have some excellent music wall murals and wallpaper images for you to shop from.

Thinking Monkey Music listening through Headphones - Art Graffiti Gorilla Thinker Mural Wallpaper.

Visit the site and use the keywords below for your particular genre and subgenre of music.

3d modern art frame canvas mural wallpaper. golden and silver circle and decorative golden lines in light gray background.

Here below are the different genres of music for you to choose from:

Rock music wall murals wallpaper

Street art Montreal trumpet player music wall murals wallpaper

No matter what music one listens to, there seems to be a common consensus as to why we listen.

A long-haired rock drummer plays on stage amid the spotlights. A beautiful illustration for wallpaper, mural, posters and your other projects. Vector.

It seems that genres of music that have a fast-paced, upbeat, and catchy rhythm (like pop, rap, etc.) are attractive to those who do sports.

a rock guitarist on stage plays his guitar among notes, staves, floral abstract elements, stars, rays of light, glare and glow. colorful vintage wall mural wallpaper. vector.

Or at least, those who are looking to get pumped up. Rock also stands to achieve this goal.

Creative music notes psychedelic style wallpaper mural
Creative music notes psychedelic style wallpaper mural

Most of us agree that music just makes us happy.

guitar player. a long-haired man in dark glasses plays the guitar in front of a microphone against the background of notes, treble clefs, wavy music staves, lights. Mural wallpaper.

We can ‘get into a mood’ based on the style of the song we’re listening to. Don’t you agree?

3D mural simple guitar saxophone piano sheet music wall mural wallpaper on the living room wall

Blues music wall murals wallpaper

romantic couple dancing blues wall mural idea

Musician with a guitar. Performer of Blues and jazz.

Dancing couple on a white background. Vector.

Jazz wall murals wallpaper

Jazz Music Wall Mural Custom Wallpaper.

Some people love jazz and adore jazz music wall murals wallpaper. 
Saxophonist. Man playing on saxophone against the background of sunset
But are some cannot bear to listen to that music? Asking someone if they like jazz is like asking them if they believe in God.
Jazz music collection neon signs. Symbols, collection of logos in neon style, bright night banner, luminous advertising on Jazz music for Jazz café, restaurant, party, concert. Wall mural wallpaper. Vector illustration
You must clarify what you mean when you say “God” or when you say “jazz”.
Saxophone Jazz Mural Wallpaper home décor
Saxophone Jazz Mural Wallpaper home décor

Jazz is a challenge to our conventions, to symmetry, to everything that is fixed, to emotions and feelings.

Jazz band with singer, saxophone and piano - Wallpaper. vector illustration
Because jazz music transmutes you, breaks you down into a thousand pieces. And recomposes you.
Drums Bass Saxophone Musical Instrument Instruments Wall Mural
Drums Bass Saxophone Musical Instrument Instruments Wall Mural
Jazz lovers have long known: that it has a powerful effect on the brain. Both on the listener as in who – of course – touches it.  
Jazz Music Abstract Graffiti Painting Digital Wallpaper Mural
Jazz Music Abstract Graffiti Painting Digital Wallpaper Mural
Listening to jazz sharpens concentration, increases creativity, and reinforces traits such as courage, leadership, innovation, and adaptation to new situations.
Jazz band on a colorful background - vector illustration (Ideal for printing on wall or wallpaper, poster, house decoration) .

Reggae music wallpaper murals

Reggae is an English term for a musical style that originated in Jamaica during the 1960s.

Bob Marley Monochrome Style wall mural wallpaper.

It is a genre that is derived from rocksteady and ska and whose main characteristic is the constant repetition of its rhythm.

Reggae Music Full Wall Mural Wallpaper
Reggae Music Full Wall Mural Wallpaper

One of the pioneering reggae groups was The Wailers, founded in 1963 and with famous members such as Peter Tosh and Bob Marley. The latter is the greatest icon of reggae and Jamaican music in general.

Jamaican Guitar Player - vector illustration

Died in 1981, Marley immortalized reggae songs like No woman, no cry“Lively up yourself” and “Three little birds”, among many others.

reggae background
reggae background wallpaper

Among the peculiarities of reggae, is its strong link with issues that have nothing to do with music stands out.

Jamaican Rastafarian Guitar Player - vector illustration

Reggae is often associated with the Rastafarian trend, whose followers believe that Haile Selassie I (the last emperor of the Ethiopian nation) is the reincarnation of God (whom they know as Jah).

Judah lion with a rastafari flag. King of Zion logo illustration. Reggae music vector design

According to this movement, the people of blacks and their descendants will be guided to the promised land called Mount Zion.

Tina Turner, Bob Marley, Elvis Presley on a billboard

Country music murals wallpaper: Country music is full of songs for whatever mood you’re in or want to create. You will know that if you want to party, country music has you covered.

Jamaica rastafarian icons in round frame composition, vector illustration. Flat style symbols of Jamaican culture and reggae music. Isolated items of rastafarian lifestyle, colorful background

Going through a breakup? Country music is here to help. All of us have the go-to songs that we listen to when we’re feeling a certain way. you never forget.


Heavy Metal


Electronic music background equalizer vector concept.

Pop music wall murals wallpaper

You can create any vibe you want in your room with a custom-made pop music mural wallpaper.

Black vector silhouette of a couple dancing swing or tap dance, no white objects, EPS 8

Whether you’re the next Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley, there is a music wall mural wallpaper to suit your genre.

Black and white jazzman wallpaper Mural
Black and white jazzman wallpaper Mural

From vintage instrument wallpaper to quirky illustrations, this endless range of musical wall mural wallpaper is sure to have a design to suit your space.

Musical Performance Bedroom Wall Painting

Select your music mural image from a selection of iconic images of musicians to abstract jazz band masterpieces and create your concert-worthy stadium in the comfort of your home.

Cheerful couple of dancers dressed in 70s, 80s fashion style dancing rock-and-roll on blue mural wallpaper with drawings. Contemporary art collage. Minimalism. Art, beauty, fashion, music.

Suitable for any room, let a custom-made music wall mural wallpaper be the soundtrack to your home.

Young sexy afro american woman with closed eyes in headphones listening to the music and singing with a smile. Vector colorful background in pop art retro comic style. Party invitation poster.

Country Music Wall Murals Wallpaper

Kenny Rogers
Kenny Rogers

Some of the most loved Country Music Wall Murals and Wallpaper depicts Kenny Rogers.

 American Country music concert with singer and guitar wallpaper mural. Vector background illustration

As you may know, country music refers to that style that was officially born in the 1920s, where string instruments (and some harmonica) predominated.

Acoustic guitar composition. Double exposure. Music wallpaper for walls concept. Acoustic guitar design.

And where the lyrics speak about the everyday life of life. Some of this music, still very popular today include The Gambler, by Ken Rogers.

Man in American cowboy hat playing guitar country music old vintage Wallpaper Mural
Country music old vintage Wallpaper Mural

Country music has its roots in the Blues, the Gospel, and the Folk of the immigrants; and it has been a pattern from which other genres such as Jazz or Rock have drawn.

Country music poster with guitar and cowboy western hat .American landscape

A style that also encompasses different sub-genres that have been becoming known as the musical and technological evolution itself has helped us to disaggregate everything that concerns this new American cultural branch rooted since its inception in the central and southern areas of the country.


Silhouettes of folk dancing wall mural wallpaper

Classical wall mural wallpaper

Image of gorgeous woman playing violin against colorful background

Let’s get acquainted with the life of classical composers through music wall murals and wallpaper. But you can go ahead and find out how the music of Bach, Mozart, and Handel was perceived by contemporaries.

Silhouette of dancing couple isolated on a white background

Also learn to distinguish between eras and genres using the example of the works of the composers mentioned here and understand what their symphonies, operas, and concerts can tell us today.

3d illustration of musical notes of wall mural wallpaper concept
3d illustration of musical notes of murals concept

When researching classical music wallpaper murals I learned something very interesting about classical music. And that is The Mozart Effect.

Vector poster of Jazz Music at City Night Club concept. Group of musicians performing at festival. Drummer, Saxophonist, trumpet and double bass player. Character illustration of advertising banner

The Mozart effect refers to the theory that listening to the music of Mozart may temporarily boost scores on one portion of an IQ test.

Silhouettes of nine people dancing Charleston. Vector Illustration

Popular science versions of the theory claim that “listening to Mozart makes you smarter” or that early childhood exposure to classical music has a beneficial effect on mental development.

Mozart plays his melody at the concert
Mozart plays his melody at the concert

The original study from 1993 reported a short-term (lasting about 15 minutes) improvement in the performance of certain kinds of mental tasks known as spatial reasoning, such as folding paper and solving mazes.

Wall mural wallpaper of Mozart conducting an orchestra
Mural wallpaper of Mozart conducting an orchestra

The results were highly exaggerated by the popular press and became “Mozart makes you smart”, which was said to apply to children in particular (the original study included 36 college students).

Silhouettes of dancing couples. Trendy vector illustration of professional ballroom dancers. International Latin: Cha cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble, Jive. American Rhythm: Salsa, Mambo, Swing.

These claims led to a commercial fad with Mozart CDs being sold to parents, the U.S. state of Georgia even proposed a budget to provide every child with a CD of classical music.

Opera music wall murals

Conductor conducting an orchestra wall mural idea

Music has been part of human lives for the longest time. Whatever generation you belong to, there is always a particular type of music for you. There are numerous online resources for you to get the right Music – a themed mural that will make your walls look fantastic.

Couple people dancing latin dances to music set vector illustration. Cartoon happy woman and man dancer enjoy salsa, bachata, tango and rumba tropical party in night club or carnival isolated on white

Peruse shutter-stock and other online resources for these wonderful musical mural designs.

Musical Notes Murals Wallpaper

Pentagram ornamental music notes wall mural wallpaper

In the days before audio recordings, musical notes were written out as a means of preserving and communicating music. To do this, a system of musical notation and symbols was developed. That gave musicians the information they needed to play music as the composer intended it.

Gold music notes on a solid black wall mural wallpaper
Gold music notes on a solid black wall mural wallpaper

Writing music wall murals notes and symbols (sometimes called “engraving” or “copying”) is an art. And like any art, it’s important to get the sketch down first. You can do it yourself if you are a musician. Always use a pencil when composing for a Mural.

Realistic 3d render headphones with golden elements and musical notes wallpaper mural. Vector illustration.

Because you’ll find yourself editing and changing things constantly. I recommend you use a light pencil and a kneaded eraser.

Musician with a guitar. Rock guitarist guitar player abstract vector illustration with large strokes of paint

So that you can keep the music clean. This is what we will use to blow up a full wall mural wallpaper.

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